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A Man’s World/ A Woman’s World – Episode 2

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Chapter Two



Theme: Prisoned











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Date:16, January, 2029.


Time: 1:00am.


Location: Outside of Frederick’s Mansion.









Cara Pov:

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Shit! I cursed. My father stood in front of me clapping his hands. Operation escaped just failed.


“I knew you would try to do something like this, you never cease to disappoint me, daughter.” He snickered.



“Oh wow Father you do think with your brain after all, and here I was thinking you used it only for beating the hell out of women, but you do have other use for it, I’m impressed,” I said, sarcastically, chewing on my finger nails. (Join Group) More stories @ www.generalloaded.com


“I just caught you trying to runaway, and you dare spurt nonsense out of your mouth.” He says and he didn’t give me much time to think before connecting his palm with my face. I fell to the ground because of the unexpected stinging contact.


I held back the tears threatening to spill, stood up, strengthened my gown, and gave him one of my most lovely smiles and just like always it annoyed the hell out of him.


I stood my ground waiting for his next move and just like i thought he lashed out on me, hitting me wherever he could and just like always, I did not make a sound not a single one, though I felt it, I felt all the pain.


I hate you father, I hate you. I promised you this, you would go down on your knees one day and beg me for your life just the way mum those all the time.




Date: 23, January, 2029.


Time: 2:00pm.


Location: Frederick’s Dungeon.


Cara’s POV:


Staring at the blank wall, the inner walls of my prison. There’s nothing here except from me, not even a toilet, father wants me to live like an animal, if I need to use the toilet then I do it on the floor and perceive the smell all day, I would never stoop so low.


Though i did pass my urine on the floor. what? I can’t go against my body in that one. Not when have been here for one weeks. During this one week, have not had my bath and I eat directly from the ground.


In this one week, I’ve made a decision to marry Henry, I should have seen it all this while. Henry is the president son, and by getting married to Henry I could gain a



lot from it, that way I could get close to the government and find a way to free women from their oppression.


“You called for me daughter.” My dad grinned walking in, I would really love to wipe it off his face. But I have to be careful.


“yes, my lord.” I answered meekly, with my head down.


“Did you just call me lord,” father exclaimed surprisingly. What can I say am quite rebellious.


He stared at me for a while trying to read me, I gave no emotion. “Is this some sort of plot.” He asked. Oh jeez, when I’m rebellious he doesn’t like it, and now when am pretending to be obedient he still doesn’t like it.


I went on my knees immediately, ” I have realized my sins my lord, I now realise how foolish I acted, please forgive me, I will be good from now on.” I weep, making sure the tears were present. You should know one of the various talent a woman has is tears, we know how to fake it. Whenever I needed my brothers written permission for a certain goods I want to purchase, I cry.


“Ahh, women and tears, just stop it already.” He sighed dramatically, obviously intrigued by my sudden repentance.


“Anyway, I’ll let you go this time since i am a merciful father. Get up I’ll inform your mum to get you cleaned up,” he turned to leave then stopped, still backing me he gave me the final blow. “Tomorrow is your wedding with Henry.” Buffalo.




Immediately i stepped out of the stink hole, my mum hugged me kissing me all over my face. “You made the right decision, Cara, marrying Henry is for the best, just look at you, you look so dirty, look at the marks all over your, I’ve got to clean you up, your wedding is tomorrow.” My mum rambles on smiling at me. “I can’t believe my daughter is getting married,” she says teary.



“Sis Cara, where have you been all this while, I missed you.” Little sis cried hugging me, I felt so guilty, I can’t believe I tried running away leaving my cute sis behind. And now I’m still going away, getting married to a beast precisely.


“I’m sorry Stephanie, for leaving without informing you.” I carried her up, kissed the top of her head.


“Enough of this already, just tell her you ran away without thinking of her, and enough of this pity party don’t you have a wedding to prepare for.” Father said in a bored tone walking in.


“I’m so sorry my lord, I’ll get her ready.” my mum quickly peeled Stephanie off my hands, then dragged me to my room.


After I got cleaned up, I got dragged to the mall by my mum and my best friend Cheryl.


Even though I hate his marriage union I had to pretend to be happy genuinely for my mom.


Ahh marriage life here I come.


A Man’s World/A Woman’s world


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