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A Man's World/ A Woman's World – Episode 18

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Chapter Eighteen
Theme: Family reunion.
Date: 18th, March, 2029
Time: 6:30pm
Location: Frederick’s Mansion, Play house.
Cara’s Pov:
Ethan stands by the door giving Evan a deadly glare.
“Ethan.” I smile at him. He ignores me and walks into the house towards Evan in a casual but terrifying way. His face void of any smile. Shit!!!
“You might forgive him, but I don’t.” He says, his gaze fully on Evan.
“Ethan don’t you dare.” I gave him a warning glare but he dared.
He freaking punched Evan on on the face. Boys, why do they always feel everything can be solved with violence.
“After everything you’ve done, you think you can bring your sorry ass to our face and beg for mercy.” Ethan yells throwing another punch in Evan bewildered face.
“Ethan stop, I said stop this right now.” But my really cool brother didn’t even pay me any ounce of attention as he keeps on throwing punches at Evan, once he got tired (I guess) he stands up from Evan and arranged his bloody self.
“God!!! Evan are you okay.” I shriek sending Ethan a death glare and helped Evan up.
“Cara it’s okay, I’m fine. Now you have all those anger out, do you forgive me.” Evan ask wiping the few drops of blood spilling from his mouth. Ethan smiles and draws Evan closer for a hug. They both laugh and smile patting each other on the back. So unbelievable, men.
“Hey sis what’sup.” Ethan says grinning and I roll my eyes at him.
” Come on don’t tell me you got scared.” Ethan taunt.
“I did not.” I cross my hands below my mid section, eyeing Ethan.
“Come on don’t be mad. Ethan says engulfing me in a big wolf hug. Evan joins in the hug.
“Can’t breath, can’t breath. Jeez seriously take your disgusting manly scent off me.” They didn’t. They hugged me tighter.
“I thought I’ll never see you guys like this. I guess Stephanie death did do some good after all.” A voice said and Ethan and Evan seperates from me immediately.
“Mum.” I rush over to her and hugged her. Since mother woke up she shut everybody out, locking herself in her room and now i’m really glad to finally see her outside of her prison and actually talking.
“I’m fine Cara, I can walk on my own.” She cries out, rejecting my offer to help her. She walks over to Evan and spread her hands wide, Evan rush into her awaiting arms immediately smiling.
“Ohh I’ve always dream of this day.” My mum says, tears gushing out from her eyes.
“How have you been my son.” She ask, gazing into his eyes tenderly.
“I’ve been fine mum. I’m so sorry for everything I…” My mum place a finger on his lip, cutting him off.
I never held anything against you my son. It’s okay.” She hugs him the more after a while she separated from Evan and turns to me. Her eyes cold. Her smile erase from her lips.
So Cara tell me how I erase this damn rules against women.”
Date: 18th, March, 2029
Time: 10:00pm
Location: Frederick’s Mansion, Frederick’s office.
Author’s Pov:
“So you’re saying Cara, has being double crossing me the whole time.” Frederick roars throwing away his glass up of expensive red wine.
“Yes father.” Evan answered.
“Ha, what does she think she can do anyway. I have always knew that she is stupid, what I don’t know was how much of it she is.” Frederick smirks, laughing.
“Evan you’ve impressed me, using Stephanie death to get closer to Martha and your siblings, that’s a well played move my son.” Frederick smiles, patting Evan on the back.
“Thanks father.”
“I wish your brother would be just like you, it’s a big shame he doesn’t share the same ideas as you. He’s a waste of my sperm. Anyway let’s not talk about unimportant people. So you’ll get more closer to then untill they trust you with every little secret of theirs” Frederick says and pours wine into two glasses snd hands one of them to Evan. Evan accepts it.
“Cheers my son, cheers to victory and success.” The two glasses clinks. They sip their wines with a smirk on each of their face.
Can you really believe Evan right now, ugh I seriously want to kill him.

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