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A Man’s World/ A Woman’s World – Episode 15

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A Man’s World/A Woman’s World




Chapter Fifteen



Theme: Hysterical







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Date: 11th, March, 2029.


Time: 5:20pm


Location: Frederick’s Mansion, dungeon.


Author’s Pov:

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“No!!!” Martha raves, bringing her daughter closer to her chest, as if to protect her from the monster named Lucas.


“Your daughter is dead, now get up.” Lucas state simply. Martha pays him no attention, she kept on calling her daughter, trying to wake her up from her deep slumber.


Lucas got impatient and drags the half-demented woman up. She cries and yells asking him to let her go, he didn’t.


“What’s the meaning of this Lucas.” Frederick in a black tuxedo, turns around to see his wife screaming on the shoulders of his right hand man Lucas.


Lucas drops the crying woman not so gently and answers his boss “Boss, your daughter is dead.” He informs Frederick.



“I see. Tell me how do I look in this.” Frederick motions to himself, not caring if his youngest child lays coldly on the floor of an empty dark cell.


“Sir you look good.” Lucas compliments smiling.


Martha couldn’t believe what is happening in front of her. Her daughter is dead, and all they could talk about is how good he looks in a tuxedo.


“Well I better be going, wouldn’t want to keep the president waiting.”


“Yes sir. The president isn’t someone you should keep waiting.” Lucas agrees.


“You!!!! You!!!!!” Martha screech’s unexpectedly. She runs over to her husband, Her eyes flaring in anger. She hurls herself on Frederick, screaming incoherent words.


“Lucas get this mad woman off me.” Frederick orders. Lucas who was dazed by the the sudden action of his boss wife, shakes his head out of the damn trance and quickly did as ordered.


“Lock her up in the cell, and make sure you give her a good beaten.” Frederick orders pointing a finger at his wife.


Lucas carries Martha and drops her easily on his shoulder. She screams the more hurling insult on her husband, but that did not stop Lucas or slowed him down from carrying out his boss orders.






“There you go, now you’re chained.” Lucas says smiling at his creative work. Martha hanging on the roof of the toture room, Lucas had chained her hands then connected it to the iron bars of the roof.


He walks over to the weapon section. He calls them his babies.



“Now which of this babies should I use on you. What about the snake whip, or should I go with the ones with thorns or maybe the Bullock whip will be better. What do you think Mrs Martha.” Lucas ask, his face graced with a lopsided grin.


Other times, she would have cringe at the thought of being flog. Sometimes she would beg and plead, but not today. No amount of pain could amount to the pain of loosing her child.


Lucas settles for the twisted wire regardless of her silence. He walks around her dauntingly, watching her closely. This the best part of his job, inciting fear in the heart of his victim but this time his victim has no look of fear, only a look of bitterness, her blood boils for revenge.


He strikes her first on her back. She makes no sound. He strikes her again, no sound came from her. Anger rise in him at her silence.


Enraged he whips her again and again, repeatedly. He changes the whip to the ones with torns, but no matter how many wounds he inflicts on her, there’s no tears, no sound.


I’ve failed. I’ve failed as a mother. I’ve failed you Stephanie. Mama is so sorry.


Those words were her only thoughts.




Date: 11th, March, 2029.


Time: 7:00pm


Location: Celestial Hotel, lounge.


Author’s Pov:


Frederick walks into the VVIP room, meant for only the wealthiest men in the society. Professional pole dancers could be seen entertaining the president.


“Mr President.” Frederick calls.


“Oh please call me Williams, besides in no time you’ll be the vice president.” President Williams stands up and hugs his inlaw.



“If you insist, then Williams it is.”


“Good, have your sit.” Mr Williams says and gesture towards the plush couch.


“You’ve got quite the company here Williams.” Frederick comments with a sly smile.


“Well you’ll agree with me that the only thing useful in a woman is the stuff between her legs.” Mr Williams says laughing and Frederick join in the laughter.


“If I may ask what happened to your cheeks.” Mr Williams ask staring at the red marks on Frederick’s face.


“Oh these is nothing, just a little bit of drama with my wife, but I assure I’ve put her in her place.” Frederick reassurs Williams, not wanting Williams to see him as a weakling.


“Well that’s good. Let’s eat, the prawns here are really good.”


“I’ll have to taste it before I agree with you.” Frederick has a really great love for prawns, that’s one of his many weaknesses.


“So tell me what do you think of the Chinese investors.” Mr Williams ask eating from his plate of spicy prawn linguine.


Frederick looks up from his food answers. “They have a wonderful preposition, it will be good for the country and plus we will make lots of money from it.”


“Now that’s what I want to hear. Girls.” Mr Williams exclaims and gives a signal for the table to be cleared.


“So what do you think of the dish.”


“Very delicious, I won’t mind coming here again.”



“I won’t mind having company. Girls please.” Williams beckons, the girls cat walks to both men.


President Williams smiles with contentment as the lady twerks, her ass shaking.


This is life. He thinks.

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