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A Man’s World/ A Woman’s World – Episode 14

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Chapter Fourteen



Theme: She’s dead











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Date: 11th, March, 2029


Time: 12:15pm


Location: Henry’s Mansion, dinning room.


Cara’s Pov:



“My love, how do you find the taste of the food, does it suit your taste, I asked helen to make it specially for you.”


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Taste of the food, I can barely feel the taste, with you staring at me from the other end of the room. Ugh.


Henry here, has stopped me from sitting on the floor, now I’m currently sitting down on the grey mahogany dinning table, opposite Henry.


The chairs are so high. I really don’t think Henry had any other person in mind except himself. After all his a tall man. it won’t be so hard for his legs to touch the floor, someone like me, my legs are nowhere near the floor. Okay I take whatever I said back Henry’s legs are no where touching the floor either.


“The food is really tasty.” I said placing a fake smile on my face.


“I’m glad you like it.” he sats and nods his head, eating from his plate of salmon.


“What do you think of the gift I left on your dressing table. ” he asks. Henry brought me a necklace design with emeralds, to be honest the necklace is pretty, and must have cost him a fortune. at the same time it’s really heavy. So I don’t like it


With a tight lipped smile, I answered, not so truthfully. “yes, its beautiful.” fake adoration, reflects on my eyes.


“Oh that’s good to know, will you be free this weekend. I would love to take you out.” Is Henry asking me if I’ll be free. The Henry I know, would never ask me, if I’m free.


He feels whenever, he wants to take me out, I should be free. so I always end up cancelling a lot of appointment with my mum, disappointing my little sis, thinking about that, its has been really long since I last saw her. The last time I paid a visit home, she was in school. I guess I’ll have to go visit her one of this days.


“yes I’ll be free.”



“Great.” He takes a napkin and dab his mouth. he stands up, drawing his chair backwards. it makes a screeching noise, nevertheless Henry walks over to me, gracefully, totally in command.


“I have an appointment with some investors, I only came back home to have lunch with you, I’ll be leaving now. And the meeting with the investors might take a while, I won’t be coming back early.” For some reason, his words kept on replaying in my head *I only came back to have lunch with you*


“I Love you.” He pecks me on my forehead and left.


Strange things are happening.






Date: 11th, March, 2029.


Time: 3:54pm


Location: National library, restricted area.


Cara’s Pov


“Okay what’s wrong with you, spit it out.” Jason says his eyes drilling holes into mine.


“Its nothing.” I reply, staring at the papers on my hand. I couldnt read it, for some reason I can’t process whatever information it holds to my brain.


“You were the one who stopped by the library and asked for my help, in digging out some more evidence. And right now I’m thinking I’m the only one doing the digging, while you just sit over there and stare at that book, blankly.”he utters, frowning. I can tell his a little bit irritated by my attitude.


I myself can’t figure out what’s wrong with me. I just feel so disoriented, so withdrawn. I’ve this sudden feeling that something bad is about to happen.


“I’m so sorry Jason, I really don’t know what’s wrong with me either.” I explain and sigh, taking a sip from my latte.



I’m currently sitting on the floor, with different books, papers, document, scattered around me. sweat trickles down my forehead, it’s a little bit hot in here, there’s only one air conditioner in here, now that would have been enough to cool the room, unluckily for me, it’s not working.


“Are you sick.” Jason asked, sounding a bit concerned.


“Yes, I think so. maybe….” I answer, feeling unsure. Beside when I woke up this


morning I was perfectly fine.


Jason stands up, stretched a bit, flexing his perfectly sculptured muscle in front of me. Oh, I wish I could run my fingers on his muscle, touching every but if it.


Cara you’re married. Henry might not be your ideal perfect husband, but that does not give you the freedom to cheat on him. My inner self scolded. whatever.


Jason walks over to me, looking gorgeously handsome in his black sleeve shirt, and blue ripped jeans trouser. his dirty blonde, with a pinch of brown, glints in the sun.


Luckily for me there’s a window, that actually provides light in here, since all the bulbs are dead.Jason said there’s some kind of problem with the wires connection.


Jason bends down in front of me, stretched forth his hand, placed it on my forehead, probably checking my temperature.


The minute Jason palm comes in contact with my forehead, I felt a ripping sensation. My body jolts due to the electrifying sensation.


His deep black eyes bore into mine. we sare at each other for a while, maybe seconds, I can’t tell.


Suddenly he jerks up, removing his palm from my forehead. I felt kind of disappointed, annoyed. I craved for his warmth again, so much i could beg. I did not.


I cough a little, feeling awkward, I focused my eyes on anything but him. Did i just had a moment with Jason.



“Well, your temperature seems good enough, you’re probably not sick. why don’t you go back home and have a relaxing bath, then sleep.” he advised, walking over to where he was seated. so close, but faraway.


‘Cara focus what’s wrong with you.’ I hissed silently.


“But, what about the research.” I cry out.


“I’ll take care of it.” he smiles reassuringly.


“Are you sure about that, is a lot of work for one.”


“Of course. It’s okay.” He says giving me one of his charming smile. How can a man posses so much charm and handsomeness.


“Okay If you say so.” I stood up, dust my floral close sleeve gown. Bade him goodbye, and left. now that i think of it, a relaxing bath, will do just fine. I might also treat myself to some scotch wine.




Date: 11th, March, 2029


Time: 5:00pm


Location: Frederick’s Mansion


Author’s Pov:


“My lord, please let her out of there. It’s been five days!!!! I’m sure she must have learnt her lesson.” Martha knelt in front of her husband. her voice cracks, cause of all the pleading and crying she’s been doing.


“Ah!! women and drama. always throwing a tantrum. lucas, lucas.”


lucas an Italian man. Having a bulky body, with a shrewd face. Frederick love him for his cleverness. Cara hates him for it.


Lucas a man with a face, that seems to have lost it’s former glory. Now it looks more like a gorilla, with regional marks. in other words; he is an ugly creature.



“You called for me sir.” Lucas says steeping into the master bedroom. Oddly Lucas has a very loud voice. At first, Frederick detest it, but now he couldn’t careless, as long as lucas continued carrying out his task, exceptionally well. Every imperfection lucas has, it’s fine by him.


“Yes I did, I want you to release my daughter. I’m already tired of these woman’s bickering.”


“Okay sir. I’ll do just that.” lucas bows a little and left, Martha follows. She might be weak, but she’s never to weak to see her beloved daughter.


Lucas insert the key into Stephanie cell key hole. Martha waits patiently, muttering words of prayer.


“It’s open.” Lucas announce.


Martha walks in swiftly, her heart stops beating on seeing her daughter, Stephanie sprawls on the floor, looking so lifeless. her skin so pale.”


“No, no, God please no,” her palm covers her mouth. Her screams muffled.


She walks hastily to her daughter, and kneels down beside her.


“Stephanie, Stephanie! Stephanie!! mama is here please wake up.” Bile roused up in her throat. no it can’t be, she refuse to believe it what’s going on in her mind.


“Stephanie, please don’t do this to mama, mama is here, baby. Stephanie why won’t you answer. please say something, open your eyes. just give mummy a sign, anything at all., Stephanie!!!!!” She yells, hysterical. Tears drops on the lifeless child body.


Lucas walks in due to the commotion, he takes a look at the child. with just one look, he knew she is dead.


“She’s dead.” He says coldly. his face stoic.




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