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A Man’s World/ A Woman’s World – Episode 12

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Chapter Twelve



Theme: Cheryl











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Date: 7, March, 2029


Time: 2:31pm


Location: Cheryl’s House.


Cara’s Pov:


“Hey Cara. You didn’t inform me, you were coming today.” Cheryl exclaims on seeing me. She captures me in a big hug, and kiss me on both my cheeks.


“I see I’m not welcome here. Well I’ll just go back to my own house, and sulk.” I made a show of turning around, getting ready to leave.


“If you leave, then you’ll only prove that you don’t love me anymore. How did our friendship get to this stage.” Cheryl sighs folding her hands below her chest pouting.


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“Seriously will I ever beat you at this.” I utter, throwing my hands up in the air.


“Let me see. No, no. I don’t think you will.” Cheryl says and smirks at me.



“I guess I have to come in terms with that, anyway you’re looking good.” My eyes take in her full form. Cheryl has an average height, both a killer body. Her curly pink hair drapes on her shoulder. Because of her love for pink, she changed her eye colour to pink. Ugh.


“I no right, I do look good in this wifey pink pajamas.” I roll my eyes. How did I get such a best friend. I hate pink!!


“Where is my pup.” I ask looking around, but no sign of him.


“My son is not a puppy, his in is room sleeping. Gosh that boy is a lot to handle.” She let out a dramatic sigh.


“At least you do have a kid.” I bit my lower lip the minute that came out. Is not like I’m jealous of my best friend. Besides Henry is not the kind of man I should get pregnant for. Heaven knows what kind of monster he will turn my child into. I guess I’m a little bit happy with the no pregnant rule. Though it seems like Henry is erasing them one by one.


“Cara don’t be like that.” Cheryl hugs me.


“I’m so sorry Cheryl I shouldn’t have said that. It sounds like I’m not happy for you, which I am. I’m really happy for you.”


“Shhhh, I know. You’re the best friend any sane girl like me would ask for, and you’re also the best godmother Sam could ask for.” She says, smiling softly at me, her pink eyes gazing into mine.


“Thanks girl.” I return her smile.


“So tell me, what got you into this mood. And wait how is it possible you’re here, the last time I checked that bloody imbecile of a husband refused to let you out of his sight. So how’re you here.” She exclaims.


“I wish I could give you a considerate answer, but girl I’m also confuse. Like I don’t even know what’s happening anymore in my life.” I sigh unhappily.



Everything about Henry’s sudden change it’s a little bit confusing. I feel there’s something else, but no matter how much I think it through, nothing ever adds up.


“Okay calm down girl. You’re going to sit down on that relaxing sofa, while I go get us your favorite Scottish wine. And then you’ll will tell me everything, nothing left out. Okay.” Cheryl leads me to the white sofa. I plump down on it and she leaves to go bring the wine making me wait patiently for her. Soon enough she comes back with my favorite wine in hand and sits next to me on the sofa.


“Okay I’m all ears, tell me what’s going on.” She stares at me intently. And soon enough I found myself talking. And it feels so good to finally lifts this burden off my chest, you know share the entire whole Henry change with somebody else, who’s actually my best friend.


“So let me get this straight. Mr Henry your husband, confessed his feelings for you, like he said he loves you.” Cheryl asks her face mopping into an expression of bewilderment, I know right even I felt bewildered.


“Yes.” I answer simply sipping from my glass. I’ve always had a thing for Scotch wine, and my favorite has always been Macallan Valerio Adami 1926. The wine might be century’s old, but it does have nice taste.


“Woah, this is unbelievable, I can’t rap the whole idea in my head.” Cheryl shakes her head, refusing to believe, Henry my beast-like husband is capable of feelings.


“Well that makes the two of us.” I said shrugging my shoulder.


“So tell me, what do you really think of Henry’s feeling, is it real. Could it be genuine??” Cheryl utters, I think she’s having a hard time believing Henry more than me.


“To be honest, I don’t know. I just kind of feel it’s all a trap.” I sigh, all the frustrations since Henry’s confession is really weighing down on me, like I don’t even know what to think anymore.


“Hey, calm down girl. Here have some more wine. I myself don’t really know what to make of this whole situation. But men we know can be really trickish. Cara even



if you decide to accept his feelings, I’ll advice you to keep your heart guided, like with strong iron bars and a heavy padlock. So in other words I’m saying you can accept his feelings, but do not return it.” She advice placing her hands on my shoulder, squeezing it fondly.


Well that’s Cheryl, always know the right advice for me.


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