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A Man’s World/ A Woman’s World – Episode 13

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Chapter Thirteen



Theme: My first Love











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Date: 7, March, 2029


Time: 5:00pm


Location: Cheryl’s House


Cara’s Pov:


“Honey I’m home.” Steve annouce walking into the sitting room through the front door. Steve a rather large man, with soft grey eyes and a babyish face walks in holding a black suitcase, he is actually a lawyer, works in his family law firm.


“Welcome love.” Cheryl stands up, drops the wine glass and rush over to her hubby. She kiss him, and Steve reciprocated. I felt a tug in my heart.


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Steve here is my first best friend, first crush, first love and of course first heart break.


Steve, Ethan, Evan, and i, were all best of friends, while growing up. Though we’re all still friends except Evan.


And just like you guess I fell in love with Steve, I adored him, he was everything is wanted in a man. But I had to let go of my love, once Steve made his choice by marrying Cheryl. At first I was mad, because I met Steve before Cheryl, but I guess I can’t really blame Steve or Cheryl since I never really did confess my feeling to him, and was also really hard to remain mad at Cheryl cause she not only stole Steve’s heart but mine also.


“Hey Cara, you’re here. What a surprise.” Steve exclaims.


“Yeah, yeah, I’m finally visible.” I said faking hurt. He smiles cheekily, walking over to me. He spread his hands wide and I flee. There’s no way I’m getting between his hands. Steve is a hugger, and I hate his hugs. He just traps you in his arms, and squeeze the hell out of you.


“Come on, Cara. Don’t you want a hug. It’s freeeeee.” He yells, running after me.


“No thanks.” I yell back. Gosh, I feel so exasperated, Steve won’t just let me be. I stoped for a while trying to catch my breath.


“Cheryl please save me.” I said in between breath gaving her a pleading look.


“Sorry bestie but I can’t.” She smirks. Traitor.


After runny for a while, I couldn’t take it anymore. So I fell to the floor in a loud thud.


“Cara, are you okay.” Steve said in between breath.


“No I’m not, I think I’m going to die any minute, water, water. Oh is that heaven, it looks so beautiful.” I sit up staring at the ceiling in a hypnotize way.



“Cara, seriously heaven is that the best you could come up with.” Cheryl folds her hands below her mid section, giving me the are you serious look.


“Well that’s the best I can come up with.” I reply placing my hands on Steve’s outstretched hand and he drags me up.


“Well is good to see you again Cara.” Steve exclaims, throwing his hands around me. What was the need to run.


“Yes, yes, is good to see you to. Now let me go.” After a while he eventually let goes of me.


“One day you’ll kill someone with does bear hands of yours. I think my bones are broken.” I complain.


“Oh please don’t be over dramatic.” Cara roll her eyes.


“Well it’s not your bone, they are mine. And only I get to tell when it’s broken. And right now I say it’s broken.” I retort.


“Well if they’re broken I guess I should give you a massage.” Cheryl grins walking over to me and starts hitting me all over my aching body.


“Do you have a licence to massage cause you’re really bad at it.” I screamed out, pushing her away from me.


“I don’t think my husband share the same thoughts with you, right honey.” She asks flirtatiously winking at Steve.


“Of course, I love your massages baby.” Steve’s answers back smirking at me.


“You see.” Cheryl exclaims.


“Whatever, I need a drink.” I walk over to the half bottle of Scotch and helped myself.



“But you know, it’s really a surprise to see you. I thought you’re not allowed to visit us.” Steve says casually.


“So I thought, but there’s some changes, and oh Henry confessed he loves me.” I sip my wine staring intently at Steve. Soon enough the desired emotion I’m looking for shows. Shock.


Steve recovers from his earlier shock, and start to laugh. He stops once he noticed the serious look on my face.


“What you’re not joking.” Steve asked bewildered.


“Since when did I start telling jokes.” I answer his question with a question.


“Shit!! This Is unbelievable. Henry Williams your husband confessed that he loves you. Up until now I thought that bastard wasn’t capable of having feelings.” Steve takes Cheryl wine glass and pours himself some of the Scotch wine.


“That’s what I thought.” I seconds.


“So what do you think, do you think his feelings are real.” He question.


“I don’t know Steve, I don’t know.”


“Well I for one do not believe this whole I love you stuff. I feel there’s more to it.” Steve says.


“Well let’s just put that aside, for now. Why don’t you go freshen up Steve, then we’ll discuss the reason behind my visit.”


“Real reason.” They utter, confuse.


Husband and wife gave me a weird look. “Sit down, then we talk.”


“Okay.” Steve hums and sit down, Cheryl sits next to him.



“Remember I once said. I will look for a way to liberates the women.” I tap my fingers om my lap looking at them expectantly.


I remember telling you it’s a bad idea.” Steve comments. Cheryl glares at him and I snicker.


“Okay I’m sorry. And yes I remember.” Steve surrenders folding his hands on his extra large broad shoulders.


“Great. Well I may have found a way or should I say I found some evidence.” I smile at them.


“What are you talking about.” Steve questions.


I ignore his question and brought out a brown envelope from my Hermes Birkin handbag. I strecth the envelope towards Steven. He raised n eyebrow, then took it from me nevertheless.


“How did you get this.” Steve asked shock.


“Is this true.” Cheryl ask.


“Yes it is.” I answer grinning.


“Wow, I can’t believe it all this while those idiots lied to our face. In the past we did have women that did big stuff. This is amazing.” Cheryl cries out in utter amazement.


“But how did you get this.” Steve ask. Steve’s question caught Cheryl attention and she diverts her attention from the papers and stares at me intently.


“I came across it at the national library, in the restricted area.” I answered.


“That’s weird, I’ve been to the national library a lot of time and I don’t think I’ve ever come across any restricted area.” Steve says scratching the back of his head, thinking.


“Maybe you missed it.” Cheryl says shrugging.


“No I didn’t. I’ve been to the every corner in the national library. So I can’t possibly miss it.” Steve says frowning.


“Well Cara saw it. Or are you saying she made it up.” Cheryl ask her hands on her waist.


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“That’s not what I meant. I just… Forget it, you’re right, restricted rooms don’t just show up.”


“So since that’s over, can we continue.” I said.


“Okay this evidence is enough to bring revolution among the women right??.” I ask.


“Yeah, this is enough, but I don’t think causing a stir among the women it’s enough to accomplish what you want.”


“Yeah that’s right, I guess we have to come up with a good plan. And that’s why we are having a meeting this weekend, I’ll text you the location.”


“By we, you mean there will be more company.” Steve says gaving me a sceptical look.


“Yeah. You’ll find out more on Saturday. Now I’ve got to go. See you on Saturday.” I stand up and side hug Steve while i gave Cheryl a kiss on her cheeks, and leaves.


I stepped out of Steve’s house, even though Steve is a wealthy man, and the sole heir to his father companies worth billion, he still prefers to live a simple life. that’s why his leaving in a bungalow, not a mansion.


The bungalow painted in Cheryl favourite colour, peach. in fact not only is the outside painted peach, but also inside of the building is also painted pink. The only room not affected by Cheryl madness, it’s Steve office.



I had once asked Steve, why he let her paint the house peach, Steve answer to my question was very simple and short. *happy wife, happy home.*


“Thanks Mark.” I said getting into the back sit of my car, buggati divo.


Mark my driver, who’s also my bodyguard, closed the car door, takes a u-turn to the driver side, spides in and starts the car once his seated.


“where to ma.” he asked.


“Seriously Mark, how many


time do i have to remind you to drop the, ma, ma, call me by name.” I smiled, though this is the first time, I’m asking any of my employees to address me by my name. but I I have this feeling, that Mark can be trusted, and that’s why i will stop at nothing to get him to be comfortable around me. If I could get him on my side, then I’ll really be glad, but mark being mark still refused to adhere to my instructions and decides to stick with ‘Ma’




Date: 7, March, 2029


Time: 9:56pm


Location: Frederick’s Do


Cara’s Pov:


it’s been three days, she’s been locked in this dark cell, but it felt like weeks. the days felt longer and the night more longer.


During this three days, she hasn’t tasted anything, apart from her own spittle. her body burns, so hot, her stomach hurt. She needs food.


She felt it, she knew she is going to die soon, but she didn’t want to die. if she dies, everyone will be sad, maybe her father too, she’s not sure.


With every seconds counting, she feels her soul Is being pulled out of her body.



She would have called on her mother for help but she has no more strength in her anymore. she wasted it all, crying.


“Aunt Cara, mum, brother James, please save me, I don’t want to die, please save


me.” her voice came out barely audible, for her to hear. she cries. No tears came


out, she had no more tears.












Stephanie please don’t die.



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