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A Man's World/ A Woman's World – Episode 11

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Chapter Eleven
Theme: Locked; Little Stephanie
Date: 06 March 2029.
Time: 8:00pm
Location: Frederick’s Dungeon.
Author’s Pov:
“Please my Lord forgive her, she’s only a child.” Martha begs her husband weeping. She runs after him pleading and weeping.
“Oh for heaven sake Martha, shut up.” Mr Wilson roars. He push the weeping child into an empty cell. The little girl crys the more.
“Daddy please I’m sorry. I won’t do it again. Please forgive me daddy. Please don’t lock me in here. Daddy!!!!. Mummy please don’t let daddy lock me in here. Mummy get me out of here.” Stephanie cries hysterically, holding onto the bars of the cell.
“I promise honey I’ll get you out of here. Mummy will get you out of here in no time.” Martha kiss her daughter on her forehead, whispering words of assurance hugging her through the iron bars.
“Mummy please don’t go, it’s so dark in here. Please don’t leave. Mummy!!!” Stephanie yells frantically stretching forth her tiny hands through the iron bar.
“I’ll be back, I’ll get you out of here love, I promise.” Martha stands up, weeping, she walks away. Her daughter’s sobbing soon fades away behind her. If she had to
walk on needles, she will do it. She will do anything to get her daughter out of that dark cell.
“Please my Lord, let her out of there. She’s only a child.” Martha utters exasperated.
“Shut up you silly woman. Your daughter needs to be teached a lesson. I’ve lost an important deal all because of her. Because of your silly daughter I’m on the verge of losing millions.” Mr Wilson roars. Mrs Martha stepped back in fear, afraid of his wrath.
“But my Lord, she didn’t do it on purpose, she’s only five.” The sound of a slap resound through out the sitting room. Martha not paying attention to the pain on her left cheek, continued begging and pleading her husband.
Her cries annoys him the more, he kicks and punch her, afflicting pain wherever his hand hits.
“I’ve made my decision woman. Your filthy daughter will remain in that cell till whenever I feel like letting her go, and you’re not allowed to give her food not even a drop of water, and that’s final.” He breaths heavily, and leaves his punching bag on the floor and walks out of the room.
Martha cries the more, thinking of her child locked up in a dark cell, all alone. I’m so sorry Stephanie momma is helpless.
Stephanie holds unto the iron bar tightly, whimpering, calling on her mum, but her mother never came. Just like always her mother couldn’t save her from her beast like father.
“Sister Cara, please save me.” She calls on her sister, but Cara is too far away to come to her aid.
She calls on her brother James, but her brother James is to busy with his girlfriend
he didn’t come.

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