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A Man’s World/ A Woman’s World – Episode 1

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Chapter One

Theme: Escape

Date: 15, January, 2029

Time: 8:00pm

Location: Frederick’s Mansion.

Cara’s Pov:

“No” I yelled at father. He doesn’t deserve to be called dad, I believe a father is a person who contributed his sperm in given birth to you. A dad is a not only a person that contributed in bringing you to this world but also care and love you.
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Father looked at me like he would love to kill me here right now, this wasn’t the first time he had that look, nope, he hates me, hates the fact I always stood up to him, what can I say I don’t take shit.

“What… she meant to say my lord is yes.” My mum says, stepping in front of me, trying to calm down the buffalo. I huff.

“Mom we both know, I wasn’t going to say yes, I meant it, am not marrying that man, never?” Why should I get married to Henry Williams the son of President Williams. Henry is know to be a notorious man, with 4 dead wives, rumours has it that he killed all his wives by beaten them to death, I would never get married to a killer . Trust my beloved, caring father to match me up with someone like that.

“Woman you will explain to your daughter why my words are final in this house,” He says walking away breathing heavily, his steps are really heavy, I began to wonder if the house would actually fall.

“Cara!!” My mum shrieks, ugh here comes ‘The talk’

“Yes mum” I answered in a bored tune.

“Don’t you dare use that tune for me young lady, you will obey your father, no matter what you think, do I need to remind you he is the Lord of this house, you should be grateful to him, for giving you a man like Henry,” my mum went on with her lecture. Wait but why do I have to be thankful to that ass of a father. Thankful my foot.

“Mum are you listening to what you’re saying, Henry killed all his previous wife, and you want me to be dead like them.” I yelled.

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“Don’t yell at me, am your mother, and those are all rumours”

“Rumours, you know what I don’t get it, I don’t get why the big bad wolf gets to control my life, why can’t you just see, that we need to stand up to him.” I raise my voice the more already furious with not just my mum and my stupid father but the whole damn world, maybe if the rules was different my mum would have done something to to save me from this damn marriage.

“We have talked about this before Cara, it’s a man’s world, both of us, women in general are here to serve them, the men species me, its the way the world works and you can’t do anything about it. You’re getting married to Henry and it’s final.” My mum says in an authoriative voice and leaves.

I looked around the heavily furnished sitting room, no homely feeling, I sigh heavily, this is not happening. I’ll never be subjected to Henry. I can’t let that happen.

Then it clicks, I couldrun away, go faraway from here, where no one can ever find me.

I hurriedly rushed up to my room and pack every single thing I’ll need on this little trip on mine, but I made sure I didn’t take too much I wouldn’t want my stuff to weigh me down. Once I’m done I’m packing I lay down on my bed and sets my time for 11:50. Though I didn’t really sleep I just kept on waking at every 10-30 minutes, my phone did a good job at waking me up exactly 11:50, although I was already awake and now I’m currently staring at the wall clock. The damn clock is too slow, it’s still shows 11:56. And I lay having a incredible feeling to tank the clock from that walk and ends is miserable slow life.

Great it’s finally 12 midnight, time to make my escape, I’ve gone through everything I packed one more time so I’m all sets, with one more look at my room, I opened my room door then stepped out closing the door behind me, noiselessly.

I tiptoed downstairs slowly, making sure I don’t make a sound, phew! I breath out once I reached downstairs, I walked silently to the sitting room door and I opened it slowly, then closed it back carefully then tiptoed to towards the fence, take a left curve to the other side of the fence, this isn’t the first time I’ll be sneaking out, though it might be the last.
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I easily scaled the wall then jumped down. once my feel touched the floor and I start to celebrate at my success, i suddenly hear someone clapping with vigour. And that same person says, “What a lovely show you put on, I didn’t know you were a ninja, anywhere, where are you going.” Shit.

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