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A Man’s World/ A Woman’s World – Episode 55

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Chapter Fifty Five



Theme: karma.











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Date: 21, October, 2029.


Time: 6:15am.


Location: private jet.


Author’s Pov:


A knock was heard on Mr Frederick room’s door, Mr Frederick asks whoever is behind the door to come in and a beautiful miss Juliet walks into the room in an air hostess dress, rolling a cart with food on it.


“Sir I made you favorite dish, spaghetti vongole mixed with spicy prawns.


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Miss Juliet says and opens the plate of food. The sweet aroma of the food fills his nose and his taste buds begs to have a taste of the amazing food right in front of him, without wasting much time Mr Frederick digs into the food and eat every last bit of the food.


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In about twenty minutes, miss Juliet walks into his room again and just like expected she finds the fool snoring on the bed, maybe if he hadn’t been changing his air hostess like clothes then he would have know that she was indeed an imposter.




Date: 22, October, 2029.


Time: 5:56pm.


Location: Frederick’s Mansion.


Author’s Pov:


Frederick wakes up and finds his self in Lucas torture room, he looks around in confusion and just couldn’t understand how he got there.


Frederick noticed his hands and legs has been chained to the wall, he tries to struggle out of it but the damn thing wouldn’t bulge.


“I see you’re awake father.” Cara says walking into the torture room.


“What’s the meaning of this, Cara, why I’m I chained.” Frederick says his face glowing with anger.


“Oh father you’re in no position to raise your voice at me father, and on how you got here, I’ll only advice you to reduce your love for prawns, you’ll never know when someone mix it with a sleeping medicine.” Cara says smirking at her father. Frederick realize that the new hostess he just hired not only put sleeping medicine in his food but is working for Cara but one thing he couldn’t understand is were was Lucas who was supposed to to be guarding him or were was his captain when he got captured.



“I know what’s going on in your mind and I’ll answer your questions, I made sure the hostess took care of Lucas before serving you your food and for the captain my future husband took care of it, yeah Dad I’m getting married.” She says sweetly and fluants her engagement ring on his face.


Ignoring the ring on his daughter hand he asked the one question on his mind. “Are you going to kill me.”


“Of course no. You are my father and I can’t possibly kill you.” Cara says grinning and for some reason unknown to him, Frederick couldn’t bring his self to believe what his daughter said, instead he felt more afraid for his life.


“So what are you going to do to me then.” Frederick asks, slightly afraid of the ideas running through his daughter mind.


“You’re not stupid father, I’ll give you that. You see on the day you caught me running away and when you beat me up, I kind of made a promise to myself that I your daughter will make you my father Frederick Wilson go down on your knee and beg me for your life and you see father that promise is about to come true.” Cara says all the while smiling at her father.


“And what makes you think I’ll go on my knees and beg you for my life, I’ll advice you to kill me now, because that’s not happening.” Frederick replies spitting out venom with each word he says.


“Oh father there are many ways to get you to beg.” Cara says with a devious grin, she whistles and walks over to Lucas babies. “So father which of this beauties would you prefer, would you prefer the ones with thorns or the one that’s twisted, oh or this one, I remember Lucas calling it The snake whip or maybe you’ll like this one that’s really long. What do you say father.”


Frederick’s eyes twitch, imagining one of those whips being use on him, now he realize karma it’s really real. Once upon a time he would have been the one talking and debating over which whip he should use and his daughter who would have been the one chained to the walls.



“Okay I’ll go with the one with thorns, after all it’s your favorite.” Cara picks the whip and walks over to her father all the while grinning, she feels the whip with her hand and then hits her father on his bare back with it, again and again. Today she knows the real taste of revenge and it’s nothing but sweet.


Frederick couldn’t take the beatings anymore, the thorns tears through his body and blood seeps out it, he tries to hold in the shout but he couldn’t so he yells out in pain and without realizing his self he begs his daughter for his life.


“I didn’t just said you should beg father, I said you have to beg while on your knees, the chains are long enough for you to kneel down.” Cara taunts in a bored voice and when she didn’t receive any response from her father, she continued her torture.


At this minute Frederick would do literally everything to stop his daughter from whipping him with the whip and if it means going on his kneel then he would, so with a look of shame he drops on his knees and begs for his pityful life.


“Okay you can get up now, I forgive you father for all your atrocities.” Cara says smugly and released Frederick from his chain.


“Stand up father.” Cara orders and a weak Frederick tries to get up, he stumbles a little and tries to get his footing, once he was standing Cara gives him her next order. “Head straight to the cell you locked Stephanie in,” Frederick gives her a confused stare, before carrying out her orders.


“Get in!.” Cara orders and Frederick panic realizing she wants to lock him in there.


“Get the fu.ck in Frederick or I’ll blow your fu.cking brain.” Cara says her hands on the trigger, Frederick steps into the cell hesitantly, once he was inside Cara locks the padlock.


“Well it was fun when it lasted Frederick but I’ve got to go now.” Cara says grinning.


“You can’t leave me here.” Frederick says looking around the cell fervently.



“Well you better get use to staying here cause this is where you’ll be living till you kick the bucket and also this is the last time you’ll be seeing me here I have a wedding to plan and an amazing life to live.”


“You said you were not going to to kill me.” Frederick says his voice accusing.


“I’m not killing you father, I’m leaving you here to die, they are literally not the same thing, Frederick. And besides you left Stephanie to die here, so take it as a little karma and a chance to repent from all your sins. Good bye father.” Cara says sweetly and leaves a shouting Frederick alone in the dungeon and his mansion, she had earlier sent the servants home.


“So…..” Jason drawls giving Cara a questioning stare, as she settles on the car sit.


Cara turns to him grinning and replies, “what do you think about us having our wedding at Mr George old mansion.”


“I don’t care where the wedding holds along as I get to marry you.” Jason replies grinning and pecks her on the cheek.


“Great I should probably go get my wedding dress, and you my future husband should go shop for his wedding suit, cause I really can’t wait to see you on it.”


“I love the way, you’re thinking future wife.” Jason smirks and kissed her on the lips.

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