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I'm Proud To Be Black – Episode 30

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Episode thirty
Alexa’s pov
I stood up shocked to see kyung seok,kyung seok walked towards lee yul and began punching him continously.
“Kyung please stop” i pleaded scared he’ll kill lee yul but he ignored me.
I went closer to them and held him from behind hoping he’ll stop but instead he pushed me violently.
“Don’t you dare touch me you cheat” kyung seok yelled and stormed out of the house.
I ruffled my hair in fustration, i knew going after him would be a mere waste of effort so i remained thinking of what i’ll do.
“I’m sorry alexa” lee yul apologized trying to touch me.
“you’re sorry huh” i asked moving closer to him and slapping him continously on his face but i didn’t feel satisfied by doing that.
“i swear if you come near me, i’m gonna cut off that thing in between your legs” i yelled and kicked him hard on his legs before picking my things and storming out of the house.
I got home and went straight to kyung seok’s room but he wasn’t there.
Luckily,i bumped into his mom and she told me he wasn’t home and gave me the location he could be.
I entered into the car with the driver driving me straight to the location. I stood in front of the house and immediately the guards saw me they opened the gate,i’m sure they knew i was kyung seok’s girlfriend.
I went straight into the house and there i found kyung seok sitting on the floor, i’ve never seen kyung seok this way except the day he lost his dad.
“Kyung seok i didn’t cheat on you please hear me out” i said and tried touching him but he pushed my hands.
“Please just let me explain” i said again.
“I saw everything with my eyes,you know what it’s over between us i hate cheats and i’m not ready to date a cheat so we’re done with what ever thing we had” kyung seok said coldly and i held my chest in pain.
“Kyung seok,please i still love just give me the chance to explain” i said again but kyung seok held my hand forcefully dragging me out of the house.
“Why did you let this cheat come in here,infact you’re all fired but before you leave throw this thing outta here” kyung seok said pushing me towards them and walking back into the house.
I tried going back into the house but two muscular hands held me i turned to see two guards holding me.
“Please just give me one chance to talk to him then i’ll leave” i said still crying.
“You made us loose our job and you’re asking for one chance” one of the guards said and they both carried me throwing me out of the gate.
I sat outside the gate crying hoping kyung seok would come out but he didn’t so i decided to go home.
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I got home, and saw mom sitting on the sofa in the sitting room.
Immediately mom saw me, she stood up and walked towards me.
“Did you cheat on kyung seok” mom asked holding me and i looked at her shocked.
She pointed to the T.V and i saw the news”korean’s sweetheart do kyung seok’s girlfriend was caught cheating on him”.
My legs felt weak, i could hardly stand.
“Mom i didn’t cheat on him,lee yul kissed me and before i could push him off kyung seok walked in”i explained crying allover again.
“I believe you so stop crying, if kyung seok’s come’s back i’ll talk to him” mom said helping me stand properly and accompanied me to my room.
Episode thirty
Alexa’s pov
I rang the doorbell infront of lee yul’s house and almost immediately the door opened.
“Hey” lee yul said as soon as he saw me.
“Morning” i greeted gleefully.
“So lets go straight to the point of why i came here” i said opening my bag bringing out the materials we both needed.
“We’ll make a potato battery” i said bringing out a potato.
“Since you’re not a science student, you’ll just down the processes while i’ll make it and you’ll watch” i explained while lee yul nodded taking a pen and a book.
Materials Required
You will need the following materials to make a potato battery. So collect them before proceeding further.
2 big potatoes, washed thoroughly to remove all traces of dirt 2. 3 good quality copper wires – approx. 20 cm long 3. 2 galvanized nails 4. 2 copper nails 5. 6 alligator clips 6. 1 wall clock or LED clock that uses 1 button or pencil type battery
Attach one alligator clip to each end of the copper wire. 2. Remove the battery of the clock. Make a note of the + and – poles of the battery. 3. Insert galvanized nail into each potato. 4. Again insert copper nail to the opposite side of each potato……..
“We’re all done” i annouced clapping my hands in excitement.
“You should stay alittle for a drink or something” lee yul said standing up.
“Dont bother about that” i replied standing up.
“Please i cant just let you go without taking anything” he pleaded.
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“Fine i’ll stay” i finally succumbed taking my seat.
Lee yul’s pov
I stood up and went into the kitchen to go get a drink for alexa when my phone started ringing.
I checked the caller and it was min ah, i wonder what this witch want i thought.
“What do you want” i asked sternly as soon as i picked the call.
“Hey you should’nt act stern with me besides i just called to know how you’re doing” min ah said.
“Just tell me what you want,we both know you dont call to know how i’m doing so stop playing nice” i said again.
“Well is alexa there with you” min ah asked making me wonder what her plan was.
“Nope she’s in the sitting room” i replied.
“Good, i want you to do some thing for me” she said and explained her evil plan as usual.
“I cant do that” i replied shocked at what she wants me to do.
“Dont even play that with me, i have your sex clip remember except you want it to be all over the internet” she said and feel her grinning.
“I’ll do it” i finally said ruffling my hair in confusion.
“Good boy, have a nice day” she said and hung up.
I feel like strangling that witch right now.
Alexa’s pov
I sat in the sitting room waiting for lee yul.
“What took you so long” i asked as soon as he showed up.
“I’m sorry i just had to do something important” he said and handed me a glass of juice which i took.
I took a long gulp from the juice.
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“Alexa i love you” lee yul said catching me unaware almost making me spit my drink in shock.
He held my chin and kissed me, before i could get myself the door opened revealing kyung seok making me push lee yul and standing up in shock.

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