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Two Months Marriage With A Beast – Episode 5

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(Got a lot to say )


After they were done , I had already lowered my head. The look of them making love in my presence is so disgusting.

The girl went straight to the bathroom to shower while the beast looks up to me and said; “Are you seeing that?”

I sighed and still lower my head.

“Look up to me poor girl. Are you learning your lessons? The styles of love making…”


“Yes” I replied even though I know I did not learn a thing from the disgusting act they are doing before me.


He walked away with the girl , I sat at the edge of the bed tiredly , my leg had being aching me and I needed to rest but I would not lay on the bedsheets that they had just done sh!-Ts on.




I was inside the kitchen cooking breakfast , the truth is , I myself knew that I had become so ugly. Sadness and every day fear had stolen my beauty away.

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I noticed someone came from behind me and I turned to see who it was. I exhaled on realizing that It’s James.




“You welcome sir ” I paused what I was doing and said.


“How are you this morning?” He asked and came to stood right beside me.


“Fine sir ”


“I do not think you are happy cause your face looks so sad.” He said.


“Thanks for the other time sir “I said trying to change the topic.


” I guess you really enjoyed your chocolate and strawberries ” He said and I smiled.

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He has no idea that the beast did not even allow me to eat half of it.



“A beautiful girl like you suffering in this manner….what a pathetic life ” He said and looked away.


“I guess it’s my fate and I’m glad it’s just two months ”


“What do you mean by just two months?” He asked.


“I meant that the marriage was just a contract and it will last for two months only” I said.


“Really? Never knew it was a contract…wao!” He said and thought for a while while I kept washing the dishes.


“What’s your plan after the two months?”


“Firstly, I will be glad that I had left this shell of horrible marriage , then go to live alone and think of where else to start my life ” I said.


“Humn! I can’t wait for the two months marriage to be over too” He said and I looked into his face wondering what he meant by that.


He nodded and tapped my shoulder.


“We are also spending just two months with our friends after which we will be returning to Australia , but it seems to me that after two months , we will have some deep talks” He said smiling and walked away.


What did he mean by deep talk?

Well, till then. I just pray that this two months will be over quickly.




The beast had ordered me to help arrange his clothes in the wardrobe cause It had just brought by the dry cleaner.


I was doing that when the door flings open , I need no one to tell me that it’s the beast but I was stunned when I found out that It’s John.


“Sir” I greeted


“How are you doing? You look so stressed. The beast is out, though and I overheard him commanding you before he left to help him arrange his clothes ”


“Yes ” I replied and continued arranging the clothes.


He sat on the bed and said ” James informed me that the marriage is just two months ,isn’t that incredible?”


“This marriage is so horrible. I wish that the two months is just two weeks sir ” I said.


“Humn! What the both of you share is not love in the first place. Right form the wedding day , I had observed it that something is wrong somewhere. Do you have someone you are willing to hook up to as soon as the contract with the beast is over?” He asked.


“No…no! I’ll be single afterwards and live a single life of peace for a while then I can now decide whom to give a chance ”


“Humn! Keep me at heart ” He said and came to stay very close to me.


“It’s not right to say some words to another man’s wife. Got a lot to say to you as soon as the two months is over ” He said and walked away.




Again? What are the words that James and John are actually nursing in their heart ,though?


Well, till then.

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