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The Clumsy Maid – Episode 3

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All my body was seriously paining me, I was resting on the bed when the door finally flinched open again.
“The boss is ready to see you.” Jan said and I stood. He escorted me to where his boss is and I could see him sitting on the sofa majestically.
“Ava , welcome to my empire. ” He said and I nodded slightly.
“Are you the one that order your boys to come and beat me ? Please man ,did you employ me to beat me or to serve as your maid?” I said and a slap landed on my check.
The slap made me staggered to the left ,it hurts so bad that the cheek was still warm even after many minutes that I had received the slap.
“Jan!” I heard his boss shout his name.
“Yes boss!” He answered subserviently.
“I never asked you to slap her.”
“I can’t stand and watch anyone insult you boss ” He said still lowering his head.
His boss looked away and exhaled. He looked to me and said ; “My name is Stone”
“Nice meeting you Stone.” I said to him and he arched his brow in surprise.
“Really? Do you realize I’m your boss here?” He asked me.
“Boss ,I told you she’s rude and…” Before Jan could complete his statement I spoke up.
“Calm down Jan , He’s your boss and now mine too ,he introduced himself and I welcomed him , what’s the big deal?” I said and Jan charged at me angrily with a blow but the boss shouted ; ” Stop ! Jan ….common!”
Jan hang his blow up on in the air, breathing heavily in anger.
He retired to his subservient position and Stone stood and walked to me
“You must be really rude from home! I’m your boss here ,learn to respect me ,alright?”
“I will try.”
“Good! Go clean the master room and the dinning” He said.
“Excuse me ! I have just arrive and I have not even have the time to rest and you expect me to start cleaning some dinning and whatever. Common Stone! I’ve got to rest” I said and walked out.

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