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The Baby Contract – Episode 24

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After walking for what seems like ages,Dimitri led the men to another warehouse,this one was a bit smaller than the rest they’ve seen so far,
“Welcome.” He said to the guys and stood in front of them,five other thugs came out of an adjoining room,they were all holding guns.Deville surveyed the place,it was like a machinery room,boxes and some small working tools were scattered almost everywhere,
Can’t believe this is where these bastard are holding my Anne captive, Deville thought,
“Where my fiancé?” Deville asked again,Dimitri smirk and came toward Deville,
“Do you really wanna see her?” Deville didn’t answer,
“He wants to see his mistress.” Dimitri said to the other thugs and they laughed at him mockingly, this irritated Deville. While the other guys stayed back,Deville moved forward and faced Dimitri,
“Bring them.” He said to his men, they ran inside and came back with three big carton boxes,they placed the boxes carefully in front of Deville,
“Herr’s your fiancée.” Deville having habored enough profanity at Dimitri, he opened the first box,there was a woman inside,he raised Ber head up,she wasn’t Anne,he sighed and left the box but didn’t close it,he opened this second but saw a little boy, the third was a little girl of about Pearl’s age,they were all unconscious.
Anne isn’t in any of this boxes,they must have hidden her somewhere else,but who are those people inside the boxes?He asked himself,
“Your mistress isn’t there?” Dimitri asked in a mocking tone,Deville opened the box containing the little boy,he lifted up the boys head and took a closer look,
“This is Fred’s son.” He mustered in near desperation,
This must be Fred’s family, these bastard took them too but why did they,what connection do they have with Fred? They questions that were popping his head was much but he found no reasonable answer to them,
“Your mistress isn’t here,she’s with…” His phone rang interrupting him,he motoined his men to keep and eye on Deville and his friend while he left to take the call,Deville went back to Archie and the others,
“Guys, Anne isn’t but Fred’s family are.” William gasped while the rest had a surprising expression,
“And we need to get them outta there.” He added,
“How can we save them and were can we find Anne?” Jake asked,after thinking for awhile,an idea struck Tim,
“We can……” Jake interrupted,
“No fighting please,we can do this another way but no fighting,haven’t recovered from the first yet.” He pointed to his wounded left arm.
“No one is talking about fighting,”Tim said quite angry that his ever rude brother cut him short,
” Anne might be somewhere around there,”He pointed to the adjoining room,where the thugs brought the boxes from,
“Anne should be in there,so why don’t we get inside there and rescue her.” He said,everyone was quite impressed at his plan,
“But how do we get in there?” William and Deville asked,Tim smiled,
“Archie,go try heat up a convo with èm boys while Deville and William get Fred’s family out,then I and Jake would get into the boxes in their stead.” He explained,everyone smiled,
“That’s a good one kiddo.” Archie said,patting Tim’s shoulder,
“In case you forgot,there are three boxes there and you just called out two people to go for your adventure journey.” Jake said mockingly,
“We can get something else in the third one okay.” Tim said angrily,
“No need to get pissed off bro,never mind my snippy attitude,I’m still proud of you.” Jake patted Tim’s shoulder with a smiling face,Tim was happy that for once his brother praised him for something.
“Okay,let’s vet going.” Archie stood up and headed to where the thugs where,unsure of what he was coming for,they pointed their guns at him,
“No,no,I’m not coming to fight you,I’m coming so we can discuss as friends do.” They looked at one another,trying to communicate, them foolishly let their guard down while Archie walked to their middle and started telling them all the lies he can fabricate at the time and they readily believed him.Deville and William got Tim and Jake into the boxes and took Fred’s family out for safety.
“What are you idiots doing?” Dimitri barked at them when he came back,
“I asked you to watch over them and you rednecks are busy chit chatting with them.” He slapped one of them,they straightened up while Archie went back to William and Deville,
Dimitri turned to Deville and his friends,
“I thought they were five men,how come I can see three men here?” His men couldn’t answer, so Deville came to their rescue,
“I knew so but was surprised immediately you left,I turned and didn’t see my bodyguards,you must have scared the hell outta them,so they fled.” Dimitri was pleased that his presence scared them, forgetting that even if they had ran away,they might call the cops on him,
What a fool,Deville thought.
“Take this boxes inside,our bosses would be here soon.” He ordered his men and they came and carried the boxes inside,though it was heavier than earlier but they foolishly didn’t take note of that,
“Sir,you have a great sense of humor and you could make a great leader I guess.” Archie coaxed Dimitri,
“You think so?” He asked,Deville nodded and Archie did too,
“I would love to work with you,at lease to learn from you.” Dimitri who was so excited at the praises given to him by Deville and Archie called them closer,
“You can come join us here.” Archie and Deville winked at each other and went up to Dimitri and his men.
Meanwhile,Tim and Jake checked almost all the boxes there but Anne wasn’t found,they were almost losing up when Tim decided to check the box at the far end off the room and there was Anne, unconscious in the box,
“This people must be so cruel keeping a human in a box,they are so crude and uncivilized.” Jake cussed as they carried Anne out of the box.Taking a closer look at her,one could see the reason why Deville couldn’t let go of her easily,she’s an angel in reality.
“How can we leave without been caught by those assholes?” Tim asked,the adjoining door was the only way out but taking it is leading themselves to Dimitri and his crazy men.After going through thing for awhile, an idea stuck Tim,
“Why don’t we take her through the window?” He pointed at the window with broken glass,Jake didn’t see that as a good idea,
“What if you get hurt?” Tim smiled,happy that’s his brother is watching out for him,
“We won’t get hurt,remember how we escaped from Mrs Collins garage that night?” Jake nodded,that has been his worse escape as a child.Himself and Tim had escaped their foster mother’s punishment by going through the broken window but didn’t get hurt,
“Okay,let’s do it.” He said and stood up,Jake left first while Tim pushed Anne to him,he pulled her through the window,
“Becareful bro,she’s carrying Deville’s child,he wouldn’t like it if she gets hurt.” Tim said to his brother,after pulling out Anne,Tim climbed over and they left with Tim carrying Anne,since Jake had a bad arm.
“So which way are we taking?” There were three part ahead of them and what they need now is the fastest way to get out of the place,
“This.” Jake pointed the middle part,
“Remember what Jane Austen said in her book?” Tim nodded,
“If you aren’t falling for left or right,go in between.” They said in unison and then laughed over it.They were almost in the middle part when they heard sound behind them,
“Hey! You!.” Tim and Jake took to their heels and ran as fast as they could with Anne,thank God for her little weight.
They cornered into a room and his there till their pursuers had past them,
“They’ve lost us.” Tim whispered to Jake in a belabored breath,
“Yeah, how do we tell Deville and the rest we got Anne already?” He asked,
“Leave that to me.” Someone said from behind them,they turned in shock and saw the man behind them, they mustn’t have noticed him when they ran in,
“Who are you?” Jake asked moving in front of Tim.

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