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He Bought Me – Episode 24

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Jessica ^
Three days later , I was angrily training at the backyard of the house. I won’t allow this girl to keep bullying me. I need to know how to fight the more.
“Welcome ” I heard a voice behind me and I turned. ; It’s Donald.
“Get dressed. We attending a function together ”
“Oh! Alright sir ” I said and took few step away then I turned again. ” Is Jennifer following us?”
“I didn’t inform her ” He said and I nodded.
I walked inside and began to dress , I hope he would not begin send me away because of the color of my dress?
No , he shouldn’t. He’s now beginning to converse with me. I’m happy that Jennifer isn’t invited to follow us cause I loathed that girl so much.
I walked to meet Donald outside and he peeked at me from head to toe.
“Decent ” He said and walked inside the car. One thing that baffles me about Donald is that even though he doesn’t smile , his face is still handsome.
We both sat inside the car and we saw Jennifer walking swiftly from the entrance of the house to the car we were.
“Donald, where are you going?”
“Out” He replied bluntly placing his two arms on the wheel of the steering.
“Huh? How can you go out and not let the personal agent assigned to you know. Aren’t you aware that if anything happens to you ,I’ll be held accountable ”
“Did I have my own freedom here? You do not expect me to be reporting my movement to you like I’m a kid ” Donald replied her and she bite her lips.
“Must you leave with this thing. ” She pointed her hand at me.
“I choose to ” Donald replied
“I’ll have to follow you Donald. I can’t allow anything happen to you. Give me a minute , let me get dressed ” She didn’t wait for Donald’s reply before she ran swiftly inside to dress.
Donald exhaled and shook his head. I know he’s frustrated.
“Let me help you drive , sir ” I suggested.
“Oh! That would be better ” He said and we both stepped down to exchange sits.
Just as I sat holding the wheel of the car , I saw Jennifer walking towards the car.
I smirked at her from the car , started it and made a U turn and drive away leaving her behind.

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