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He Bought Me – Episode 15

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(Must k!ss this l!ps)






I locked myself in the room angrily. Why is he just so wicked?


I sat on the bed and refused to go out to meet him. After a while , I heard a knock on my door but refused to open it


“Open this damn door!” I heard him screamed but I refused.


I stopped hearing sounds and after a while , I heard a sound of key opening the door , I know at once that he had got the master key of the house to open my room.


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I hurriedly lay on the floor and began to behave like someone convulsing.


The door flings open but my eyes were closed, my whole body were shivering. My tongue were stuck out like that of a dog.


I do not know what is expression was but I didn’t stop.


After a while , I noticed he had left the room , I stopped and adjusted my laying position. I looked to the door and I noticed he had left for something I have no idea of.


I hope it’s not to shoot me.




After few minutes , I perceived footsteps coming towards me again and hurriedly pretended again , as I got laid in a stretcher and carried out


That as when I knew that he had called the ambulance.


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Aw! I spoilt the party for him. Not my fault though. He will never stop complaining about my dress. I just had to do something to free myself.


The doctor were performing all series of text on me while I just smiled inside. They have no idea that nothing is actually wrong with me.


I maintained a closed eye , I need to pretend as much as I can.


After a while “hey! The doctor said that there is nothing wrong with you and that you are absolutely fit ” I heard Donald said and I finally opened my eye.


I didn’t say a word , instead , I just looked up to him like a kid looking into the face of her mother



“Anyways ,are you fit to still follow me to the party?”


“Yes sir , But I’m poor at choosing the right cloth colors ” I said.


‘I got someone to do that already , get up and let’s go home ” He said and he drove me home.




In Party!


The both of us walked hand in hand to the party just like others. Eyes were not on us but I felt that way.


I hope he would not embarrass me here as usual.


I can not stop wondering why he suddenly behaved cool after being informed by the doctor that nothing is actually wrong with me


I do not know his plan ,though.


The music suddenly stopped and the coordinator said ” ladies and gentlemen ,you do not have to be surprise at the sudden music break. We want to play a game and trust me , it will be fun”


The audiences cheered and gave him go ahead.


“Okay great. I need three ladies to come out ” He said and every lady was just nervous to come out.


What could he be calling ladies out for , though?


I left Donald’s presence swiftly and before he could call me back , I had already got to the front.


As soon as other ladies saw that I stepped out, they began to troop out but the coordinator chose I and two other ladies.


He made us stand horizontally before everyone , my eyes darted to that of Donald and he just shot me a killing smirk.


I ignored , Let me have fun here first , Donald and I will settle stuffs when we get home , I can only hope he won’t shoot me.


“We have come to realize that many people are so shy even in public. We are not trying to be irresponsible but the game is simple. These three ladies here should step down and come up with a man , It might be any man , though.

Once any of this lady come to you , please just follow them up without arguing. Remember it’s a game” The coordinator said and gestured for us to step down the podium and select the men we wished.


I do not waste any time to go and pick Donald. I could see the look of anger on his face but he couldn’t speak or do anything because it’s public.


He just had to follow me up the podium like a perfect gentle man that he is not.


“Now that the three ladies are here with the men they had selected. The game is this. Each of you will k!ss your partner , whomever can last three minutes without unlocking their lips is the winner ” The coordinator said.


Huh? Kiss! Kiss! Like…I will kiss Donald.


I could see anger flying all over Donald. I know he felt like shooting me right away but he wouldn’t do anything silly in public anyways.


I just kept smiling at me like I wasn’t affected by his anger.




“Time start now , kiss ” The coordinator said and I walked close to Donald while he just maintained an angry but cute face.


Who cares if he’s angry or not. I must k!ss this lips this night.

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