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Doctor's Romance – Episode 4

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Next day,at the hospital????????
???? Lucas POV????
I was in my office when my secretary came in. She wore an office cloth,black skirt,just below her knees,and a white long sleeve T-shirt. And a black sandals. She was looking pretty,I was still lost in thoughts when she Said, “sir,these are the death certificate of our late patient last week” she said. “Thank you,..we shouldn’t be having death certificate like this,we lost a lot last week,about 10 of them,I hope our new employees will be able to save lives.. I hope carol will do a great job” I said. “Oh sir,she will. In fact,she is a graduate” she said. “Really”i asked. “Are u kidding me?she is my bestie, i know her more than anybody” she blabbed as an idea popped in my head. “Thats good,I have a proposal to ask of you”I asked,as she sat down,really serious. “What’s that sir” she asked me. “Well,am really not comfortable with the sir u are calling me,I prefer Lucas”I said not comfortable with the sir she was calling me. “OK Lucas,what’s the proposal” she asked. “Well,my friend,the CEO of this hospital has been a sadist for like 6 years now,and I need a lady to make him happy,and I found your friend Caroline,she is a perfect match,” I said and she chuckled,I loved the way she smiled. “So you mean you mean I should convince her?I can’t do that,its her choice”she answered. “No ,I mean help me to bring them together”I said and she nodded her head understandably “OK,I get it. I will do just that”she said and stood up to leave. “Alice,I love your dressing,I hope its always like that” I said and I could see her blush…emotional,well readers,I think you know that I have a crush on Alice bow…
????. Caroline’s POV????
I was coming out of a labor room,when I saw Alice scanning her cloth smiling…???????? “Alice,what’s up with you? You are spying on the cloth like an illiet”I said. She just continued smiling. “At least someone noticed my carol”she said confusing me. “What do u mean…hmm something is fishy”I said pointing my finger at her. “What ever,please tell sir Michael that Lucas calls for him,that its urgent”she said. “OK,but why send me?do I look like a messenger?”I asked. “Not if you want to know why am smiling”she said and I had no choice. Am going to see him face to face. I left her there and headed to his office. On getting there,I knocked but no response so I just walked in. I don’t know why but I think he was shocked to see me,and wait,am I dreaming when I saw tears in his ???? eyes?oh brother! what have I done to make my boss shocked to ???? tears? “What do you want?”he asked me. “Sir Lucas calls for you. That its urgent”I said already vibrating. He stood up immedietly,I think I felt goose bumps when he came close to me,so I fell. I was expecting to fall on the floor so it could swallow me,but no! Cutie caught me on time,and for once I saw him smile. “Am sorry”he said and I wondered why he was apologizing,I should be the one doing that,I felt so scattered,so I just left. I can’t stand my crush. He is too cute.
???????? Micheals POV ????????
Someone knocked at the door,I didn’t have the time to answer just then she walked in,I was shocked!really shocked to see her again,those eyes that where always full of joy was now full of shame and regret,she’s back,carol is back,I can’t believe I could see her again,this might be my second chance to ask for forgiveness,I didn’t recognize when tears formed up in my eyes,its like she didn’t recognize me,why would she,when her favorite Michael has turned to a sadist. She is always clumsy,she almost fell at the doorway when I caught her,she looked just beautiful like before. I couldn’t help but smile. Even when I told her am sorry,she didn’t understand. She just left as I walked to Lucas office. “Lucas you called for me?”I asked. “Yeah,you will have to see the girl am telling you about”he said. I don’t have time for some lady,I’ve found who I want,let me see the bullshit anyway, “where is she?”I asked less concerned,as I watched him make a call. “She will be here in a minute. After few seconds,a knock was heared, “come in”Lucas said as I looked at the door. Oh jeez what a crazy friend. The girl is Caroline atferall, Lucas will never seize to amaze me!OK, am in for this game. “Carol I want to invite you for dinner tonight can you make it?”Lucas asked her. “Let me check my schedule first”she said. I knew her to be an outing type,”pls…”Lucas begged pouting his lips actually annoying me. “OK,I’ll come with Alice”she said and I stood up and left. I have heared what I wanted,plus I was already sick of thier conversation.
???? Lucas’s pov ????
Everything is working right,Alice is doing a good a good job,I’ll come with Michael,just then Michael called..
Me: hello friend
Michael:is carol the lady you were talking about?
Michael:I know her. You really have good brains
Me:(laughs) Don’t make me laugh.go straight Michael.
Michael:well,she is the girl I said I rapped at Calli
Me:(surprised) you can’t be serious
Michael : I am. Thanks,this might be my second chance to ask for forgiveness Lucas,thanks a lot,can I follow you to tonight’s dinner?
Me:of course,that’s my plan
Michael:OK,one more thing,mind how you talk with her,she isn’t your girlfriend
Me:oh,Michael,stop making me laugh,bye””I said and hung up. The day was finally over so we went home and prepared for the dinner…

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