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Doctor’s Romance – Episode 2

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Michael’s pov continued????

” u can’t take care of your skin, so leave.. U can’t save a life” I said showing him the door… My workers say am cold hearted, well, there is surely a reason for that. This young man brought me outta my thoughts. He snapped ” sir, u think u r the president, to just destroy someone’s future, u are despicable dude. Don’t think so highly of yourself, my son is better than you!!” I just called the security, cos I’ve got no time for bullshit, “next person pls” I heared my secretary say.the next one was a lady, she came in and I almost fell down, with the kind of frown she put on,she frowned too much. Can a patient even stand her, the mare sight of her will drive the person away.”will u at least smile??” I tired being calm..”I don’t like smiling” she said. Now I was really shocked. She has a man voice, this one is a vampire. “Pls,u can leave, u are disqualified. Ur face and voice alone can kill Goliath, pls go” I said and she just rigidly turn and left. “Next person” my secretary called. Am already sick of this. The next girl came in crying.she was sobbing “plss don’t sack me, I really need the money pls Sir” she said admist tears. Jeez.. She is so emotional.”is that ur application??” I asked..”u are disqualified, u can’t control ur feeling for blood.. U are so emotional… Leave” I said and she stormed out of my office wailing. I was already feeling sick of this.” Sec,direct the remaining applicants to Lucas” I said ” yes sir” he said and left. I walked outta my office heading home, as I was walking I kwaked a lady “sorry, my bad” she said. Her voice sounds familiar, like Caroline’s voice. Oh no,what am I thinking, I walked to my car and drove home crying as I remembered an incident that took place years back..




???? Caroline’s pov????

I arrived at the hospital to apply for a hob,I was the sixth person so I had to wait.. I watched as the first second and third were thrown out and I wondered about my fate.. Just then, the secretary came and said we shld move to the PA’S office. The same thing happened. Forth and fifth were thrown out.. It was finally my turn.. I walked slowly towards the office while the sec calmed me down.. He was a kind person after all, not like the CEO, who they say is coldhearted, I was still thinking when someone kwaked me, it wasn’t my fault but I just said sorry.. He just left instead of replying. He was so hot and cute. Its like he is the boss,but his face looks like Michael.. What am I thinking..” Mrs madasigane” sir Lucas called and I rushed inside…

???? Lucas pov????

Ever since Michael.. Came back from the Philippines, av been looking for a girl that could make him happy,cos the Michael I know isn’t a sadist.. He use to be a jovial person.. I really miss the old Michael…. After that incident… He just became a sadist… Just then, mrs madasigane came in and damm!! She was the perfect Lady for Michael… She was very pretty, good physic, nice shape and fair in complextion. She wore an office cloth.. She was perfect..”Good afternoon, am Caroline madasigane, I graduated from Manila university high, with four years experience as a surgeon, I think am qualified for the job” she said and damm!! Her voice was sweet.” Ur age pls” I asked. “Twenty five sir” she said.. Ok this is perfect…25 to 27 matches well.” Ok,make sure u save lives. That’s wat we r hear ur co workers, and they will show u your office, if u need anything tell me, an drop ur account no.with my sec, for ur payment” I said as she looked at me perplexed..” Sir,do u mean..” She asked incomplete,” you are hired” I said and her eyes widened..” Thanks sir,u won’t regret this” she said..”welcome to the hospital..” I said and she smiled.. Stood up and shook hand…




???????? Caroline’s pov????????

I ran to Alice who was mrs Lucas secretary and jumped..” Yeey!!! God loves me Alice.. I can’t believe this” I said..” Hmmmm really” she asked smiling.. I was still talking when nurses carried a patient who was unconscious on a stretcher with the family members crying besides him…. I quickly took my gloves and my sysoscope and wore my white jacket and rushed out since I was the only doctor available..” U know my account no. Right?? Pls send it the finacial department” I said and rushed out..” Good luck” o heard her say from behind….

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The patient had a gun shoot that pierced through his ribs almost at the heart. Thank God he was brought in early, his liver was also affected by another bullet. This is terrible..”we have to operate surgery on the patient and pray he survives” I told his mom,as nurses carried the patient to the operation room…..

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