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Angel Do Wipe – Episode 22

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{ finally in shit }


I was directly on her and my head directly

opposite her and a little bit from hers.

I felt her breathing increased and mine .

I wanted to get up but I didn’t know the

invisible force holding me down on her.

I couldn’t overpower the force as felt my

head moving closer to hers and she was

also raising hers towards mine.

Before i could think clear and avoid the situation, our lips were already locked and we started kissing, she was kissing me as if her life depends on it, i flipped her over and she was on top of me, i drew her tighter to me by putting my hand on her waist, after some minutes i felt my pens stiffening, first time such would happen but i didn’t care, as i continued kissing her.

Some part of me were telling me to stop it but another part was urging me to continue, i sided with the urging side and continued.

After some minutes we finally disengaged the kiss and Tabitha was breathing like she just run 800m race up a hill.

She looked into my eye with her innocent looking face, i knew that was her first, i was kind of angry that it wasn’t my own first, Peace was the first person to break the seal.

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” i love you so much Ben, I’ve been doing so since the day you saved me from my kidnappers ” she said surprising me and the first question that came to my mind was ” why did you now accuse me of kidnapping you ”

” the reason i accused you then was because i felt betrayed, you’re the first guy I’ve Ever love and it was love at first sight, the feeling was very strong and i felt like I’ve loving you from a very long period of time, but when you started talking about my family ,things you’re not supposed to know, i thought you’re among them , i hated myself for loving you and wanted to get away from you,a but you chased me scaring me more not knowing you’re trying to save me. Especially from the trap, i saw it when we came back that night.

Since then I’ve been blaming myself for my actions towards you, can you imagine how happy i was when dad informed us that you’ll be staying with us that i even dreamt about ” she suddenly stopped when she was aware of what she was about to say and smile at me,

throughout her story , i didn’t interrupt her , i only listened with keen interest and she was still on top of me but i couldn’t feel her weight.

Her facial expression suddenly changed and she looked into my eyeballs

” do you love me “? she asked with a serious tone catching me off guard.

My memory suddenly went blank and i fear for the answer i should give her.

Then i heard myself whispered ” i do ” to her surprising myself.

I didn’t know how the sentence managed to escape my lip but something was certain, that statement made tabitha very happy as she smiled and lowered her head against mine and we started kissing again.

The events that occurred between Tabitha and I just kept on replaying in my head as we sat inside the car on our way home.

She didn’t mind spending all the day kissing me inside cloth testing room.

I was the one who stopped her and packed all the cloth I tested and have Tabitha’s approval dropping the cloth that caused the scene. I also got some fancy slippers and shoes before we head out of the place.

Tabitha paid the cashier with her credit card, the cashier couldn’t take her gaze off me, she was looking at me with a seductive eye and I could tell that Tabitha noticed it because of her sudden change of mood towards the cashier.

As we were about to get out, a girl ran to me and introduced herself to me without me asking her.

She told me she would like us to be friend but Tabitha turned her down rudely and dragged me by my hand to the car.

I was a little bit angry with her because of what she did and refused to speak to her on the way home.

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After some minutes of silence inside the car, she pressed a button attached to the roof of the car and a black shield suddenly blocked the driver’s side from we sitting at the back.

” are you angry with me ” she asked me looking pitiful.

” no ” I sternly replied her

” yes, you are, but am sorry, I just got a bit jealous, you’re every lady’s first choice and I couldn’t bear seeing another lady trying to flirt with you ” she said with a sober voice

” it’s okay ” I replied her looking at her and smiled.

” thank you ” she said and tried to bring her lip closer to mine but I stopped her.


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” why ” she asked looking surprised

” what if he tells your dad ” I said pointing to the driver seat.

” you mean Aliyu ” she asked smiling and I replied ” yes ” looking worried.

” don’t worry yourself about him, he can’t hear or see anything ” she said jumping on me and started kissing me furiously.

She was kissing and massaging my body with her hand.

Her hands were mostly wondering on my chest and I was disappointed with myself because I enjoyed every bit of it.

After some minutes of intense kissing, I started getting a pricking feeling from my back, a feeling I always get only when my wings are coming out.

I wanted to stop Tabitha at once but Aliyu helped me stopped her when pressed the horn signifying that we’ve gotten home.

She disengaged the kiss and sat down adjusting her cloth and I adjusted mine too.

Dandy opened the gate and we entered.

She assisted me in getting some of my loads in while I carried the remaining.

When we entered, I saw Gabriel and Nina in the sitting room laughing to their fill.

They stopped laughing and stood up when they noticed the presence of Tabitha and I.

” and that’s Ben I told you about ” she said to Gabriel who was looking at me with his mouth widely opened.

Surprise was thickly written over his face, Nina had to hit him slightly before he got hold of himself.

” and Ben meet Gabriel our best male friend ” she said to me and I waved my hand to him.

” wad up Tabitha ” she greeted Tabitha and she answered him casually.

” we will be back soon ” Tabitha said dragging me to my room

” are you sure he is human ” I heard Gabriel asked Nina and I smiled.

I was surprised that they’ve quickly settled the incident that occurred the last time.

When we got to the entrance of my room I asked her to give me the packs of clothes in her hand but she refused and insisted on taking it inside herself ,after much persuasion and she wasn’t yielding, I opened the door and allowed her in.

She closed the locked as soon as we entered,drop what was in her hand and jumped on me kissing me intensely.

We fell on my bed and continued the kissing, she clenched tight onto me and was kind of vibrating a little as we kissed.

My hands were only on her waist, nothing else.

She suddenly stopped kissing me and started unbuttoning my shirt, I quickly stopped her at once.

” I think we should go and meet Nina and Gabriel downstairs they must have been wondering what took us long ” I said standing up and the look of disappointment overshadowed her face.

When we got downstairs, I met Gabriel singing a song and Nina was listening smiling.

” do you noticed that Gabriel’s voice is almost like a toad own ” Nina said to Tabitha and we all bursted into laugh.

” I don’t think so ” Tabitha said siding with Gabriel and Gabriel appreciated her mockingly for it.

” what of you Ben, can you sing better than this toad voice boy ” Nina asked pointing to Gabriel who exclaimed the word ” me ” in a boastful tone and I replied yes.

” okay , prove it ” Nina said and Tabitha backed her up.

” which song do you want me to sing ” I asked with pride.

The two girls joined their heads together and whispered some things.

” sing TELL ME YOU LOVE ME by DEMI LOVATO ” Nina said smiling.

” I haven’t heard it before but if you have it on your phone, play it for me once and I promise to sing it ” I said with tingling of pride in my tone.

The look on their face could be best described as that of disbelieve but Nina took her phone, played the song and gave it to while I listened to it with keen attention,memorising every words of it and the tune being played to it.

When I finished listening to it, I gave Nina her phone back she asked me if I was okay just listening to it once and I replied her yes.

I asked if they have any musical instrument, I knew they have keyboard, violin and guitar, the girls pestered their dad to buy it for them insisting that they wished to learn it but after a week of practice they abandoned it and stopped practicing.

Nina, Tabitha and Gabriel brought out the three Musial instruments and asked me to chose the one I wished to use.

I picked the keyboard and connected it plugged it into one of the socket there.

I stood it and sat on a stool comfortably in front of it.

I clearled my throat then started singing the song

” o no hear we go again, fighting over what I said, I’m sorry, I’m sorry….”

I started singing playing the tune I heard being sang to the song to it, even more better.

I closed my eye as I sang it.

” everything I need, is standing right in front of me, I know that we will be alright ” the last lines of the song escaped my lips and I heard clapping from different angles, I opened my eye and was surprised to see Yemi and Ranking also clapping, I didn’t know they were at home even Mona Lisa was clapping and the three friends, only that Nina and Tabitha’s clapping was accompanied with tears on their face, you know women always tend to get emotional in every thing.

” I can’t believe I just heard the most sweetest voice on earth, it’s just so wonderful ” Ranking remarked almost losing words to

” and you’re very good with that ” he added pointing to the keyboard.

Everyone of them took turns to accolade me on my performance except Tabitha who was staring at me like a mute.

They made me listen to different songs and I sang it all to them,

Some of the songs I sand are

{ perfect and shape of you by Ed sheeran, mirror by Bruno mars and lil Wayne, river by eminem and Ed sheeran, mutual, stitches and mercy by Shawn mendes, pillowtalk by zayn , if I was your man by the vamps, sofa and 4days by kiss Daniel, I’m yours by Alessia Cara. Bodak yellow by cardi b, Havana by Camila cabello and young thug, hate sleeping alone by Drake and many more }.

If it wasn’t for the calling of the dinner bell, I would have sang to the other day.

They didn’t wish for me to stop singing, they it was very cool with the way I was singing and my voice than the real owner of the songs.

Gabriel ate dinner with us before he later went home.

Tabitha and Nina through out supper were blaming me that I made them skip lunch and eat dinner late.

After dinner, Gabriel left for his house while Tabitha, Nina and I retired to our room.

I asked for forgiveness for all my sins again and slept off.

I woke up when I heard my door creaked gently signifying that someone was sneaking in.

” who’s that ” I asked almost in a whisper

” shush, I’m the one ” the person whose voice I recognized to be that of Tabitha said coming close to me.

” why are you here ” I asked switching the light in my room on.

” I’m having trouble sleeping and I think that will be helped if I sleep with you ” she said joining me on bed.

” no you can do that, what if your dad catch you here ” I said looking serious.

” he won’t ” she said feigning to be asleep.

After trying to reason with her and she wasn’t yielding, I gave up and slept with my heart in my mouth.

” it would even be easy for me to protect her that way ” I assured myself as I slept off.

When she saw that I have given up on sending her out and slept off she cuddled up with me and we slept like that.

When I woke up in the morning, she wasn’t on bed with me again, I stood up and saw her leaning against a wall looking at me terrified,I couldn’t decipher why but her gaze was directly on my back.

I looked at my back and I saw my wings Protruding from it.

” I can explain ” I said with fear as the reality dawn on me.

” you really have a lot to explain ” she replied me looking at me with a terror filled eye , just then we heard a knock on the door.

To be continue…

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