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All For Love♥ – Episode 7

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rose got to the venue to meet Edward but instead, she was surprise to see Dandy waiting for her.


– Dandy: hello Rose. Rose: what are you doing here?


Dandy: take it easy, i just came to see you


Rose: see me for what? Don’t you know my house?


Dandy: i just want to see you here. Aren’t you happy to see me?


– As she did tried to answer him, Edward arrived and said to her


– Edward: hello Rose, i am sorry i kept you waiting


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. Rose: its fine . I just got here right now.


– Then she gave him a hug. Dandy was green with jealousy seeing them both in a hug together. he decided to interrupt them


– Dandy: em, em, Rose, i have some thing for you to show you that our love have a future.


Edward: :/surprised) ehm, what is this guy talking about rose?


Rose: i don’t know! Dandy: oh Rose come on tell him the truth and stop fooling your self. Rose: (angrily) will you stop already! – Then dandy stood up with the flower on his hand and walk over to her saying:


-: Dandy: i just wana give this to you . hope you like it. – he hands it over to her. Edward was so irritated with what he was seeing. So to cut his romantic confession , he barked at Rose


– Edward: rose we are running out of time. Lets talk over there.


– He said pointing to a couple of empty seats at his left hand side.


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– Rose: okay.


– Then she tried to move ahead with Edward then dandy cut in


– dandy: rose can’t you tell this guy that we are lovers already so he will stop fooling around with you.


Rose :(shouting ) no way! We are not and can never be lover for Christ sake.


– Then she followed Edward


. As soon as they sat down Edward said looking upset


– Edward: you did not tell me that you have a date with some one else. I shouldn’t had bothered to come.


Rose: i did not have a date with him honestly, i don’t know what he is doing here.


Edward: you think it is easy for me to believe you?. Look he bought you flowers which is still on your arm and prophesying that your relationship with him has a future. Rose: (pleading) please believe me.


Edward: i just want to tell you that i will be travelling next week for a music show


– Then he stood up angrily to go. She noticed that he was very upset, so she held him back begging him.


– Rose: please believe me, i did not plan any of these.


Edward: i said i believe you. I have to go now because it is running late. Then he left. Rose could not hold her anger, she went over to dandy who was enjoying the show and gave him an ugly slap. She threw the flower he gave her at him and then said angrily.


– Rose: you bastard! You are the reason why the only man i love is angry with me. Starting from today, i don’t want to see you ever in my life again.


– Then she walked away from him, and entered her car and left. Main while Edward couldn’t sleep because of what he saw and heard earlier. He could not believe that his beloved girl friend could keep a boy who buys her flower after all the love she confesses to him.


. ”any way, that’s her own business, if she don’t love me again fine!” he managed to say encouraging him self. Early in the morning as he was dressing Togo to his shop, he heard the zooming of a car entering their compound. He thought it was Thomas so he quickly dressed up and began to rush out to welcome him but on getting out with speed, he managed to apply an automatic brake to his fast running legs immediately he saw it was rose.


– Edward: idid not know you are coming. He managed to say after staring confusedly at her.


Rose: i am sorry i did not inform you. But thank God i met you just on time. I know you must be dressing for work.


Edward: okay, what exactly brought you here so early this morning?


Rose: Edy, are you still mad at me because of last night. I am honest, i did not plan any of that, please believe me.


Edward: i thought i told you that i believe you, yesterday.


Rose: i know you must be very mad at me. I accept it that I’m the cause. I allowed him into my life because i needed his help back in school. Please forgive me. –




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