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All For Love♥ – Episode 6

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I still on what dandy has just said, she exclaimed


– Rose: no way! i am not available. Dandy: but why?


Rose: (shouting) i said no more question!!! Dandy; alright i insist. I am already at the sitting room with your dad so startdressing.


– She then drop the call looking very surprise running down stairs to the sitting room to know if he is joking or not. But to more of her surprise, it wasn’t a joke


. He is there already sitting right opposite to her dad.


– Mr. Titus: come on rose, dress up. He took permission that he wants to take you out.


– With out a waste of time, she went back to her room looking passionately upset and confused at the same time because he had already told Edward that she is coming.


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At last she took her phone and texted Edward that she won’t make it,she did not have any better reason to give that is why she just texted instead of calling.


Then she dressed up and went out side to dandy’s car as dandy joined her.




back at Edwards house, he had already informed his beloved mother that an important friend is coming to visit them the very day.


They cleaned the whole house and compound and with the help of his mother, they prepared a very delicious meal for her her.


But abruptly he was more than disappointed when he got her text message that she won’t make it that day.


He was instantly filled with anger but it all disappeared when he heard a car zooming into the compound.


Then he thought that Rose was just kidding him.


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He was very, very happy that at least she made it thinking it was her , he rushed out of the house to meet a pleasant surprise.


He saw Thomas walking toward the door instead of rose who he was expecting. He could not hide his joy immediately he saw him, he exclaimed.


Edward: Thomas! Is this you ! Thomas: yes oooo! Long time , no see – then he got down from the car and immediately, they gave themselves a warm hug.


Still in the hug, he asked


– Thomas: so how are you Edy?


– Then they let go of each other.


– Edward: fine


. Just look at you, i have no reason to ask ‘how are you’ because you are doing just great with undoubtedly. So come in, you are highly welcomed.


. So they went inside as Helen welcome him too. He was indeed welcomed properly with all the preparation made for rose. Now Edward could see the reason why they say ”every disappointment is blessing” . After every thing, Thomas picked a discussion with Edward.


– Thomas: Edy i came here because of two reasons only.


Edward: what reason is that? Tell me because i am all ears


Thomas: okay but promise to be all mouth when i finish ooo! (he joked)


Edward: hahaha! You are funny go on.


Thomas: i just came to see how you are. And another because of the show i have next month in a city not far from here. So i want us to go together and be the EXPLOITS we always use to be. I have a dream of singing but not alone but with a talented person like you.


Edward: okay but i can’t go looking like this


Thomas: don’t worry about the expenses, i will see to that. And perhaps, our money here is N1,000,000 Edward: what!!! I am in.


Thomas: i will be here on Monday so we can travel together for practise so prepare.


– Then he gave him a departing hug and left. And next Edward called rose and requested that she should meet him up at cool restaurant. And She did agreed not knowing that Dandy was listening to their phone conversation. He decide to be there as well that evening.



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