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All For Love♥ – Episode 4

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Rose: of course not! He is just a friend. But don’t worry, you are the only one i will always love. I was even thinking of visiting you today.” – now Edward could see the truth in her eyes he then apologised to her.


– Edward: i am very sorry for suspecting you.


Rose: its nothing.


– Then they gave themselves another warm embrace.


After they had pulled out of the Hug,


Edward said:


– Edward: to me every minute that passes by is unqualified when you are not with me. Rose: you are kidding me


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. Aren’t you Edward: no nah, trust me, i only acted like that because i felt betrayed. To prove that i love you. I taught i was loosing you then


Rose: and now .


Edward: i am on top of the world!!! – Then they began to laugh together.


– Rose: you are funny. What about your career, are you still pursuing it or have you given up?


Edward: eh ehm, the truth is that i have been saving money to go to high institution. When it is enough, i will then go and witness university life my self but then you are going to tell me every thing that goes on there. Rose: you are absolutely right.


But i was talking about your music profession.


Edward: okaaaaaay! We have a lot to talk about so can we meet up this evening around


Rose: sure, where?


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Edward: at cool restaurant.


Rose:okay i will be just there.


Good bye. – they said good bye with a departing hug before Edward left.


. rose stood smiling and waving at him as he disappears.


Soon Rose got dressed up for the date she had with Edward as she tries to leave the house, Dandy came in and on seeing her leaving the compound, he stopped her and requested of where she was going but she gave him an ill responding telling him that she is meeting up with some one then she drove off.


Dandy decided to get her followed since he did not know who she was meeting up with.


So he did exactly just that unknown to her following her car around till she got to the venue.


Edward was more than enough happy to see her when she approached.


Edward: welcome, I’m really happy that you made it.


Rose: how long had you been waiting?


Edward: not long shaa – then they placed their order as she sat right opposite to him.


Main while, dandy arrived and on getting out of the car, he saw them seated together.


He was extremely filled with jealousy as he stood leaning against his car staring at them both with passion of anger.


He felt like going up there and make a scene but at the same time felt it was a bad idea because rose with hate him for that.


so at last he ignored them for the main time.


He re-entered his car and left.


As soon as the both lovers had gotten their order, they began a discussion Jovially


– Edward.: you were asking about my music career right?


Rose; yea. You use to make me happy with your songs back then in secondary school. How far had you gone with it?.


Edward: i am singing and banking it in my note just as i am waiting for an opportunity to enter the music industry


Rose: i wish you would be successful


Edward: amen – soon silent crept in as they ate their meal. The only audible sound between them was made by there spoon. Soon Rose broke the silent


– Rose: when will you be coming to meet my dad?


Edward: when you are ready.


Rose: i am always ready, can you make it tomorrow?


Edward: sure,.


– The next day, Edward wore the most exorbitant cloth he had, the best shoe and wrist watch.


He also applied perfume on his body so that he can smell refreshing.


Over viewed him self at the mirror to make sure that he appeared very good and attractive, when he was through, he got into a bike giving him a direction where to stop him and when finally he got to the gate, another tension held him but at last he summoned courage and knoke at the gate.


Immediately , the gate man banged out and opend the gate to see him posing like a guy man.


– Gateman: Mr.Man ,who you de look for?


Edward: i came to see Rose. Gateman: o Kay make i call am.


– Then he locked up the gate again. Few minutes later, the gate got opened and this time it was rose who opened it. She gave him a hug as soon as she saw him. – Rose: you are welcomed to our house . Come in.


– She finally said after the hug.hi ishmeal on+233544142683 to be added to his group to enjoy more stories from the page.

Then she took him by arm heading to the sitting room.


Their at the sitting room, Mr. titus (rose dad) was busy reading news paper but on hearing foot steps approaching the sitting room, he suspended what he was doing and kept staring at the door.

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