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All For Love♥ – Episode 32

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Edward: her name is Helen. She is late now.


. (He said in a slumber voice.)


– Armand noticed it and knew it won’t be a nice idea for him to talk about his mother at that very moment so he quickly cut off the discussion by changing the topic.


– Armand: when did you say is your daughters birth day? (He directed to Johnson)


Johnson: next month.


Grace: she is gradually becoming a big girl. Why didn’t you bring her along?


Johnson: she went to pay a visit to one of her friends.


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Armand: i hope we are invited to her birth day party?


Johnson: why not? Anita: em uncle, edy is really good in singing he might as well sing on her birth day.


Johnson: looking at Edward) wow you can really sing?


Edward: yes sir


. Johnson: we need to talk about this thing you are wearing maybe tomorrow evening. I have one exactly like it. It is very precious.


Edward: what are you talking about? My mother told me that my dad had one ex……


Johnson: cutting in) i will pick you up and we gotta talk about it tomorrow so be ready.


Edward: okay sir. Anita: why all these rubbish discussion about a necklace- –


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Johnson: you would not understand


. Lets just leave it tomorrow.


– Soon he went back home and other members of the family retired to their different rooms.


Edward just layed on the bed thinking and pondering over what


Mr. Johnson said beat by beat.


Why is this man interested in my late fathers diamond, how come he have one?


Did he know him?


All these questions ran down his mind with out an answer.


Soon he fell asleep not knowing when and how and waked up in the morning to see Anita sleeping beside him on his bed.


He was obviously surprise to see her there.


‘Is there evil spirit in her own room?’


He asked him self in his mind.


Then he quick got off the bed heading toward the door when her voice stopped him.


_ Anita: good morning edy(she sang) edward’s: good morning you are already awake.


_ Edward kept staring at her for a moment.


He was pondering why she would sneak into his bed to sleep. If any member of her family comes in and saw them sleeping together on the say bed, they would incontestably think other wise.


– Anita; i know you are definitely wondering what i am doing here (she stated as if she had read her mind)


Edward: absolutely


– he replied and she stood and walked toward him.


– Anita: i was so bored in there and i couldn’t catch some sleep that’s why i came into your room.


Fortunately , you were sound sound asleep so i slept beside you.


– for a moment, he meditated on what she said as he glared into her eyes.


He actually saw the truth in her eyes. Or let me say something that that could be classified more than attraction.


There is a chemical reaction in his body and could not understand what that meant.


Could it be he is falling for her?


– Anita: you are not talking : are you angry at me?


Edward: no i am not, its just that some one might have the wrong interpretation seeing us on the same bed


Anita: did we do any thing wrong?


Edward.: No. I guess you slept well


– he said as he reached her cheek with his hand and started caressing it.


– Anita: yea, i definitely slept off the moment i placed my head on the bed


– she replied before hugging him




In the afternoon, Thomas came into his room and they began to talk.


Thomas: hey man what’s up


Edward: just nothing.


Thomas: best i have a surprise for you


Edward: what is it?


Thomas: it is a secret till you get to the sitting room.


Edward: what secret is it?


Thomas: oh come on, lets go


– then they stood and walked together to the sitting room to meet a surprise as Thomas has explained it.

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