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All For Love♥ – Episode 3

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Rose: okay then but i won’t be very late.


She agreed and then they walked their way home.


Around Dandy came and picked her up with his car to a restaurant and there, they get to talk.


– Rose: so why did you bring me here?


Dandy: i just want to ask you a favour. Rose; what favour is that?


Dandy: really, i want us to be friends


. Can you be my girl friend?


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Rose: but we are friends already.


Dandy: no not that kind of friend. I am talking about girl friend.


Rose: I’m sorry ,i can’t, try another girl because my heart belong to some one else.


Dandy: i know who, i know its Edward. But remember, i tried you before him back then in secondary school but you refused me.


Rose: that’s because i don’t want to have you as a boy friend!


Dandy: look rose, that boy is so poor, i think he is not meant for a rich smart girl like you. The fact that he can sing doesn’t make him perfect.


Rose:angrily) like wise you. The fact that you are rich doesn’t make you perfect.


. And perhaps, how dear you dictate whats good and what not good for me? – She then stood up and got ready to leave but before she left, dandy said to her


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– dandy: look rose call it any thing but one certain thing is that I’m not ready to give up on you


. (Then she left). – Like he had said , he did not give up, he kept on pestering on her for her to agree. despite all the fancy necklaces and flower he purchases for her, she still can’t find a reason to accept him. But when finally, he helped her convince a lecturer who wanted to give her a carry over, she accepted his friendship. Their friendship grew to the extent that they goes to parties together and has wonderful time each time they goes out on a date.




soon they graduated and after their NYSC service they got back to their city.


Now problem began.


Edward was very happy for Rose that she is finally a graduate.


At least he won’t be missing her so much.


He tried calling her for both of them to share some happy moment together some where.


But he can’t reach her no matter the numerous number of times he called So he left her with a text message telling her to meet him at cool restaurant that evening at


Before the time reached, he was already their waiting for her but to his disappointment,he waited all through the night but she did not show up.


He was very upset as he went back home.


He tried many more calling her but to no avail so he decided to visit her the following day to know exactly what is wrong with her.


The next day, he went to her house and on finding himself in front of their gate, he felt a huge tension and anxiety to knoke.


He stood there for a while thinking of what to do when he heard footsteps approaching the gate.


He immediately ran to a hidden coner around the flower and hid himself because he was very shy then staring at the gate to know who was really approaching the gate.


To his greatest surprise, he saw Rose together with Dandy walking out together.


They looked more like a couple smiling and chatting with each other.


Edward was really provoked.


Now he understood why she had been neglecting his calls and text messages.


He decided to go and meet her and talk to her, finally seek answers of what she is doing from her.


When Rose had bade fare-well to Dandy, she turned around to enter the gate and was very surprise to see Edward.


Then Edward pretended as if he had not see them .


– Edward: hi


Rose: Edward! How are you? (She asked happily running to him)


Edward: fine. (She immediately gave him a tight hug saying)


Rose: i missed you so much, really i did missed you. – At length Edward managed to push her away from his body and said


– Edward: but it really seemed you don’t.


Rose:(surprised) i don’t understand you


Edward: (gave her a suspicious look.) you know all, don’t pretend. Why aren’t you answering my calls?


Rose: i lost my phone a month ago. I did changed the line and perhaps, i know that you do not have the number yet.


Edward: sure! But i think i saw you with a guy, isn’t he in place of me?


Rose: of course not! He is just a friend.

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