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All For Love♥ – Episode 23

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Edward cried bitterly as he kept on shaking his mother.


Just then the doctor came in and checked her temperature with his testesstcop, then feeled her porse and then recommended that she just kicked the bucket. It was like a horrible dream for Edward as still he could not accept the reality that his beloved mother is gone forever.


He ran out of the hospital toward the gate and angrily smashed his fist continuously at the pillar as if he wants to blow it down.


Just then Charles saw him and ran forward to hold him so as to stop him from hurting himself.


– Charles: stop that, stop that now!


– Edward: yelling angrily) live me alone! Live me alone!! I will make sure titus pays for what he did to my mother!


– Charles: yes i know he must pay.


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But The death of your mother did not mean your end.


Please stop this now!


Edward: (still struggling to free him self) nooooooooo!!! I won’t stop it.


Then Sandra entered the hospital and saw their drama then joined them.


– Sandra: can some one tell me what’s going on here?


Charles: his mother just passed away and he is trying to hurt him self.


Sandra: what!!! That Edwards mother died?. What happened to her?


Charles: his girl friends dad beated her to the point of death


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. He also gave him some beating as well.


Sandra: what did you mean? That some one have a heart to beat an old lady. for what?


Charles:( getting angry) this is not the time to ask foolish questions. Just help and calm him down.


Sandra: okay.


. (She went to Edward and touched him slightly.) his temperature is high. I think he needs to see the doctor.


Charles: that was what i did suggested.


Edward: live me alone. I don’t need any doctor.


All i need is to see that God forsaken bastard and strangle him to death.


He managed to get loose from Charles grip then he angrily ran out of the gate furiously heading to Mr. Titus house.


* What a poor boy. Suffering the death of his mother being the only relation he had all in the name of love.


Charles and Sandra knew where and what he was up to.


They knew pretty well that if they did not do any thing to stop him, he might end up like his mother so they ran after him with the highest strength so that they could catch him up but he was far more faster than them.


He entered a bike immediately.


Charles taught of going back to get his car but waved it off because he would not catch him up.


They stopped a cyclist and entered his bike telling him to follow Edward. For about 10 minutes, they still can’t catch up with them.


Edward settled the cyclist as soon as he got to Mr. Titus gate.


Then he went ahead to knoke when Charles and Sandra landed.


Charles ran toward him to stop him while Sandra settled the cyclist.


He made it on time.


He had almosted knoked at the gate when Charles got hold of him again.


– Edward: shouting angrily) that man must pay. I swear, he must pay.


– Then Sandra joined them.


Sandra: it is true he must pay but not right now not like this and not with this your health.


Trying this now will make you end up like your mother so please let us go. After all i am so very sad about your mother’s death. She was also like a mother to me i really love her.


– All those words she said made a positive impact in him. He calm down and began to weep as others consoled him.


At last, they all board a car and went back to the hospital so the doctor can check on him.


When after the doctor had carried out a medical check up on him, he confirmed he was suffering from a serious fever so it won’t be possible for him to go home even till the next day.


It was a good thing that they took him to the doc on time if not he wouldn’t have bothered to see the Doctor.


Sandra and Charles took his company and cared for him as if he was on of their family member.


– After two days, he was discharged Charles paid for his hospital bills and took him home.


He went and and buried his mother behind the house Kurt like that because he had no one to help him in her funeral.


He always drop flowers there every 2 hours that passe.




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