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All For Love♥ – Episode 20

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Rose: (harshly) it is none of your business.


Then her father walked angrily toward her and gave he a resounding slap


Mr. Titus: you have no right to talk to me like that. I thought i told you to stop seeing that boy?


Rose: (sobbing) you know what dad, that is what you can’t stop me from doing.


Mr. Titus: (gives her another slap at her right cheek) i see you have grew wings


. Now you are going to make a decision right in front of me. There are 2 options and you have to choose one.


Rose: (still sobbing) what is it?


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Mr. Titus: choose between me and Edward.!


_ That was what she can’t do at the moment.


She don’t want to loose Edward and at the same time don’t want to loose her dad.


She quickly rushed out of his present to her room and started crying on her bed.


After a while, she stopped crying and began to think of a solution to the problem


At last, she got stuck of an idea.


She decide to leave her fathers house that night.


But was she going to go alone. Ofcourse if she has to leave she will need Edward to go along with her.


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So she quickly picked up her phone and called Edward.


Edward: Rose, i am very sorry for the action of my mother. He said after picking the call


Rose: you don’t need to apologise


. It is not your fault.


. All we need now is a solution to the problem.


Edward: did you have any?


Rose: my dad said i should choose between you and him.


Edward: (nervously) and who have you chosen?


Rose: no one. I am still ponder on the whole thing


Edward: this is a very difficult situation.


Rose: i have an idea. Let the both of us go far away where they can’t find or disturb us.


Edward: (surprise) what??? What of my mother? What will be her faith?


Rose: oh come on Edy, you know my dad don’t want you and your mum no longer want me, but the both of us wants each other.


Edward: okay i understand. How are you planning for it?


Rose: just pack your belongings and meet me at the junction.


Edward: okay. Then the call went dead.


Rose began to pack her belongings that night so she can be able to leave very early the following morning unnoticed.


– Edward started packing his very early in the morning. His mother noticed him and started demanding where he was going.


Helen: why are you packing your cloths. Where are you going and why are you in a hurry?


Edward: (still busy with his cloths) mum which should i answer first?


Helen: any of your choice.


Edward:( harshly) i am packing my clothes because i am travelling for a music trip today.(he lied)


Helen: but you did not tell me about it.


Edward: every thing that had happened caused Me not to remember it.


As a matter of fact, i was suppose to leave yesterday so i have to hurry now so i could meet up.


Helen: okay when are you coming back.


Edward: why too many question. He thought) em em i don’t know yet.


Any time the show is over, i will be back.


Helen: okay then good luck.


– Just then, he received a message in his phone.


He checked on it and it was rose who texted that she is already waiting for him.


So he took his travelling bag and rushed out of the house.


He stopped a cyclist who took him to the junction where he met rose.


– Rose: i am glad you made it.


Edward: how are you?


Rose: I’m fine now i have seen you.


Edward: so what is your arrangement?


Rose: i have a friend whose name is Dora.


She lives far away from this city.


I called her last night and told her about every thing then she said we should drive to her place that she would be happy to accommodate us.


Edward: okay, lets go ahead.


Then they looked at each other eye ball to eye ball like when they did in the class room during that st. Valintine day.


And before you know it, their lips joined together. It was really the first time they kissed each other and it was romantic.


Soon they set on their journey to their destination.


_ _ Meanwhile Mr. Titus searched for his daughter for 2 days but could not find her, so he took his boys to Edward’s house again…



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