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All For Love♥ – Episode 14

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Sandra: okay a group of boys got him beaten with heavy* sticks.


He was nearly dead when Charles rescued him and brought him here.


The point now is that he lost his memory.


Rose: what!!! (Running back into the room. Tears was threatening to fall of her eyes.


Then she sat on the plastic chair which was seated by Sandra before she stood. Finally, she held his hand and said )


– Rose: lease forgive me that i never understand you


. I never cared to ask why you are here, all i did was to suspect and be mad at you. Please forgive me. You know what, now i am here for you and will always be for you. (edward was still looking surprise and she noticed it and continued) don’t worry Edy, i am here now , i acted like that because i felt you purposely turned your back on me.


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Edward: its okay, i understand but are you my ……girl friend?


Rose: exactly. We started in secondary school.


Edward: wow, that is wonderful. I have another friend that said we became friends and started singing together right from secondary school as well.


Rose: em…yea, that may be Thomas your best friend. You know what? you told me that you both are going for a music trip. And when i couldn’t reach you, i became furious and angry because i thought you traveled with out saying good bye.


– She said smiling as Edward smiled along with her


. Main while, Sandra who was watching them became jealous and started regretting why she ever explained the situation to her.


When she could not stand their conversation any more, she took her bag and said – Sandra: i will be leaving now if you don’t mind.


Edward: but why? Sandra: another person has took over. I have some thing to do at home so good bye, see you next time. Then she left with out waiting for any of them to talk.


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. They continued their discussion. Not long Helen entered the room …….


Rose: good morning ma Helen: morning my dear how are you?


Rose: ma, i don’t have a reason to pretend to be alright when i know i am far away from being so. Helen: what is the problem?


Rose: Edward forgetted every thing.


– Then Helen tourched her back slightly


– Helen: don’t worry rose, i have spoken to the doctor and he said that his recovery won’t take very long. And most especially, he would be discharged tomorrow.


Rose: wow, that’s a wonderful news. I will be here tomorrow so we can go home together. Helen: , that’s good of you.


– Then she went and sat beside the bed. The next day helen payed the hospital bills of Edward and they started waiting for rose who promised to drive them home. Main while, edward picked a discussion with his mother


– Edward: mum, have you heard from sandra?


helen: no i haven’t. Why do you ask?


Edward: she looked so sad yesterday before she went home. I know that all is not well with her. we should try asking her that.


Helen: okay that will be when we are home.


– Main while Rose prepared early to go and picked Edward from hospital but as she tried to drive out of the compound, she met dandy who came to ask her out but she bluntly refused heading to her destination.


Dandy was very upset.


He thought he now have her only to him self because he knows that she had not seen or talked to Edward and now her mode had changed again.


He began to suspect her and was so eager to find out where she was going.


At last he entered his car and followed her unknown to her.



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