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Agony Of Beauty – Episode 3

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It was the loud sound of a nearby Trailer’s horn that woke me up. My Aunt gave me some snacks. I ate with little appetite. It was such a long trip. We finally got to Jos around past nine in the evening. I was so tired and exhausted.

We got to my Aunt’s apartment late in the night. I wasn’t sure of the time because my wristwatch suddenly stopped working after we alighted from the bus . We entered her flat and my Aunt took me straight to the guest room. ‘Feel at home dear, you will be fine’, she said. I thanked her and she left after I insisted that I will eat my leftover snacks for dinner. I ate and later had a shower in the adjoining guest bathroom.

I sat on the bed. My mind was filled with thoughts of my Mum and siblings. I thought about how life had been so unfair to us. I didn’t own a cell phone, so I couldn’t reach my Mum but I overheard my Aunt telling her we have arrived home. She should have brought the phone for me to speak with Mummy, or she probably thought I had slept and did not want to disturb me?

Well, I said a few words of prayers and laid on my bed thinking of what the future holds for me. I closed my eyes and gently sailed into the dream world.

“Will you marry me”? “Yes”, I screamed. And so, in a few days, we both walked down the aisle with bright smiles on our faces.

It was the happiest day of my life. I forgot about my past sorrows as I hugged my ‘Knight in Shining Armour’.

“I love you baby”, he whispered. “I love you too”. I whispered back. I kept smiling at all the guests and well wishers…

‘Beauty, wake up! it’s 6:00am already’. I woke up to a gentle tap on my shoulder, still smiling like an idiot. It was my Aunt. Aunty Tope is an early riser. I opened my eye lids gently. “Who are you smiling at by the way ?” She asked. I stretched and yawned. So, I have been dreaming? I thought. ‘Nobody ma’, I replied.

“How are you this morning?” I am fine Aunty, and you?

“I am good. Come with me to the kitchen, let us prepare breakfast, we must leave for the market, latest by 8:00am and by the way, you haven’t met my husband, he is waiting for you in the living room”

That very day I met my Aunt’s husband marked the beginning of my agony…


To be continue….

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