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Agony Of Beauty – Episode 11

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By now, Badmus could not say anything, he kept staring at the rug on the floor of the living room. There was a little moment of silence which had the soft cries of Aunty Tope at the background.

Pastor’s wife was the first to speak. ‘Bro Badmus, you are a disgrace to manhood and to the church. As devoted as you are to God’s service, how can one know that you are this evil? This is great wickedness . You really want to destroy the life of this girl? What of if she had died in the process of aborting the pregnancy, you would have said she had a lot of boyfriends, meanwhile, you are the perpetrator.’

‘Thank God she didn’t die. Only God knows how many girls you have done this same thing to aside from Beauty. May God have mercy on your soul…’ Her speech was interrupted by a knock on the door. ‘Come in,’ Pastor called out. It turned out to be the family Doctor.

She brought with her a result of Mrs Badmus’s pregnancy test. She was just like a family friend, so she dropped by on her way from work to deliver the long awaited good news to the couple personally. ‘May I see you privately, Mr and Mrs Badmus?’ ‘You can talk to us here Doctor, no need for privacy, Aunty Tope responded.

‘Okay then, said the doctor, ‘Congratulations, you are eight weeks gone Mrs Tope Badmus’, she announced with a bright smile. Eight weeks gone to where? My Aunt asked

‘You are pregnant of course’, Doctor replied. ‘You mean for this animal?’ Aunty Tope asked pointing at Badmus.

‘Ha ha, animal ke? When did your husband become one, I expected you both to be glad, doctor said surprisingly’.

‘Not anymore doctor, I wish I never married him talkless of being pregnant for him…’ Pastor interrupted her by clearing his throat. He thanked the doctor for dropping by to share the good news and then told her that we were in the midst of a critical issue. ‘Okay sir, you are welcome and Tope please take it easy on yourself because of your condition,’ the doctor advised and took her leave.

Pastor looked at Badmus and shook his head. ‘I am ashamed of you, ‘Wolf in human skin,’ that is what you are. I do not have much to say to you. Sister Tope, how I wish you prayed very well and sought God’s face earnestly before you accepted to marry this man, God would have shown you his true personality. You would not have become a victim in his net. Well, the past is gone, please take it easy because of your condition like the Doctor rightly said.

Your baby needs you to be healthy at this point in time.’ Please take heart, may the Lord console you. As for you Beauty, from now henceforth, you will stay with us till you get through with your University education. We will cater for all your needs by God’s grace.I looked at Pastor’s wife, she nodded her head in affirmation of what Pastor just said. I went on both knees and thanked them, fresh tears strolling down my face. God has finally fought for me…


to be continue

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