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Agony Of Beauty – Episode 10

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‘How dare you?’ She yelled at me. ‘I feed and clothe you, I foot every of your bills and yet you seduce my husband? You want to destroy my home. You Beauty, of all people? Is that how you repay me?’ I looked at Badmus, he was wearing a smile of revenge. My eyes were red with anger.


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‘It is not what you think Aunty Tope…’ before I could finish my statement, another slap landed on my other cheek. My eyes went blank . I crashed to the floor still holding my cheeks. Why have I really suffered so much in my innocent life? I thought to myself. Hot tears started streaming down my face.

Aunty Tope charged at me again, but her husband held her back before she could reach me.

‘Get out of my house,’ she said quietly.

Just then, there was a loud knock on the door.

Aunty Tope opened. It was Pastor, his wife and one other man. Mr and Mrs Badmus were surprised to see Pastor in their house without being notified of his visit. I rose from where I sat on the floor and greeted them.

‘Welcome Pastor, welcome Mummy, Aunty Tope greeted as she offered them where to sit.

‘Welcome sir and ma,’ Mr Badmus also greeted.

‘Thanks Brother Badmus, it is you we have come to see’. Pastor announced.

‘Me?’ Badmus asked surprisingly. ‘Yes, you’, Pastor answered and continued, ‘Beauty, please repeat everything you just told us some minutes back.’ I started narrating my story all over again starting from when I was 10years old till that very evening.

How Badmus had been victimizing and threatening me. How he bought me different gifts and finally, how I eavesdropped his conversation with my Aunt and heard him lie against me.

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I stopped talking and resumed my tears. Pastor responded, ‘It’s okay Beauty. Mr Badmus what do you have to say about this?’

‘Liar!’ Badmus glared at me and turned to his wife, ‘she was the one that has been seducing me anytime you were not around.

‘Ha!’ I shouted.

‘Keep calm Beauty, let me handle this,’ Pastor ordered calmly and brought out the Diary I gave to him. He handed over the Diary to Aunty Tope to read it. She read carefully through the Diary, shook her head and shouted ‘I can’t believe this. You Badmus?’

‘Beauty! Pastor called out again. ‘Yes sir’ I answered. ‘Go and bring all the gifts that Bro Badmus had been giving you all this while. I went to my room, opened my wardrobe and brought out the bag which contained all the gifts. I gave it to Pastor who in turn handed it over to Aunty Tope again to check the content.

She opened the bag and checked the gifts one after the other. They were all expensive items which she knew very well that I could never had been able to afford. ‘I am finished,’ Aunty Tope shouted and collapsed on her chair weeping profusely.

Suddenly, she stood up, grabbed her husband by the neck and planted her teeth into one of his arms. Badmus screamed. If not for the quick intervention of Pastor, she would have torn his flesh. She continued crying, I felt so much pity for her..


to be continued tomorrow……

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