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Adventure With The Slay Queens – Episode 6

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Episode 6

The battle against evil are not just for the brave, it’s a battle of survival.

We kept runnig for hours without stopping. No one will experience such a horrible view and wait a seconds before picking a race.

After running for a while, we decided to rest. Dawn has already broke and we are still trap in the evil forest. Due to the running we had, we all became fatigue and thirsty. We have no water drink and not a single stream is nearby.

” we need to find water, or else we will all die of thirst” I said after I discovered how urgently we need water, the ladies are lying flat on their stomach, too tired to walk or move.

” you guys should wait here, while I go search for water and food” I said, then I made to move.

” I will go with you” Vincent said. But I declined.

” No, you wait here with the rest, I will be back soon” I said.

” please be careful ” Tina said. I nodded then I head deeper into the forest.


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After walking for about 10 minutes, I saw two dwarfs creature sleeping side by side each other. Beside them lied a freshly killed antelope. And not too far from thier head was a big calabash which I knew must contain a liquid substance.

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I hide silently beside a tree for minutes studying the two of them. Then I began planning on how to steal the bush meat and also the whatever that might be inside the calabash.

It’s seems impossible for me to do, but I have to risk it. I tiptoed silently to them, stopping at certain intervals in other not to make my move suspicious. I silently carried the antelope over my neck, well the animal seems heavy than I thought, I stretched my hand and reach for the calabash. I checked the content inside and I found out it’s a fresh palm wine. I wonder where the monsters tap a palm wine, no wonder they are sleeping like a log of wood.

I turned then I began heading back, I was a mile away when I heard their scream. They must have discovered the missing items and they must have be searching for it . I know am a dead man if am found by them so I increase my pace. They were closing up at me so I hide beside a big tree and I began saying some prayers. They came right in front of the tree am behind and they began sniffing their nose in the air. Within a second, I thought I was caught but I was surprised when I see them disappear into the tree. The tree happens to me their home, so that saved my ass. I took a deep breath then I head back to the rest. The walk wasn’t easy cos the animal am carrying has an approximate weight of 80kg. And carrying such an animal over a long distance was quite exhausting.

Tina was the first person to see me, she woke the rest and they all approach me with joy and happiness.

I was too tired to talk, so I just lied down on the floor trying to catch my breath.

A fire was made and we set the antelope on fire. We roasted the meat and we all ate and drink to our full. We couldn’t finish the whole meat so we roasted some of it dry for preservation. After we are done eating, we all lie down to sleep. No one will eat roasted bush meat with palm wine and won’t sleep.

We woke up at noon then we continued our journey, the forest seems less evil during the day but very terrifying at night.

After walking for some miles ,We got to a very big river, the water was white and clean, so we rush forward and drink our fill. Just as we stop drinking a very beautiful lady came out of the water, she look so human but I know she’s a river godness.

” come and have a swim with me” she said. I was almost falling for her charm when something stopped me. anyone that enter the river will surely not come out. I looked beside me only to see the rest undressing and making ready to jump inside the river. Immediately I noticed this, I voiced out.

” guys stop, she is not a human, anyone that enter into the river with her will not come out!!!” I shouted. Immediately Tina put on her cloth, followed by Vincent and some of ladies. But one of them refused to put on back her cloth.

” I need a bath please, even if it just for a minute, am fu.cking stinking and I need to clean up” she said . she didn’t wait for me to talk before she jumped into the river, and that was all we saw of her, the moment she jumped into the river, the river swallowed her up and the water goddess changed to her real form, half fish and half human. When we saw what she became we all took to our kneels. We wept bitterly for her, cos that was the first time one of us will die. We summoned up courage and we continue on our journey.

” hey Ayo, I wanna say thank you. If not for you I would have been dead. Thank you. ” Tina said to me as we were walking.

Evening arrived sooner than we expected, and the fear of the night creatures engulf us all.

” we need to find somewhere to spend the night, journeying through the night is quite dangerous, ayo and I will be on the lookout ” Vincent said. But Tina quickly cut in.

“… You can go sleep, I will be on the lookout with Ay” she said. Vincent respected her choice and they began making preparation for where to sleep. After working together for hours, they were able to make a bed with bamboo leaves and they use their bags as a pillow.

At 10 pm, tina came to join me on the look out.

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” I think you should be sleeping ” I said immediately I noticed her presence.

” I couldn’t sleep, and besides you are all alone here. Perhaps you might need a female company ” she said. I smiled at her, cos that was exactly what I need.

” so tell me about yourself ” I said.

She took a long breath before answering.

” what do you wanna know about me?” she asked.

” anything that will make the night warm” I replied.

” am a student just as you are, traveling to meet my fiancé. He just returned from u.k after 10 years. I couldn’t Wait to see him so I planned surprising him with my unannounce visit. But its turned to be this. I never know if I will ever see him again. But if I do, it will be a miracle… Can you do something for me? ” she asked.

” sure” I replied.

” If eventually I didn’t make it out alive… Please give this Parcel to him. His address and phone number are written on it” she said, then I collected the parcel from her.

” you know you should stop being pessimistic ” I said.

” am not being pessimistic, am only preparing for the end ” she replied. I wonder what she meant by that, but I got my mind off it easily.

Exactly 12 in the mid night. Something strange happened. Tina and the rest were far gone asleep. Just after a minute pass 12, I began hearing some strange voices all around, the voice were coming from different directions and angles. I looked around but I didn’t see anything. The evil wind began blowing and I knew there’s something up against us. I stand on my feet and began looking around but I see nothing. I was about taking a break when I caught a glimpse of something. I focused my eye on the direction and I saw a young girl of about 7 years. Looking at her I know she’s not an ordinary being. My eyes came in contact with her and she advance towards me. I wanted to run, but something struck my leg and I couldn’t move it.

” don’t be afraid of me, I won’t harm you, but there’s something bigger than I am that will hurt you. Pluck a leaf from this tree and put it in your mouth, hold your breath and she shall surely pass you by, avoid eye contact with her she’s a very powerful creature” she said.I got no time to doubt her, I wake the rest and I instructed them just as she told me. We all did as she said then the evil snake with a horn appeared.

I watched as the snake began to move in our mist, I avoided eye contact with her but i never take my eye off her. one the ladies mistakely look into the snake her. She screamed out and the leaf in her mouth fell. The snake swallowed her up and disappeared into the dark.

After the snake was long gone. Tina looked at me with a puzzled face.

” how do you know what you told us?” She asked. I turned and saw the little girl behind me.

” you might not be able to see her, but I can see her. She told me what I told you guys” I said pointing at her. But its seems am just pointing to the air.

” you mean, there’s something here with us?” Vincent asked. I nodded in response and the all shrink with fear.

” its a blessing you can see me, no one come into the forest and return out alive, you are heading the right way but there are dangers ahead. You will need to kill the evil snake before you can leave this forest… And killing the evil snake is impossible ” she said.

To be continued…

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