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Adventure With The Slay Queens – Episode 5

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Episode 5

When the going gets though, the though get going.

I can feel the presence of evil in the air, I knew something greater than just humans are up against us.

An unknown fear floored me, I knew its a matter of time before the evil creatures lunch their attacks on us. I checked my phone and I found out that we are all out of service, no signal could reach us

One of the guys suggested we should walk back the way we came, since no one know the way ahead. We all agreed to the suggestion and we all follow the route we came, after walking for a mile , something very strange happened, the road began getting narrow and before we knew it, a wide road turned to a footpath right in front of our very eyes. When I observed this, I stopped on my track, this couldn’t have be the way we came, something strange is happening, very soon this path will end.

I was still battling with my thought when an evil creature with just an eye silently crept into our mist, no one sees him but I do.

I raised an alarm immediately I saw him, others where alerted but they didn’t see anything. And right in front of my eyes. He killed one of us a disappeared with the corpse. The sudden disappearance caused a commotion among us, as the rest began wondering what might cause the sudden disappearance.

Clouds of tears gathered in my eyes, it happened just right in front of my eyes and there’s nothing I could do. The rest were so confused, and I think it’s right time I let them know the evil they are up against.

I didn’t know when tears began rolling down my eyes. The fear of death began running through my mind. I looked at everyone, ignorance was clearly written on their face, I think I have to enlighten them before it get too late.

” you guys don’t see what I saw, we are not alone in this forest!. I see evil creatures. I saw the beast that took one of us, I saw how he murdered him and vanish away with his corpse. The accident we had was not a natural, it was caused by an evil creature that stood right in the middle of the road, am afraid to announce this to everyone, the longer we stay in this forest, the more we are all going to die” I said and they all shrink with fear. Everyone believed me except for two guys which claims not to believe in superstition.

” what do you suggest we do?” One of the ladies asked me. I shake my head in response of I don’t know.

” I have a compass, am a geography student, and I think we can find our way out with this compass” a guy announced, then he brought out his compass.

” we are supposed to be heading south, but this compass shows that we are heading east…”

“…that means we are heading the wrong direction” I added before he could finish his statement. And he nodded in response.

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” you can call me Vincent ” he added.

“Ayo” I replied.

” so do you all agree with me to follow the compass ” he said out loudly. Just has he finish talking, one of the guys that doubted me earlier stood up and opposed the idea of following the compass.

” how can you guys be so foolish and stupid to follow just a mare compass, we came through this way and I believe our way out is here, I will never follow the silly idea of following the compass, who is with me ” he said we boldness and confidence and surprisely some people raised their hands and agreed to what he said. I tried convincing them but some choose to go with him. Since the situation refused to be compromised we splitted into two. We are 18 in total, but the disappearance of one makes us now 17. seven of us including me choose to follow Vincent and the rest follow the other guy. We wished ourselves goodluck and the two groups went in a various way.

The road leads to no where, and our only way out is through the thick forest.

” how do you think they are going to survive without you ” Vincent asked along the way.

” without me” I asked perplexed.

” yes, you are the only one that can see the creatures, and without you, they will have no one to warn them against any danger that might befall them” Vincent said.

“…and that’s the reason why I chose to follow you, not because I trust the compass” a lady suddenly cut in to our conversation. I and Vincent are the only guys in the group, the rest are ladies.

” I’m Tina” she later added.

” I thought you girls are all journeying to the same place, why such division? ” I asked.


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” not all of us are together, we don’t know each other. Perhaps some do, but not all” she said.

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” I guessed am wrong about you girls after all” I said.

We walked for an hour and some of the ladies began complaining about being tired. Vincent suggested we find a conducive spot to rest for a while.

We arrived at a big iroko tree and we all agreed to rest a while. But the ladies turned a rest to a long sleep.

” someone should be on the lookout while others sleep, so who will? ” Tina said, and they all focused their eyes on me.

I gave an expression of “why all the eyes on me”

” I think you should be on the lookout ” Tina said.

” why?” I retorted, cus I was already feeling sleepy.

” because you are the only one that can see the creatures, non of us can, even if we stay on the lookout ” Vincent said.

” damn it! Am going to be having a sleepless night ” I muttered.

” yea, its seems so” Tina said,and she rested her head on one of the iroko root.

I moved away from the rest , and focus my eyes sharply around like a night watch. I plugged in an earphone and I began listening to some music when boredom striked me.

Exactly 2 am, a very strong wind began, I was shaking from my head to toe, then all of a sudden, I began hearing some giant footsteps. I looked around but I didn’t see anything, I raised on my feet for a clearer view, and that was when I sighted the incoming creature. His head were twice as big as that of a buffalo. With eyes as red as a heating iron. Fear engulfed me, I ran back and wake the others.

” something is coming, something big, we need to leave right now!!!” I said with a trembling voice.

I took the lead, and the rest follow behind. But after running for a while I realized the creature can not be out run but it can be evade . I saw a giant termite mud and we all enter and hide inside it. Just as we entered, the creature came out visibly and began to look around. After looking around for a while, he disappeared.

” is he gone ?” Vincent asked.

” yes, i cant see him but Something told me not go out yet” I said silently to him.

” perhaps you should look up at the trees” Tina said.

I surveyed my eyes around the trees and I found to my greatest shock, when I saw the creature on one of the tree , fixing his eyes on around. It’s seems to be very smart after all. He kept disappearing from one tree to the other until it he finally left . then we all move out from our hiding point .

” thank you ” I said to Tina. She smiled then she gave me a playful Punch.

We continue our journey in the dark and we stopped to rest at certain places. We came across some wild fruit and we plucked some to eat. We also pluck some in our bag cos we don’t know how long we are going to spend in the forest.

An hour to dawn, we all began hearing a fast approaching footsteps. Others wanted to run, but I stopped them.

” no don’t run, that’s a steps of a human, I would have see a sign if its not. Let stay and wait ” I said with some confidence.

Just as I finished my statement the person reached us, its one of the girls that follow the other guy.

She was breathing heavily and also terrified.

” what is it?” Tina asked her.

She was able to speak up after catching her breath. Tears were coming from her eyes as she was talking.

“Its coming, the evil snake, i saw it . they are all dead!!! We were attacked by different things . This forest is evil we are all going to die” she said bitterly.

Just as she finished talking , an evil snake with a horn fell on her and swallowed her up. We ran but… I’ve never see something like that before.

To be continued…..

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