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Adventure With The Slay Queens – Episode 21

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Episode 21

Hearing voices no one else can hear isn’t a good sign, even in the wizarding world.

My mind became troubled, I thought I’ve gotten rid of the word death. But seeing a dead man that looks exactly the way I do was something that got my mind really heavy. I couldn’t sleep that night and Amaka kept hitting my phone up till around 11pm. I later switch off the phone when I couldn’t get my mind straight, I felt like going, but the fear of dying wouldn’t let me go, so I locked myself in all night.

The following day, I head to school as usual and after taking my morning classes, I head into the office to relax my brain. Teaching wasn’t quite as easy as I thought, but I will be collecting salary and not just the monthly Alawi.

While I was still resting, Amaka came in, and with the expression on her face, Clearly reads a stubborn anger.

“Amaka I’m sorry about yesterday evening, I wanted… ”

“will you shut your trash!!! ” she cut in aloud.

” what do you even take me for? A slot or commoner? I invited you specially for an outing and you fu.cked up by not showing up, I even call your phone yet you refused to pick up or do you think I’m forcing myself on you? I have hundreds of guys that will happily jump at the offer I gave to you. ” she said then hissed loudly.

” I’m sorry, I’m really… ”

“keep the sorry for yourself, I don’t need it ” she cut in, then she walks out angrily. Just as she stepped out, a female student in 300 level stepped in, I got to know through the ID card she put on.

” Good morning sir ” she greeted.

” morning, how may I help you ?” I asked calmly.

“I was told that you will be the lecturer to be taking us communication in English 301, my name is Ifeoma sir and we have your class right now sir ” she said.

” thank you Ifeoma, I will be there with you guys soon ” I said then I started preparing my books.

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” OK sir, may I help with the books ” she said.

” no don’t worry, I will carry it. Thank you ” I said then she exit.

When I entered the 300 levels lecture room, the numbers of student I found there were quite enormous. I studied each and every one of them for a while before teaching them, and I was able to view out the serious ones from the unserious ones. The the numbers of students that know what they are doing were quite much, so I made the class very interactive. I know they will try to test my brillancy but I’m quite intelligent than they are along side with a good IQ reasoning.

While I was teaching, a male student raised up his hand signifying that he have a question.

” fire away ” I said.

” sir what is the significance of Volta ?” he asked.

That was way too far from what I’m teaching them but I know he’s trying to test me, unluckily for him, the question was a cinch one to me.

“A volta is a poetry term that is found in sonnets. The word ‘volta’ was first used in English in the seventeenth century.The significance of a volta in a sonnet is to provide a turning point in tone or topic. The type of sonnet determines where the volta occurs in the poem.” I said, just as I finished answering the questions another male student raised up his hand for another question, I signalled for him to go on.

” can you give us an example sir ” he said.

” sure I can…For example, in a Shakespearean sonnet, the volta comes before the couplet (last two lines) of the poem. However, in a Petrarchan sonnet, the volta is found sandwiched between the octave and sestet.” I replied. He put on a puzzled face which explains to me that he didn’t understand what I said, but I’m not ready to make it understandable for him.

My teaching with them was fun and most of them collected my contact just as I finished lecturing them. They said I’m the best accessible lecturer they have so far.

Amaka didn’t say a word to me throughout our stay together in the office that day. But immediately we close for the day, I head straight to her car and waited for her to come outside.

” what are you doing beside my car?” she asked in a surprise way. I guessed she wasn’t expecting to see me.

” just because I acted foolishly doesn’t mean an end to our friendship, and that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t drop me off. ” I said with a smile.

” what makes you think so, what if you are wrong ?” she asked.

” Amaka look, I’m very sorry, I’m sorry about yesterday, I can make it up back to you ” I said solely.

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” so what will you do? ” she asked more calmly.

” will you come to a dinner with me, you and I against the world ” I said. Her anger was melted at the spot as she smile in return.

” whatever you say ” she replied with a smile.

” it will be at the same venue, ” I said then I head away alone to buy some stuffs from a super market to my apartment.

Things are quite expensive there, but that doesn’t stop me from buying things into my apartment. Designing it wasn’t a big problem, the problem was the stress. After I’m done buying the things, I was outside searching for a cab that will convey me and my loads to my apartment when I sighted Ifeoma. I was surprised when she stopped by and greeted me.

” it’s seems you have a problem getting a cab, I can help you arrange for one ” she said and she didn’t even wait for my response before she picked up her phone and contact a taxi man. In less than a minute, a cab arrived and my goods are being loaded inside the car, but the car couldn’t transport all the loads at once so Ifeoma stay behind with half of the loads and when the driver came for the other half, he picked her up along too.

I was surprised when I saw her getting off from the taxi but I’m much happy she came.

She helped me pack in my loads and when I was arranging it, she offered a helping hand. Our conversation through the arrangement period made me know more about her and speaking about her background and past, I saw that when I look into her eyes. She isn’t a bad lad, she was well trained and she stick to it.

We finished everything very late in the evening, I got her something to eat and some few cash which she use as a transport fare. Even though she first rejected it, but she later collect it. She left some minutes after 7pm,then I began dressing up for the dinner, I brought a flower at the supermarket which I inserted inside my suit jacket.

” is it a dinner or a date ” came an unknown voice from my back . I wondered who that might be cos I remember locking the door after Ifeoma left for her house. I turned back and I saw the same dead man that appeared to me the yesterday evening.

” so you’ve lost your courtesy of knocking the door, I asked you a question yesterday which you refused to answer, I’m going to ask you again this time, who are you and why do you look so much like me? ” I asked.

” I will tell you everything when you are back from your date ” he said then he disappeared.

” I never said it’s a date ” I said after he has disappear, perhaps he didn’t wait to hear my response.

” thank God he didn’t bring a bad news” I muttered to myself.

I got to the place at 8pm ,then I began waiting for Ifeoma whom showed up at some minutes before 9 pm.

” better late than never ” I said to myself when I saw her coming. She looks great I will say, astonishing I will added, she looks beautiful on the gown she wore, and every steps she took shows how exquisite and rich she is.

I did just the way a French man will organise a dinner, but it seems the dinner turned out be to a date. We gets talking and she began telling me some things about herself that I did not even know. She happens to the the daughter of one chief, a wealthy chief I will say. She have everything she wanted so that makes life more easy for her. I told her little about myself, cos I definitely don’t know everything about myself.after eating,I ordered for an alcoholic wine, which we drank to some degree Celsius upward.

” thanks for honouring my request, can I drive you home, it’s kinda late and you are a bit heavy on alcohol ” I said after I realize how far we’ve gone into drinking.

“sure ” she said, then she gave me her car key. Through the directions she gave to me, I was able to drive her home. Her father house was quite big maybe I should say very big.

We both got off from the car and there comes the time for me to say goodbye.

” it was quite an interesting evening with you today, I wish for more to come someday and… I…” I was till scratching my head for how to end my speech when she move closer and gave me a French kiss. It was during the kiss that I heard some people humming silently behind us. I opened my eyes to see an averagely old man and a woman standing some feet away from us.

” Amaka why don’t you introduce him to us, this one that you are doing outside is childish, introduce him to me my daughter ” says the man which I quickly process to be her father.

” Papa, why are you still up by now, anyway his name is Ayo, Ayo meet my papa and mama ” she said. No one needs to tell me before I prostrated.

” you are welcome my son, stand up. Will you come inside for a while or are you in hurry? ” says her mother.

” actually I’m about leaving ” I replied.

“No it’s too


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late to go, why don’t you spend the night here with us then you leave by dawn ” says her papa.

I tried to turn them down but it seems they ain’t going to let me go, so I agree to stay.

I’ve never been into an igbo man house before, and my first wasn’t that bad. Both her parents kept trowing questions at me, and for once I began wondering why their inquisition on me was so high. They have up to 6 maids working for them in the house cos I kept seeing one maids and another.

“I hope you are okay my son, if you ever need anything just let me know…. And I know you will be wondering why we are asking you alot of question since you came in. You see that our daughter Amaka, you are the first person she will bring home to us. She detaste guys so much and when we saw both of you kissing each other we couldn’t help but to intervene. see I’m her mother if she offend you come and report her to me I will scold her for you ” says her mother. I smiled only if they know I have nothing to do with her and the kissing was just a normal thing to me.

After talking for a while, one of the maids show me where to sleep and when I got to the room, I happily jumped on the bed cos a privacy far away from her parents was all I needed that time. I had a shower then I rest my body on the bed. An hour after, I heard a knock on the door, I opened the door and Amaka entered, she was clad in a short night gown which shows mostly of her laps.

” why ain’t you sleeping? ” I asked immediately she entered.

” I couldn’t sleep, maybe I will if you cuddle me ” she replied. I knew better than anyone where everything will land so wasting time and pretending I didn’t understand will be a foul play. Without giving it a second thought, I move closer to her then give her a kiss. She responded rapidly back by pushing me on the bed. She was quite a good kisser cos I was trying my best to keep up with her.

I move my hand to one of her standing breast then press it softly hereby sending some crazy signal through the motor neuron. I engaged both my hands on her two boobs then I professionally make her moan. I disconnected my lips from her mouth then walk them down to her erected nipples. I sucked on her nipples with an astonishing expertise and at certain interval I will switch to the other. I took my time working on the upper region before moving to the lower part.

Before progressing downward, I ensured that are breast are fully well dealt with. I slowly untie the robe that leads to her pussy region, after freeing it up, I found out that she’s pantless. I can see that she came fully prepared. Her pussy was clean shaven and neat, I moved my hand down to her pussy to feel the nature and state of her wetness. Without inserting my finger in, I locate her pussy tips then gave it some rollings. She Jerk forward as she began making some uncontrollable sounds. If any girl says nowhere weaks her, trying playing with her pussy tips.

Going in directly into her will be too soon, so I took my time as I give her a head. Judging from what I experienced while giving her a head, it seems she has never be given a head before, cos she almost crempie in my mouth more than twice. I inserted in a finger to know how deep and wide her pussy is and I found It in a very good state. It’s not wide like an elongated rubber band which have no restraining capacity. After discovering this, I freed up my konji then made to enter into the glory hole, I was about going in when she stopped me, I watched as she kneel before me and engage her mouth with my dick. The feeling was great, I thought I will be the master planner I never knew that there’s a room for a blow job. She was an amateur but well done is better than well said.

After the blow job session, I position her on a doggy style cos are ass was quite big and okay . I balanced the equation by inserting my dick into her oily honey pot. She gasp when she felt the presence of my dick inside her, which is quite big and long to be taken in at once. I didn’t bang her like a bitch but like the way she deserved. I didn’t go too fast and neither do I go too slow but at an average speed which was very pleasurable, I can only go fast only if I want to move down the whole building, cos even with the way I’m going, her voice was still very loud to wake the whole building up, and to avoid another party interference I have to break down my speed to the lowest then speed up back after she has cool down.

We switched position, then she mount on top riding my dick with carefulness to avoid it from going in too deep. I watched as her breast bounce and collide with each other as she go up and down on my dick. There’s only little I can do for the helpless boobs which kept dancing to the tune of my dick. I rolled her over then spread her leg wide apart for a missionary kick off, before penetrating my dick deep inside her pussy. She whined like a scolding cat as she felt the deep impact inside her honey pot, I went in deeply this time for about 20 minutes before she started begging me to cum inside her. I ignored her and cum directly on the floor. She was too weak to stand up but I help her to the bathroom where she took a shower, she then later return back to her room after she have regain back her strength.

I left for my apartment the following day but not after dropping my phone contact and a promise to check on them again. Her father asked one of his driver to drop me home in one of his expensive Benz car. I felt like a king as I was being dropped at my residence. The day is Saturday so I engaged myself in some house chores, I have no friends to visit so I remain at home watching movies. At noon Ifeoma came to my place without an invitation but I have no choice but to usher her in.

” you didn’t tell me that you are coming ” I said.

” yes I’m sorry, my phone got lost yesterday and so was your contact, that’s why I couldn’t inform you before coming ” she said.

” I guessed today is your lucky day cos I think I have a new Iphone someone gave to me on my convocation day, let me go help you bring it ” I said then I entered in to search for the phone. I found it then I gave it to her, she jumped up happily and gave me an unexpected hug.

” thank you so much sir, I’m really grateful, my pocket money for 5 months can’t buy this phone. ” she said.

” I will say you should start charging it now since there’s still light, and stop saying thank you as if I gave you a diamond chest. Nigeria nepa are not to be trusted ” I said, then I head into kitchen to cook noodles. She Left when evening arrived and I remain alone as I was before.

I was preparing to sleep when I felt the presence of a ghost nearby, I checked my right and I saw the same ghost I’ve been seeing since I’ve arrived.

” you know you can’t just bang in as you like here, I rented this house you will need my permission to come inside and Also to go outside, understood? ” I shouted angrily at him. But he didn’t even blink an eye, he just kept staring at me.

” so can you now answer the question I’ve been asking you?” I said trying to calm myself down. He didn’t reply me, instead he walk away freely around the living room.

” you didn’t tell me about your date, I hope you enjoy it ” he said. I hissed so loudly to the extent that I got irritated myself.

” my date is non of your business, answer the question who are you and why are you so much like me? ” I asked with a little bit of anger.

“My name is okafor James, I died 6 months ago while driving back from a night party. No one know about my death and my parents and sisters still think that I’m alive.I had an argument with my dad before leaving home for the party. They all think that I’m not back home probably because of the argument and they think maybe I’m still angry with my dad. I need your help, I tried possessing you but I couldn’t, I stopped when I realized you have the gift to see me ” he said.

“you need my help and how am I suppose to help you? ” I asked.

” I need you to be me” he said.

“hell No!!! That’s not happening ” .i replied.

To be continued…

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