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Adventure With The Slay Queens – Episode 20

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Episode 20

A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.

Akanji has chewed more than he can swallow, unfortunately for him, he was dealing with the wrong guy. After I’ve completed my first task, I head back home with Anike to plan for our next move.

” why is he even call the great hunter? ” I asked Anike just has we stepped inside the house.

“because he always kill more animals than the other hunters here in this village ” Anike replied.

” nonsense! ” I muttered.

” what about we removing great from his name ” she added.

” removing great? What do you mean? ” I asked with curiosity. She stood up and then helped herself with a cup of water before giving me an answer.

” I have powers to communicate with animals, let say… the forest will just be a roaming ground for him, he won’t see a single animal to kill, what do you think about that? ” she said.

” that’s awesome, you don’t need my permission to carry on, just do what you can do ” I said with a surprised happiness.

” I’m doing all this not just because of you but because of my parents, they died by his hands. It’s something I don’t want to remember again… Let me go speak with the monkeys” she said then she made to move.

“I’m sorry about your parents death… Wait a minute, you wanna go speak with the monkey of all the animals? Haven’t you watch Ice Age 3? Monkeys are stupid. Why don’t you talk to animals like loin or an elephant. The last time I checked lion is the king of all animals” I said. I watched with my mouth wide open as she laughed at me as if I’m a comedian.

” you are very funny, you want me to go speak with a lion? That’s so funny. Okay let me tell you something about this monkey I wanna go talk with, the monkey are twins, very identical…”

” the one in Ice Age are also identical and stupid ” I cut in.

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” this is not Ice Age bro, as I was saying these monkeys are twin, the Yoruba’s do call them Edun, they love swinging at trees close to the entrance of the forest, once they sighted a hunter they will raise an alarm very loud for the other animals to hear, that day will be a very unlucky day for whoever the hunter is, even if the hunter have a million charms, he won’t see a single animal to kill ” she said. I shrugged my shoulders and remain mute since she know more than I do. She went out then return back in the evening.

” what took you so long, I’ve been worried since ” I said immediately I saw her.

” I’m sorry, I just branch my friend, the fish ” she said.

And it happened just as Anike said, for 2 consecutive days Akanji came back home empty handed. This continues for another 4 days and on the 7th day he loose his title. Since he have no animal to kill and sell, he began getting broke. I knew he will consult the Oracle to find solution to his predicament, and I knew he will get to know that I’m the source of his misfortune. And when he knows, he will be aiming for my head but before that will happen, I made myself ready for his finishing.

Meeting with the balogun was quite not an easy task, cos he’s a man that’s not always available at home. Unfortunately for me, he travelled to the neighboring village. I knew the only thing that can bring him back home is through ‘Aroko’. It’s a Yoruba way of sending urgent message to people in the olden days. I know if I send him an ‘Aroko Ogun ‘ ( war letter) he will arrived back home quickly. Just as I finished sending the Aroko ogun to balogun, I caught Akanji secret rodent spying around in my room, I knew it was send by Akanji to spy on me which explains that my identity as been exposed out to Akanji. I systematically find a very strong fire wood then hit it on the rodent head, which fell dead on the spot. I carried it out, remove the intestines, spread it wide apart then began roasting it on fire. Anike made Eba to it, and our dinner was great.

The following day, I was woken by Akanji voice. I asked Anike to stay inside then I head outside to meet him. His appearance shows that he’s ready for a war, he was clad in a charm armor, at his right hand was his gun then at his left hand was a cutlass, tied with a red cloth. It will be very foolish of me to underestimate him, but I need to buy myself some time for the balogun to arrive, cos he’s the only person capable of facing him with all Akanji embedded charms. I knew balogun will soon be at my house cos of the war letter that I send to him.

” So you this tiny thing is the reason why I’m facing alot of trouble, today will be your end ” he shouted at his very voice. I won’t just stand I watch him challenging me without saying something back to him.

” shut up!!! Who are you to kill me? A thousand of you can’t bring me down, maybe you don’t know who you are dealing with. Comparing you with the creatures I’ve dealt with, you are no match for them…”

” hold it!!! ” he cut in. ” I am Akanji, the bravest of all hunter, the son of ogungbero, I’m the man that bleeds with my blade, I crush and kill the mighty Agborin (buffalo ) with just my bare hands. I’ve sent 5 forest spirit to grave with my gun including mojala and who are you to stand before me ” he said. That was quite a challenge. I know I mustn’t show any sign of cowardice , so I smiled before saying something back to him.

” I hate to break this to you, your favorite and powerful rodent was what I had for dinner yesterday. It was so delicious with Eba, so tell me why a man that use your rodent for dinner can’t stand before you. You and your charms are nothing to me ” I said confidently.

” haaaaa!!! you kill Alao?” he muttered out with fury.

“if that’s what you call the rodent, yes I did ” I replied.

” your end has come, today will be your last day on this earth !!” he screamed. I walk confidently round him like a lion rounding his prey.

” I think you should fear me ” I said confidently.

” I don’t fear death so why should I fear you? ” he asked sharply.

” then drop dead before me ” I replied back immediately.

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” don’t worry I will drop you dead before me ” he said. Just as he finished talking, balogun surfaced up with his cloth of war.

” who dare summon me to war? ” he asked in a voice that sounds like a thunder.

I knew the time has come for me to carry out my moves, immediately I speak up.

” it is Akanji my lord, Akanji summoned you to war because of your wife, as you can see he’s already dressed ready to fight with you, he want to claim your wife as his own, this is a living proof to what I said ” . I said then I played the sex video of Akanji and the balogun wife to balogun then I head back inside and lock myself in with Anike.

There’s a different between a hunter and a warlord. A hunter kills animal, while a warlord fight in war and kills people. Akanji was no match for balogun, all his charm didn’t work on him but before balogun do anything , he first beat him with one of his charm then stripped him na.ked. He drag him around the village and then to the market where he asked him to be confessing all what he has done. It was such an embarrassing moment as the crowd began throwing stones at him. His deeds are very evil, no one could spare him. Balogun left him to die by the furious market women that he has all done something evil to.

” mission accomplished!!! ” I said out loud to Anike.

“yes, thank you. My parent can now rest in peace ” she said slowly.

Since I’ve completed my task there in the village, I have no business there but to leave.

leaving Anike behind was something I couldn’t do cos she have no one to take care of her, I remember that she’s gifted and I remember my mother love for a female child.

I took Anike with me to the city, it was her first time there and she loved it. I took her home to my mom and she welcomed her as her own daughter, and that’s everything she ever wanted, a mother love. My father enrolled her in a private school not too far from home and she began leaving with them.


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A month after my arrival in the city, My NYSC call-up letter came up and I was being posted to the east, Anambra to be precise. I’ve never been there before and going to the east for my youth service will be a very interesting and adventurous one.

On getting to Anambra state, I found the place to be a beautiful and also a very endowed place, speaking of endowed I mean the ladies. I head straight to the camp and I found it even more fascinating than the town. The camp days was fun, With the battalion of ladies I saw at the camp, if I didn’t bleep anyone, that means my konji has stopped walking. I bleeped randomly every week. A bad boy will always be a bad boy.

After the camp came a holiday which I enjoyed with my parents telling them alot about my escapade and how the soldiers will wake us up by 4:30am in the morning for morning jogging.

After the holiday was over, I went back to Anambra to complete my PPA (place of primary assignment) registration which was quite stressful and annoying. I rented an apartment cos I couldn’t manage in with the small room being given to me which can barely contain me and my loads.

I was first posted to one of the local government Office, in which all I will be doing is a desk work which I hated so much. I hate being cooped up in a office all day doing paperworks. I called my dad, and through his influence and connection I was being reposted to the State University. Luckily for me, I was being assigned as an assistant lecturer in the department of English language, sometimes it’s bad to underestimate the power of connection. Coppers ain’t met to be in that post but I was through my father connection.

My first day at work was quite interesting, I was being assigned by the senior lecturer to take both the 100 levels and the 300 level students. I went through the course outlines then I began making a lesson note for both the two classes that I will be taking.

I head to the departmental billboard to check the time table and to know when and where I will be taking my students. While I was checking the board, some female student kept staring at me, I knew what their thought will be, some were even confused, cos they were wondering how a copper like me will be writing down a time table. Some were even thinking maybe I just got admitted to the University. One of them was brave enough to talk to me.

” Mr copper… Are you sure that you are at the right post” she said. It sounds absurd to me, so I smiled before replying her.

” yes I am. Any problem?” I said looking at each of them eye to eye. They all burst into laughter, which made me feel quite uneasy. I left there without saying a word to them, but I can still hear most of them humming silently as I move away. I careless about what they say, they will see me in black and white.

I head back into my office to fix up my lecturing time and the free period. The office room was actually design for two, with the office desk facing each other. And since I arrived, I found the opposite desk empty but I’m sure it belongs to either a lecturer or an assistant lecturer like me. Some minutes after two in the noon, a female copper entered in with some textbooks. I wonder who she is, as she made her way in without knocking. I was about greeting her when she speak up.

” I’m sorry who are you? ” she said. I guessed I didn’t see that coming and judging from her voice intonation, it probably clears that she’s from a rich family. But I always have a well prepared answer for questions like that.

” I’m about to ask you the same thing, who are you? You can’t just bang in here without an identity ” I said. I guessed she wasn’t expecting that. The looks on her face didn’t seems friendly and neither am I showing her my teeth.

” My name is Amaka and I’m an assistant lecturer for linguistic studies, so if you don’t mind you are sitting on my seat ” she said with a look of a spoilt brat.

” oh really… ”

” Yea. ain’t you suppose to be at the ICT sections?” she cut in. I finally let out my teeth since she seems ignorance.

” My name is Ayo, an assistant lecturer for English studies, welcome on board ” I said with a smile. She looked at me with full surprise not knowing what else to say to me.

” whatever, that’s my desk so move your ass to the other one, how did you even got assigned here ” she muttered with a disgust.

” the same way you got your ass here, so if you don’t mind you can shift your ass over there cos I met no ass here ” I said then I face my desk to continue what I’m doing. I observed as she move quietly to the other desk, maybe she do have her way with guys cos she’s kind of a beauty and her beauty may fall any guy who haven’t met prettier ladies.

She packed her things to the other desk and went mute. She remain silent and occasionally I will caught her staring at me. I knew of so many way to tease and pull a lady legs. So I tried her patience.

“Amaka do you have a dictionary there, if you have can I have it ” I said without even looking at her face. I didn’t even need a dictionary but her reaction is what I needed. She must be very shocked by what I said, she hesitated for a while before giving me the dictionary which I collected from her with a thank you.

After some minutes of silence, I felt my stomach aching for food, so I use nature on her again.

” Amaka you do know of a good canteen where we can both have a good lunch? ” I asked with my head facing up. I know she will be like ” haaaaa!!! ” but she got no Choice than to reply me.

” there’s one not too far from here their food are good ” she said.

I stood up then pocket my wallet.

” shall we ” I said.

” excuse me who are the we? ” she replied back rapidly.

” you and I, are you turning me down, common it almost 3 pm and I know that you will be hungry by now ” I said.

“so what? I don’t need your help to eat, so get lost ” well I actually get lost to the canteen cos I’m too hungry to converse with her.

I got to the canteen and I was being offered Akpu with ofaakun soup, the Akpu was as big and strong as a water melon. I ordered for another one which was package inside a disposable take away. I couldn’t finish the Akpu, it was like a death sentence. I couldn’t stand up when I was done. I sat down there for almost 20 minutes trying to catch my breath. After some time I was able to stand up and head back to the office. I dropped the package food on Amaka desk. She looks Surprise cos she wasn’t expecting something like that from me.

” what is this? ” she ask with a disgust.

” that’s your food, stop pretending that you ain’t hungry. If we really wanna get along here in this office we must learn to have each other back, eat up before it gets cold ” I said.

And for the first time I saw her smiling, she looks quite beautiful when she smiles. I watched with my mouth wide open as she handle the Akpu with an expertise hand.

” an Ibo girl will always be an Ibo girl ” I muttered silently to myself.

At 4 pm, we both close for work since non of us have an evening lecture. We head outside together and I was surprised when she open a Range Rover sport and ask me to get in. I stood there not knowing what to do, I wondered how she was able to have a Range Rover sport for herself.

” are you coming in or what? Common get in let me drop you off ” she said.

I made no hesitation as I slowly move my ass in. The inside was so neat and cool. I put on the seat belt, then she zoomed off. She dropped me at the gate of my apartment, where I got off.

” you don’t mind if you come in for a chill drinks before going your way ” I said politely. I wasn’t expecting her to say yes but she actually did. We both move in into my room and parlour self contain. I’m yet to furnish it well, but It’s quite okay to entertain a guest, but not a guest like her. I only have a small sofa in the living room and a plastic chair. I offered her a seat on the sofa then help her get a soft drinks from my mini fridge.

” do you have alcohol or any wine in there ” she asked immediately I hand her a malt drink .

” yes I do, I have vodka here but the liquor Is quite concentrated, I won’t want to give you that cos I still want to see your beautiful face tomorrow ” I said with a smile.

” oh really? That’s so thoughtful of you, why are you so different in all the guys that I’ve met. I guess I’m going to like you ” she said with a lustful grin.

” sure you will, if you stick long enough ” I said then I offer her a minimi chinchin. Which happens to be my favorite chinchin . She couldn’t eat it, I guessed because of the Akpu she ate at noon. But she took it along with her after talking randomly for a while.

After she has gone, I helped myself with a good sleep which lasted for hours.

I woke up at 5 am in the morning then prepare myself for my first lecturing class. I didn’t dress in my copper attire. I kit myself up with an expensive Russian suit.

On my way to the lecture room, I bump in with the same set of girls I met while I was checking the time table.

” Mr copper, na you be this? You fine today oo, wetin dey for the girls na” their mouth piece voiced out in a local pidgin language.

“nothing dey ooo, unless you want to eat communication in English ” I replied, showing them the text book I’m holding.

“Nawa for you ooo, as you fine reach, you no get money for hand, so you broke as you dey so? at all, at all no fit drop for your body. Bros go die Jor!” one of them said and they both walked away with a hiss. I didn’t say a word, I just watched them moving away like a herds of sheep.

My first lecture was with the 100 level students. I entered the class just a minute after 8 am. The class was to commence by 8 am. And I arrived just in time.

The class was dominated mostly with girls, most of them are ‘slaying’ judging from their facial appearance. I surveyed my eyes around and I saw the same set of girls that washed me some minutes ago sitting at the back of the lecture room, their appearance shows that they are very surprise to see me.

“I told you that you will see me in black and white ” I said to myself then I cleared my throat to introduce myself.

” My name is Ayo, I will be your English lecturer from now on, I’m very fun to be with, and I can also be the opposite depending on your choice, I don’t pass a failing student, so if you desire a good grade in my course you will have to work hard, I think that is clear enough ” I said then I began lecturing.

Immediately after the lecture, the same set of girls approached me and began begging me on their knees. I pardon them, and beside I wasn’t mad at them. They introduced themselves one by one to me but I care less about their names.

” nice outfit ” came a voice directly behind me, I processed the voice to be Amaka voice.

” you really have a way you deals with girls, I saw those girls begging you on their kneels, only God knows what their offences are ” she added.

” you are looking good today, more beautiful than yesterday I will say ” I said, and it seems my charm didn’t work on her.

” what ever, any way thank you, I’m inviting you to a dinner party today, will you come? ” she said with a blushing smile.

” Hell yeah, who am I to refuse a lady as beautiful as you, text me the time and the venue, I will be there to make you smile ” I said trying to recast my charm on her.

Evening arrived and so was night, I was busy dressing up for the dinner when I heard a faint knock on the door. I opened up and I was shocked by what I saw. There standing at my door was a copy of myself, but his body was cold, which shows that he’s dead.

” who are you? and why do you look so much like me ” I asked with confusion.

” dangers lie ahead of you, you leave you die ” he said then he disappeared.

To be continued….

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