Adebimpe, The Facebook Girl ???? (Season 1) Episode 1 - 9

Adebimpe: The Facebook Girl – Episode 8

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BIMPE:, see, I didn’t come back because of the money you want to

give me. I only came back because I love you

ME: baby, you know I loved you too, I am so sorry for my

approach the other time. It’s because of my uncontrollable urges.

BIMPE: its ok dear.

Bimpe dropped her back, sat on the bed with me and came closer.

“Onihaxy, u know I love you so much, I came all the way from PHC

just because of you. Why are you treating me like this?” Bimpe


I am sorry once again. Pls forgive me.

I pulled bimpe closer, placed her back on my chest, I wrapped her

in my arms and “yinmu” on her.

I bend my head forward and kissed her, she responded and held

my head towards her. We kissed passionately. Then I dipped my

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hand into her round neck blouse, locate her Tips. I started

handling the two Tips. I squeeze and pressed. This time, bimpe

started moaning softly. Then I moved my hands down to her mini-

skirt. I pull it up. Behold, bimpe is pantless.

I started finger bleeping; I dipped on finger in, twisting it and

knocking the walls of the Kitty-Cat.

I increased it to 2 fingers, then 3 fingers.

I stop finger bleeping and began tilting his femalecore. I pulled off

her shirt and sucked the bosoms.

Bimpe’s moaning increased. She turned around. Grabbed my

erected dick and covered it with her mouth. She sucked licked and

spit on it.

After few minutes of sucking, I dipped my hand under my matress,

picked my condom, wore it and lie down on my back. Bimpe

sat on my pointed dick and start the “woman at the top pounding”.

Ohhhhh, yeeeeeah, huuuuuuch, hmmmmmm. Heeeee, bimpe

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moaned at different tempo. Going up and hitting her a$$ on my


She twisted round and began a “reversed cow girl” sex. I was

having a good view of her a$$ while was moving up and down on

me. I pushed he forward into a kneeling position, I stroke her from

the back.

Bimpe was shouting, harder baby, faster faster, deeper deeper,

mess. So many tones and tempos. I wasn’t responding to well

because its a “mission sex”. We keep switching position till we

were both tired at around past 7am. We both lied Unclad on the

bed and slept off.

*********wake up, wake up, wake up. I heard someone tapping

me. It was bimpe. I opened my eyes and found bimpe on the bed

well dressed up. And the time is 8:00pm on dot.******

Bimpe: hurry up to get the money and let me start leaving

Me: ******smiled*********

BIMPE: why smiling dear, did I say anything funny?

ME:****i looked straight into her eyes and said to her*******

Adebimpe, you are not getting a single kobo from me.

Bimpe:**** was shocked and restless*** Abeg if na joke, just stop

am abeg…..


Bimpe:, if na joke, u better stop am

ME: **i looked at her straight face****, just kidding dear. I only

want to study ur “anger management”.

BIMPE: better. So how are we moving?, I’m set already.

ME: I thought of something, banks don’t resolve debit issue in a

day. So let me call akin, *****i picked my fone, made a fake call

as I distance myself abit from bimpe to avoid Bleep

up************ “ok akin, thanks bro. I will come there with segun

to get it right away”, then I hanged up…

BIMPE: hmmmm, those promise and fail friends you have abi?

ME: no dear, Akin is not like that, he is a good guy unlike segun.

He is so nice dear. So let me call segun to inform him.

BIMPE: ok, go ahead and do the calling.

*****i picked my fone, dialled segun’s number. I told him we

should meet at akin’s place this morning to get the money****, I

hanged up

ME: bimpe, I’m going to miss you dear

BIMPE: me too

ME: when next are we seeing?

BIMPE: whenever u are ready to finance the journey. But this

time, u will send TO and FRO money to avoid another delay.

ME: ok dear.

*****i moved closer to her, grabbed her head and kiss her again,

she responded and reciprocated. I whispered into her ear, “I

want to feel you one more time baby”. She resisted at first. When

she saw my frowned face. She came over to me, and said

BIMpE: but why do u like sex dis much?

ME: It’s not like that; I just don’t like to be rejected when I needed


BIMPE: do u truly love me?

ME: yes off course

BIMPE: then why the rush?

*********i knew bimpe is not giving in this time, so I starting

calling her sweet names, tell her sweet words, reminded her of

how I loved her, how we will run our home when married.

BIMPE: then why don’t u propose to me and engage me?

ME: you know this is the first time of our meeting, all my

proposing plan is still our next meeting, I want to make it a

surprise to you.

******bimbe was just quiet, so I moved closer to her and kissed

her, we started kissing so passionately, I moved my hands down

to her shirts, she held my hand and said ” I don’t want to scatter

my dressing, just wait”.

She unhooked her trouser, pulled it down with her pants to knee

level. Bends and positioned her a$$ to me. “Onihaxy” now u can

get what you want” she said.

Without wasting time. I pulled off my boxers, raised the mattress,

picked a condom, wear it and slid it in from the back. It was so

sweet that she keeps moaning, yeeeah babyyy I will miss

you ,baby I love uuuuu, oooouch. Switching tempos. Finally,

I cum after 8minutes. She clean up with tissue, while I did the


BIMPE: now that you are satisfied, can you go now?

ME: ok *********i dashed out of the house to meet segun*********

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