Adebimpe, The Facebook Girl ???? (Season 1) Episode 1 - 9

Adebimpe: The Facebook Girl – Episode 4

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Bimpe:, if na joke, u better stop am

ME: **i looked at her straight face****, just kidding dear. I only

want to study ur “anger management”.

BIMPE: better. So how are we moving?, I’m set already.

ME: I thought of something, banks don’t resolve debit issue in a

day. So let me call akin, *****i picked my fone, made a fake call

as I distance myself abit from bimpe to avoid Bleep

up************ “ok akin, thanks bro. I will come there with segun

to get it right away”, then I hanged up…

BIMPE: hmmmm, those promise and fail friends you have abi?

ME: no dear, Akin is not like that, he is a good guy unlike segun.

He is so nice dear. So let me call segun to inform him.

BIMPE: ok, go ahead and do the calling.

*****i picked my fone, dialled segun’s number. I told him we

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should meet at akin’s place this morning to get the money****, I

hanged up

ME: bimpe, I’m going to miss you dear

BIMPE: me too

ME: when next are we seeing?

BIMPE: whenever u are ready to finance the journey. But this

time, u will send TO and FRO money to avoid another delay.

ME: ok dear.

*****i moved closer to her, grabbed her head and kiss her again,

she responded and reciprocated. I whispered into her ear, “I

want to feel you one more time baby”. She resisted at first. When

she saw my frowned face. She came over to me, and said

BIMpE: but why do u like sex dis much?

ME: Its not like that, I just don’t like to be rejected when I needed


BIMPE: do u truly love me?

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ME: yes off course

BIMPE: then why the rush?

*********i knew bimpe is not giving in this time, so I starting

calling her sweet names, tell her sweet words, reminded her of

how I loved her, how we will run our home when married.

BIMPE: then why don’t u propose to me and engage me?

ME: you know this is the first time of our meeting, all my

proposing plan is still our next meeting, I want to make it a

surprise to you.

******bimbe was just quiet, so I moved closer to her and kissed

her, we started kissing so passionately, I moved my hands down

to her shirts, she held my hand and said ” I don’t want to scatter

my dressing, just wait”.

She unhooked her trouser, pulled it down with her pants to knee

level. Bends and positioned her a$$ to me. “Onihaxy” now u can

get what you want” she said.

Without wasting time. I pulled off my boxers, raised the mattress,

picked a condom, wear it and slid it in from the back. It was so

sweet that she keeps moaning, yeeeah babyyy I will miss

youuuuu,baby I love uuuuu, oooouch. Switching tempos. Finally,

I cum after 8minutes. She clean up with tissue, while I did the


BIMPE: now that you are satisfied, can you go now?

ME: ok *********i dashed out of the house to meet segun*********


Me: sege, how I go take discharge this girl now?, I no get the

liver to tell her make she dey go without money

SEGE:, just tell her say you saw her messages, show it to her

and pursue her comot.

ME: I still don’t have the liver.

SEGUN: sebi u don’t Bleep sumtin wey worth your 4,500balance?

ME: something like that.

SEGUN: oya “rinso” make I go finish her for you.

ME: na u go do all the talking ooooo.

SEGE: chaiiii, u no be only maga but certified mumu. Abeg waka

make we go.

*******we left his house and got to my apartment***************

segun greeted bimpe.

SEGE: our wife, our you dey?

BIMPe: I’m fine, I’m so sorry about the last robbery incident,

SEGE: no mention jaree, sebi na dis my MUMU friend cause am,

if no be dat, I no go leave my room open to the extent of been robbed.


*********by now I was shaking and blinking at segun to stop cos

I was afraid*********

BIMPE: mumu kee?, abeg my husband no mumu ooooo, I no like

dat word, I no dey take my husband joke with people oooo

SEGE: really?, if no be say he mumu, how no suppose know say

another guy dey Bleep him babe for free in this akure?

BIMPE:*****was curious****** which babe?****turns to me****

onihaxy, so u get another babe for this akure? Upon how I loved


SEGE: madam calm down, na u I dey talk to.

BIMPE: me?*****raised eye brow*****

SEGE: yes, we know you sex machine “sodiq” wey dey live ijoka.

Sunday bustop to be precised. How u sleep there for 2 nites, how

u went there yesterday for quickee, how u suck…………..

****now I was vibrating, just watching the two of the with my

mouth sealed, my heart was beating faster*******

BIMPE: *****turns to me****baby, what is the meaning of the

rubbish your friend is saying?. And you were there?, u can’t talk?.

Abegi I no get time to yarn trash, give me my money make I dey


SEGE: u are not getting any kobo here. ****segun collects my

fone, opened facebook and started reading all the conversations

out from beginning to the end.

BIMPE:****sober and started crying and faced me******baby, I

can explain this, its not what you think

ME: ********looked her with a little courage****** nothing to

explain bimpe. Whatever segun says is the final.

SEGE:, before the count of ten, I want you out of this house or

else I will molest you.******segun start to pull off his belt*******

BIMPE: please I will leave*****turned to me******baby pls for

God’s sake, I love you so much, I can explain.

*****i felt so sorry for her that my eyes were soaked. I feel like

stopping segun but he looks to determined. I couldn’t watch

bimpe moving in tears that I had to face the wall till she left.

**********that was the last time I saw bimpe. 2days later, she

blocked me on her facebook, whatsapp and deleted me on BBM.

I tried calling her so many times but she will not pick up. that reminds me. Now that your cousin refuse to give you

money, how will you get to PHC?

BIMPE: oh baby, I know you won’t watch me been stranded in

akure. After my cousin, u are the only person I have here. Please

help me

ME: but today is Sunday and banks doesn’t open, how do I do it?

BIMPE: ****she suddenly wear a sad face and started shedding

tears**** pls onihaxy. I beg of you, pls use your ATM and help

me, I have a test of 4unit course tomorrow morning

please.******continue with the sad face****

ME: instantly, I felt pity for her, I felt her pain, I thought of her

test. I just don’t know where the MR nice guy in me came from. I

replied her that “don’t worry, I will try and get something from the


Bimpe was so happy that she kissed me again, this time it was

more romantic and passionate. I locate her shirt button again.

This time, she didn’t resist, I press on to her bra, dipped my hand

into it, located her Tips, I was squeezing and pressing. I traced

my hands down to her abdomen, still doing the kissing. Just as I

was about unzipping her trouser, she said “STOP”, I refused but

she removed her mouth and shifted a bit

BIMPE: baby, don’t you think it’s too early for us to have sex?. We

are going to get married and enjoy ourselves till eternity, why

should we rush?. And besides, this is our first date dear. Pls

******she wore this innocent girl look*******

I just wore a straight face and refuse to say anything. She

noticed that I am unhappy. So she came closer again in kissed

me. She started rubbing my chest, I was happy thinking she is

ready to play. Just as I was about pressing her bosoms, she held

my hand and say, “baby, pls hurry to the bank because of time, I

will surprise you when you are back

Immediately I heard the word surprise, I suddenly smile and

became restless. I dashed into my wardrobe, picked up a shirt.

Picked my ATM card. Just as I was about stepping out of the

room, her phone was ringing****************

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