Adebimpe, The Facebook Girl ???? (Season 8) Episode 1 - 26

Adebimpe: The Facebook Girl – Episode 204

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The next day at work, Kemi called me throughout the day and I didn’t pick up the call, I intentionally switched my phone on silent mode just because of her calls. While it was break time, I told Segun about what happened between Kemi and I, he couldn’t help it but to laugh out loudly on the phone saying “you are a very good bad boy Onihaxy. Infact, you are ‘badder’ than me”. At the close of business of the day, Benita made sure that she waited till every team member left the office; she pulled her chair closer and started asking me questions.
“Onihaxy, how far now?”
“what did you guys discuss at the meeting?”
“ did the management talk about the permanent placement?”
“ please tell me now”
She pestered me so much that I was tempted to tell her the truth but I remembered the penalties for leaking out the discussions from the meeting and I had to lie to her that the meeting was all about the errors detected from the team members’ work and ways of finishing up with the project before the last day. she asked me when team leads will be nominating people and I told her that I wasn’t aware yet, she begged me to talk to Funmi to influence her appointment and I promised her that I would try my best.
When I got home in the evening,Kemi called me with a strange number and I never knew she was the one calling, it was until I picked up the call and I heard her voice that I knew she was the one.
KEMI: Onihaxy, this is unfair now, I have been calling you since morning and you weren’t picking up my call.
ME: I am so sorry dear; I was seriously busy at work today,
KEMI: how far about the money now?, I am yet to receive the alert.
ME: Kemi, there is an issue concerning the money dear, the guy that promised to lend the N5,000 to me suddenly changed this morning and told me that he won’t be able to give it out again as a result of a form that came up that he had to obtain.
KEMI: haaOnihaxy, please find a means of helping me now, I beg you in the name of God.
ME:****scratching my head*** I will try every possible best before relocating to Port Harcourt this weekend.
KEMI: Relocating to port Harcourt?, what for?
ME: oooh sorry, I forgot to inform you. I have been transferred to a branch in portharcout this morning and I will be resuming there on Monday, but I have to travel this Friday so as to check the accommodation given to me and to also do some clean ups before Monday.
KEMI: eeayah, so what will happen to your accommodation in Maryland?
ME: I have just two months’ rent left; I will sublet it to my friend
KEMI: huuuh, does that mean I won’t be seeing you again?
ME: no now, I will be coming to Lagos atleast once in every two months to check on you.
KEMI: no problem, please don’t forget the money please, I am really counting on you Onihaxy, you can even complete it for me once and for all before you travel
ME: ok dear, I will see if I can try to borrow from anyone in the office
KEMI: please try Onihaxy, thank you so much dear. I love you so much
ME: I love you too ****hanged up***
“chai!!!, it worked”
“ Onihaxy, you are a sharp guy”
“imagine the stupid girl was even given me a target”
“ will she tell me that she doesn’t have people she sleeps with before meeting me?”
“ with that honeypot as wide as a well, she must have many diggers”
I got to work the following day and I received a remainder mail from the management to send our nominations on / before Friday of that week, I looked at the team and I have up to five guys who are well mannered, diligent in their works and they are loyal to me. “there was no way I would pick Benita and leave out these hard working guys who always work tirelessly to make sure that the team work is going well” I thought to myself. I also had to seek for Segun’s advice on chat and he told me to drop Benita right away and pick the people who deserved it as their spirit will be angry with me for robbing them of their glory. Without hesitating, I forward the name of the two most hardworking out of the guys to the management for consideration.
After several failed promises I gave to Kemi and also the lies about my relocation to portharcout, she gave up on calling me frequently as it was obvious to her that I couldn’t help her situation any more. On weekend of that same week, I got a call from Adeola.
ME: hello Adeola, long time.
ADEOLA: Onihaxy, I am fine. What about you?
ME: I am fine too.
ADEOLA: Onihaxy, please I want to do something to my mum and I want you to play along with me.
ME: ok dear, what is that?
ADEOLA: I want to tell her that I am pregnant.
ME: haaaa, what if she asked who is responsible for it?
ADEOLA: I will tell her that you are the one
ME: no ooAdeola, I think that will be too extreme
ADEOLA: yes I know, I want her to go through an extreme shock.
ME: but I don’t think you need all these pranks Adeola, how long will you and your mum continue this thing?,
ADEOLA: till I am tired of playing games.
ME: but don’t you think it’s going to bounce back on me?
ADEOLA: calm down Onihaxy. I already told you that she dare not do anything to you.
ME: ok ooooo. But I am scared sha.
ADEOLA: ok, I will do it this way, I will tell her that I am pregnant and the pregnancy belongs to someone whom she know very well but he doesn’t want his name to be mentioned for now. That will even put her in more shock and pains than mentioning your name.
ME: but Adeola, just think about what I told you. You and your mum need to discuss things out.
ADEOLA: I don’t want the sermon Onihaxy. If only you know how shameful and disgraceful it is for someone’s mother to sleep around with her daughter’s friend, then you will know what I am talking about. The game of love still continues and I am telling her that I am pregnant when I come home for holiday.
All my preaching and sermon fell on Adeola’s deaf hear and I had no choice than to let her carry out what she had on her mind since I am safe and secured. The following week which was the last week of the project, I had finally collected my international passport and I was so happy that I was finally set and prepared to travel out of the country. Twelve members of the project team were invited for an assessment by the management of which Benita was not invited. she was angry with me for not nominating her and influencing her appointment with Funmi and I had to convince her that I tried my best and her name was the number one on the list I sent to the management, I also told her that I informed Funmi about it but Funmi said she doesn’t have any influence in the on-going project. Out of the twelve that was invited, six passed the test and interview and they were told to go to Lekki for their new appointment letter. I was so happy that the two guys nominated from my team got an appointment. On hearing that there were two more position left to be filled, Benita never stopped disturbing about it as she promised to give me anything I want in other foe me to help her.
I was at home the following weekend, it was on a Saturday afternoon and I just finished doing some sanitation and I also washed the car when I heard my phone ringing. I checked it and it was Adebimpe.
ME: hello Ma,
BIMPE: Onihaxy!!!!!!!!!!!!!, where are you?
ME: I am at home, why screaming my name?
BIMPE: do you have your international passport with you now?,
ME: yes, why are you asking?
BIMPE: ok, I will contact someone right now to start processing our Visa, we need to leave this country right away.
ME: ***confused*** leave this country?, Bimpe, I don’t understand you, what is happening?
BIMPE: ok, I told you that the whole family will be travelling for a vacation this Easter?
ME: yes, what about it?
BIMPE: During medical screening, Henry and Daniella went together and I couldn’t go with them because I had a medical emergency to attend to at the hospital where I work
ME: ok, what now happened?
BIMPE: Henry had found out that he isn’t the real father of Daniella from the blood results. you, Daniella and I need to leave this country immediately before things get messier.
ME: ****screamed**** yeeeeeee!!!!!!!!, I have been ruined!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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