Adebimpe, The Facebook Girl ???? (Season 8) Episode 1 - 26

Adebimpe: The Facebook Girl – Episode 186

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We spent few days with grandma in Ekiti state before leaving Ado and returning back to Akure on the 2nd of January which was a Saturday. On Sunday morning, we departed from Akure and went back to Lagos. Whilewe were on the road, we started discussing.

BETTY: Onihaxy, you can see that everyone in my family really likes you.

ME: yes, except for your daddy.

BETTY: common Onihaxy, ofcourse I know. but don’t worry. since we already have three on our side, my daddy’s own is a small issue.

ME: hmmmm. have you forgotten that your daddy is more powerful than the three you mentioned?

BETTY: don’t worry Onihaxy, I know everything is going to work out for good very soon.

ME: I’m not really scared about your daddy, I’m much more scared about the guy that you are already engaged to.

BETTY: what about him?

ME: was he not the person you were telling Grandma about that he beat a cab driver because the driver made a complement about your beauty?

BETTY: eeeehhhmmm, that was true. But why are you scared?

ME: someone that could do such a thing to an innocent cab driver, don’t you think he can assassinate me?, especially when he finds out that I am his rival and competitor?, and you know that I don’t have anything to fight with.

BETTY: ****laughed*** Onihaxy, I just want you to be rest assured that nothing is going to happen to you. Besides, he doesn’t know you neither did he know where you live, so how is he going to kill you?,

ME: and what about when we eventually start to live together?,won’t there be any threat to my life?

BETTY: just calm down Onihaxy, nothing is going to happen to you. he knew I never loved him a bit. you are the one my heart desires and I’m going to do anything and everything possible for us to be together.

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ME: ok dearie, I t—-t you

we continued to gist and discuss until we arrived in Lagos. Betty suggested that we should first go to Lekki before going back to my house in Maryland. Earlier before we departed from Akure, Betty and I went to a shopping mall when she said she was going to get some gift items for Henry, Bimpe and Daniella. We walked across various sections of the mall looking for things to buy, Betty would pick an item, show it to me and ask if it was ok and I would nod my head in response to her. After several minutes of checking out things, Betty bought a dress and shoe for AdeBimpe, A baby dress and a toy for Daniella and a shoe with wrist watch for Henry. When we wanted to checkout at the cashier’s desk, we were told that the total fee was 53,000 naira and I was marveled when Betty brought out her Atm card from her purse and made the payment using the POS machine. we got into the car and she told me that I was going to present all the items myself and that I was going to act as if I bought it for them with my own money. I was marveled and I asked her why she wanted me to take the glory of what she bought, she replied me and said it would look proper for me to do so since I am the in-law who wanted to marry a girl from the family and it was going to make me look more responsible to them. I appreciated her and hugged her for her love and kind gesture; I gave her a kiss before we drove off from the mall at around 6pm that same saturday. she said she would be visiting my mummy and I told her to meet me at home when she is through. I dropped her off at the junction of my mummy’s house and I drove home. I got home and I was telling the gist to Segun on chat.

ME: sege, how you dey?,I’m in Akure now oooo.

SEGE: that is good. how was the journey and the people you went there to visit?

ME: they are fine ooooo.

SEGE: so where are you now?

ME: I’m at home. You can believe what happened today

SEGE: what happened?,Funmi called you and Betty got angry?

ME: no jaree

SEGE: so what happened then?

ME: Betty and I stopped by at a mall to buy some gift items for her family. Could you believe that she bought everything from her purse and gave them to me to present it to her family when we get back to Lagos

SEGE: so, it will appear as if you are the one who bought the items?

ME: exactly. That is it.

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SEGE: waooooh. so cool and romantic of her. Onihaxy, don’t you think it’s time to up your game on Betty and take a step further?

ME: what step further are you talking about?

SEGE: don’t you think you should propose to this girl before shereturn back to her school?

ME: that’s a good idea ooo. Honestly, I have never thought about it before now.

SEGE: you see your life?, you better to that on time to at least convince that you are serious and ready.

ME: but the other guy already gave her a ring na. I saw it on the pictures she uploaded on her introduction day.

SEGE: but I never saw her with any ring all through her stay in Akure?

ME: that’s true. I guess she pulled if off or kept it somewhere.

SEGE: either she had a ring or not is none of our business, just buy yours and propose to her.

ME: I don’t even know where to buy a ring.

SEGE: go back to same mall you were just coming from. An average ring shouldn’t cost more than 5,000 naira.

ME: how did you know the price?

SEGE: you know I used to buy them to hook everystubbornladies back in the days.

ME: hmmmmmmmm, Badooo. But how do I go about the proposal?

SEGE: you no dey watch am for television?. I think the best venue is her brother’s house. Go on your kneel and propose to her in the presence of her brother and that witch of a woman called AdeBimpe. That alone will put her to shame.

ME: hmmmmmm, thanks jaree.

I drove back immediately to the mall and I purchased a silver ring for 7,500 naira and I kept it at the bottom of my bag where Betty would not be able to find it.



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