Adebimpe, The Facebook Girl ???? (Season 2) Episode 1 - 25

Adebimpe: The Facebook Girl – Episode 15

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yourself take care. ***stood up and was about to


ME: ***i wanted to beg her but I remembered that she

doesn’t even have a T.fare to return home and besides,

she still wanted airtime, na so I come dey form*****.

KEMI: ****walked towards the door, held the handle of

the door but she refused to open, after few seconds,

she looked back**** onihaxy, and I love you more than

all this things you are doing to me oo. Why are you

treating me this way?, despite how much I love you

***wanted to cry****

ME: ***yeah, trap don catch her, she wan chop 50k

awuf shopping and she no wan loose 400naira

airtime**** I stood up, walked up to the door, held her

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hands and looked into her eyes,***

Baby, you know I love you too. I have always loved you

and I will forever love you.

Before we know what was happening, our lips found

each other and we began to kiss passionately as we

were both standing by the door


My lips were locked into kemi’s mouth as we began to

kiss at the door, she left the door handle and rest her

back on the door and I turned around also to face her,

we continued kissing as she wrapped my neck into her

arms. My hand began to move downward to her neck, I

spent little seconds there before taking it down to her

chest. I didn’t bother to insert my hands into her

blouse but I was squeezing and smooching her breast

from outside her cloth. Kemi was moaning but I wasn’t

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satisfied with her tempo. Immediately I remembered

that her response was unique when I touched the

abdomen few moments ago. I decided to move my

hand away from her breast and took it down to her

abdomen. Kemi jerked instantly and kissed me harder

*****yeah, I don get am******. I was tickling her navel

and kissing at the same time until we moved away

from the door and landed on the bed.

I continue tickling her abdomen and she was rubbing

my back in response. I moved my hand upward and

traced it to her bra. I pulled out the breasts from the

cup and began to squeeze. Kemi was lost in ecstacy

as she pushed up her head and her neck was on my


I pushed up her top to reveal her breasts. ****chai, it

was loaded and bouncing*****.

I was squeezing one breast and sucking the other. I

was swapping the breasts at intervals and taking her

cleavage into consideration.

I walked my hand downward to her navel and traced

the tiny hairs below it down to the button of her jeans.

****fear dey catch me to unlock the button******. I

began to play with the button like a confused kid and

my dick was fully erect and thirsty for a Bleep. After

few seconds of beating around the bush. I developed

the courage to give it another try and unlock the


As I was about to loose it, kemi placed her hand on my

hand but she never pulled my hand off, ***chai, omo

see little resistance****. I decided to suck the Tips

more passionately and her moans increased, in

between the moans, I unlocked the button and loosen

the zip of the jeans. I dipped my hand inside her pants

and behold, kemi was seriously wet.


*****onihaxy, e be like say tot sure for you today

ooo******, I dipped the hand further to the beneath of

her pusssy and the fluid was dripping on my finger. I

removed my mouth from her breast and returned to her

lips and began to kiss kemi as my hand was set for

manipulation underneath. I located her clit and was

handling it. Kemi was jerking, moaning and moving

closer to me as I was kissing at the same time.

After few seconds, I took the finger downward to her

kitten hole and immersed it into the stream, ****in-out-

in-out***** my finger began to move and kemi

continued moaning harder. I continued this for about 2

minutes until I gathered enough courage to pull off the

jeans from her legs. The jean was so tight, so in other

not to turn her off, I would finger Bleep her, pause for

a moment to pull the jean downward a little and then

return to mu handjob until I was able to successfully

remove the trouser. The pant was still remaining on her

waist but I didn’t see it as an obstacle since it was a

low waist pant with a tiny thread underneath. Kemi was

full wet and had cummed on my finger. I could see the

eagerness in her to have sex as she was moving her

hand down to my trousers and unhooking my belt. I left

her to finish the unhooking as I continued with my

hand job. Kemi pulled my trouser and boxers downward

a little and she began to cuddle and play with my

thirsty and erected rod. After about 1 minute, I moved

ontop of kemi, still kissing her and patted her pants

sideways, I used my hand to locate the hole and was

about burying my rod inside of it when kemi used her

hand to block the passage and she said “onihaxy


I looked at her and I was like “stop wetin?, after getting

to this level?”.

.ME: what’s that dear?, ****sad face****

KEMI: I don’t think this is right for us to do.

ME: baby, I love you, you need to know how much u

mean to me. I can’t just do without you ****sweet talks


KEMI: I know you loved me but I don’t think its right for

us to have sex.

ME: ****confused and silent*****.

I moved my head closer to hers and resumed kissing

her. I was squeezing her breasts at the same time with

my dick still erect but restricted from drilling by kemi’s

hand. After few moment of confused kissing, kemi

whispered “where is your condom?”. I smiled instantly

and was back to life, it was as if someone took a visa

from me and the returned it back.

I dipped my hand underneath my mattress and brought

out a pack of condom while still kissing. I paused the

kiss and tore the condom pack, positioned it on my

dick and wore it. Kemi saw the condom on my dick and

that was when she removed the hand that was blocking

the Kitty-Cat entrance. I drilled into kemi in a

missionary style and began to Bleep her ***in-out-in-

out****. I was complementing her with a kiss at the

same time. Kemi seems to have this big hips restricting

me from deep penetration, then I placed my two hands

under her a$$ to press the a$$ closer to me each time

I returned after going up. Later, I raised up her two

legs and spread them wide apart. **chaiiii, the

penetration was to the fullest. After about 5 minutes,

kemi said “what if bro segun is coming?” I replied.

“Don’t worry, he would call me or knock on the door”.

She replied with a sweet moan of “hmmmmmmm”. I

released one of her legs, turned it sideways and

pushed the other leg in same direction as I make her

face my dick with her ass as she was lieing on the bed

and I knelt behind the a$$$. I used my hand to push up

one of the butts so as to reveal the pusy hole while I

used the other hand to bury my condomized dick into

it. Kemi was moaning heavily and screaming at this

same time. I was deriving more pleasure because the

moans was kinda sexy. I bleeped her for another 6

minutes before I cummed. I removed the condom from

my dick and dropped it at the side of my bed as I lied

down behind kemi to cuddle her.

KEMI: are you now satisfied?

ME: **raised eyebrow*** as how?

KEMI: have you now accomplished your mission?

ME: my love, I’m not on any mission. I was with my

wife and we had a nice moment together.

KEMI: **smiled***, where is your bathroom?, I need to

shower before bro segun comes. I need to return home

on time.

ME: ok dear.

I lead her to the bathroom, I flushed the used condom

and return back to the room leaving kemi in the

bathroom to clean up. I picked my phone to gist segun

on whatsapp as I was dressing up at the same time.

ME: sege, how you dey?

SEGE: I dey fine ooo.

ME: I don Bleep her oooo.

SEGE: “oloshi” I know, I dey behind your window and I

dey hear as una dey drag the issue of condom

ME: “were ni e” bad boy. So what next?

SEGE: I will call you.

Kemi came out of the bathroom and began to dress

up. I cleared my chats on my phone. Kemi was through

with the dressing and she told me to call my brother

because she would soon be leaving.


KEMI: onihaxy, please call your brother, time is going

and I need to go back home on time.

ME: ****scrolling through my phone*** I don’t know

what is delaying him since, he is travelling today and

he had to go on time.

KEMI: please call him abeg ***restless***

ME: **dial segun’s number and placed on

loudspeaker****. Hello guy, where are you now?

SEGE: bros I’m sorry, there was a long queue at the

ATM, when there was about 6 people before me on

the queue, the ATM went out of cash and couldn’t

dispense money.

KEMI: haaaaaaaaaaa **oh God***

ME: haaaa, so what are you doing now?

SEGE: I am on my way to zenith back ATM at

hospital road, I should be there in a moment.

KEMI: ***restless, I don’t think I can wait***

ME: segun please hurry up, my love has to return

back home on time.

SEGE: ok bro ****hanged up*****

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