Adebimpe, The Facebook Girl ???? (Season 6) Episode 1 - 34

Adebimpe: The Facebook Girl – Episode 131

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Segun spent three weeks with me in Lagos before returning back to akure. Throughout his three weeks of stay, he succeeded in getting closer to Betty, they would always talk together on phone anytime she called me or I called her. Segun also got to be introduced to a lady known as Sandra. According to Betty, Sandra used to be her childhood friend back then in Abuja before she travelled out for her degree in Europe, she said Sandra’s father lived in the same neighborhood with her daddy and they also attended the same secondary school. Betty gave out Sandra’s facebook details to segun and she promised to follow up on her friend. As a very sharp guy, my friend added Sandra up immediately and they started chatting. Segun told me “onihaxy, wahala dey ooooo, as this girl doesn’t stay in Nigeria, how do I cope now?”, I smiled and replied him “don’t worry now, she would definitely come back home one day, so you need to start building the platform ahead of her return, She might even help you to travel out to meet her if she decided not to return home”.


After segun’s departure, I started driving my “Honda EOD” to the bank. The first day I drove it to work; it was on a Monday morning. I washed and cleaned the car during the weekend, I arranged the photocopies of all the documents inside the safe, I attached the “learner L” sign properly and warmed the engine on Sunday night. I drove to the bank, horned at the security to open the gate. One of the security came out and told me to wind-down, I did that and he was surprised to see me driving. He opened the entrance gate and I drove in. I parked the car at the staff park and as I was opening the door, I saw one of the ladies sharing same office with me alongside two members of my team walking inside the compound and they saw me. “Heeeeeeeeeeeee, onihaxy!!!, we must celebrate it ooooooooo.” They were all screaming as they walked closer to me. Their voices attracted some other people closed by to the scene and I felt embarrassed with the way they began to peep at the car and bombarded me several questions.

I entered my office to relax for a little moment before attending the connect session and I was shocked that the car was the topic on ground that was been discussed among the ” gossip crew” in my office. On noticing my entrance into the office, they started asking their own questions.

“Onihaxy, I heard you brought a car”

“Is that true?”

“Which make and model?”

“Is it manual or automatic?”

“How much is the cost of the car?”


I answered the few I could answer while I dodge the rest. I left my office and went to meet my other team members for the connect session and I was more shocked that the news had gone viral among them, I was just hearing “congratulations onihaxy, we must wash that car oooo”. My team-lead even announced it during the meeting that onihaxy brought a car to office today and I faced another set of questions from my team members.

“Onihaxy, is the car yours?”

“Was it your office mother that gave you?”

“How much did you saved out of 50,000 every month to buy EOD?”

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“Or the car na borrow pose?”

Questions was coming in from different angles and I got frustrated and didn’t know what to say, I just replied them saying “the car was sent to my mum and my mum decided to give me since she has a small one she drives”. The connect session ended and I returned to my seat. I picked my phone and I had a gist with Betty and segun about what happened in my office about the car, they both laughed and found it funny. At break time, Funmi sent me a mail to see her in her office. I suspended what I was doing and went inside her office to see her, “ooooh, this woman wanted to send me on an errand again”. I got to her office and knocked and she told me to enter.


FUNMI: ***smiling*** Mr onihaxy!!!, have your seat.


ME: **pulled out the chair and sat down**** thank you funmi.


FUNMI: hmmmmm, I heard a rumour that you brought a car, is that true?


ME: ****smiled**** yes.


FUNMI: is it yours? Or was it borrowed?


ME: its mine.


FUNMI: **surprised** really?, have you been saving up for it before you joined this bank?, or was it out of your monthly 50k you bought it from?

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ME: **smiled** actually, it was sent to my mum from my uncle in Abuja, and since mummy already had a small car she drives, she decided to give me this one.


FUNMI: hmmmmm, mummy’s boy!!!!, ok, that’s cool. Won’t you take me out to celebrate it for me?


ME: *****chaiii, wahala dey oooo****

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