Adebimpe, The Facebook Girl ???? (Season 6) Episode 1 - 34

Adebimpe: The Facebook Girl – Episode 127

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ME: *****silent for a while*******


BIMPE : *****looking at me in the eye and looked somehow scared*****


ME: eeeehmm, Mr henry. It was actually a transferred aggression.


HENRY: transferred aggression as how?.


ME: most of the time, it was either our customers provoked me, or my superiors. It actually led me to transfer aggression to many people. I’m sorry about that.


HENRY: ok, now I understand.


BIMPE: ***smiled*** that’s true; some customers can be so rude and annoying at the bank.


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HENRY: but all the same, that shouldn’t cause you to treat people who cared about you anyhow.


ME: ok sir.


HENRY: I used to work as an enquiry officer with a bank back in those days, and yet I placed a balance between my job and my family.


ME: thank you sir.


HENRY: Actually, I have wanted to call my sister and advise her to forget about you and move on. I’m serious.


ME: haaaaaaa.


HENRY: I swear to God. Because I can’t imagine a man claiming to date my sister and yet, he refused to call, visit, and also decided to ignore calls. Thank your stars and thank my wife. If not for her who suggested that we should invite you over and enquire from you. Honestly, I don’t have that patience.


ME: *** turned to bimpe***** mummy daniella, thank you very much ma. I’m really grateful ma. And please ma. Forgive me ma. It was actually a transferred aggression ma, it won’t repeat itself again ma.


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BIMPE: let’s just thank God. Try to change and adjust your ways, because I can’t imagine how you would treat my sister in-law when you treated us this way.


ME: I’m so sorry ma.


BIMPE: no problem.


HENRY: ***turned to bimpe*** hope you have forgiven him fully and whole heartedly.


BIMPE: **smiled and rest her head on henry’s chest**** yes dear, I have.


HENRY: Mr onihaxy!, next time I hear that you aren’t calling or not picking calls again, I swear to God, you will see the other side of me.


ME: I heard you sir, I will try my best to be a good boy sir. And I promise you that I will even be the one to be calling.


HENRY: that’s good and that is what I like to hear. Maybe you don’t know that my wife and I are your reference in this relationship. Whatever we say or decide is what my sister must follow.


ME: ok sir.


BIMPE: ****mood changed immediately and I was smiling**** so Mr onihaxy, what will you eat?


ME: I’m ok for now. I’m fine.


BIMPE: I will never accept that from you my inlaw, you must eat something.


ME: seriously, I’m good and fine.


HENRY: mummy daniella, why are you asking him?, go to the kitchen and prepare something jaree.


BIMPE: ok dear, I will be right back.***stood up and left us****


HENRY: Mr onihaxy, let’s talk about you. How is work?, and when do you intend to settle down?


Henry and I continued to relate and chat on so many issues for the next 20 minutes until we heard a knock on the door. Henry asked who was at the door and a voice sounded from outside saying “it’s me sarah”. Henry raised his voice to call bimpe. “Darling, sarah is at the door”. Bimpe came out to the living room putting on a kitchen apron. She went to the door and opened it. The door opened and a young lady entered, holding daniella on the hand, Adebimpe bent down, picked daniella up and kissed her, petting her and calling her several pet names. She dropped her down and said “daniella, “oya” go and play with uncle onihaxy”.

Daniella came over to meet me while bimpe and sarah entered into the kitchen. I asked henry who sarah was and he replied that she was the new maid.


Like 20 minutes later, sarah came out of the kitchen to the dinning carrying a tray containing two dishes and some plates while bimpe came out to meet us at the living room where I was playing with daniella. Henry was so surprised seeing daniella and I playing together like two kids. He turned to adebimpe and asked,


HENRY: dear, has mr onihaxy and daniella been playing like this before?


BIMPE: why did you ask?


HENRY: because I have never seen daniella playing with an outsider like this before.


BIMPE: yeah, that is true. Maybe daniella liked him sha. And funny enough, She is always asleep whenever he comes here to visit betty, I think he met daniella awake just thrice.


HENRY: this is amazing.


ME: smiling at both of them, **see this mum, why won’t she play with me when I’m her father** ”


BIMPE: anyways, food is ready, let’s all go to the kitchen and eat.


We all left the living room and went to the dinning with daniella sitting by my side and still playing with me

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