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A Letter To My Boyfriend – Episode 14

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At Lagos(in Dozie’s house)

Austin was seen relaxing on a cushion with a frown


wen Dozie walked in adjusting his shirt.


food is ready” Dozie said.

“I’m not hungry” Austin replied. Dozie went and sat

beside him.

“You can’t be like this. You have been trying her


all day. You have to eat” Dozie said.

“I mean

how can I eat when I haven’t heard from her since I got


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here. I have no appetite. I need to talk to her” Austin


“Has it gotten to that?”

“Sure. it has”

“No no no no, let’s I forget. has her number gone through

again today?” Dozie asked.

“Last time her father picked her Call. Her phone has


ringing no answer. I even tried calling her with another


still no response” Austin said and Dozie laughed. Austin


staring at him wondering what was funny.


means, you have to try again later. Have you tried


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her a text message?” Dozie asked.

“yes about ten of it still no response”

“what’s going on”

“what’s happening?” Austin asked adjusting upright.


I think this whole thing started the day your line was blocked.


suspect that her father blocked her line so that there will be


communication between the both of you” Dozie said.


in Gods name was he thinking doing such thing?” Austin reasoned.


wants you to come looking for shantel in his house so he will


back at you. can’t you get it” Dozie said and Austin concurred.


do I do now?” Austin asked.

“Aww. I think you should not give him that chance. that’s


you should do” Dozie replied. Austin buried his face on a pillow

feeling sad.



shantel drove her Lexus jeep and parked it beside a fence at


apartment Mr. Williams was living at. She rushed to a lady


saw coming out of the compound.

“good day ma” shantel greeted.

“Good day. how may I help you?” the lady asked.


I’m looking for Mr. Williams” shantel said.

“Oh, uncle Williams. He moved out after the amrobbering attack


weeks ago” the lady said and shantel’s face changed.


weeks ago?” shantel asked and the lady nodded.

“Emmm. do

you have any address were his living now?” shantel asked.


He didn’t tell anybody” she replied and attempt to walk but,


and turned back to shantel who was standing there mutely.


there any problem?” She asked.

“No, no problem…thanks” shantel replied.

“You’re welcome” she replied and moved away. shantel went


to her car and zoomed off.


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Hours Later.

At Austin’s parents house.

shantel was seen standing before mr. and Mrs. Ikem.


are you doing here young lady?” Mrs. Ikem asked.


I’m sorry if there’s anything wrong I have done to you. please

forgive me” shantel pleaded.

“Listen young lady, I’m sure you’re here to find out whether the


sent by you and your father has done a good job. go back and


your evil father that; Austin cannot be killed” Mazi Ikem said.


please believe me, I don’t have a hand in it. honestly” shantel


“Queen of riches. return to your world, your father doesn’t want


son, we don’t want you even. Please leave us alone” Mrs. Ikem


“Please I’m looking for Austin. please I will be glad if you tell


were he is. I need to know were he is” Shantel said.


want his address in Lagos?” Mr. Ikem asked and shantel nodded.

“Ok odinma(is good).

wait I will give it to you” Mr. Ikem said and went inside with his


he came out with a cutlass alongside with his wife who was

holding a shovel.

“Jesus” shantel shouted and ran into her car and zoomed off

with a high speed.

“You could have wait lemme cut off your head with this cutlass.

Nonsense” Mr. Ikem shouted and went back inside with his





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