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A Journey Of Love – Episode 7

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Daniel stare at his mum continuously.

“What?” Daniel asked.

“what do you mean what? must you embarrass me?




left Cynthia and her father to come and watch movie

inside?” Mrs. Emily asked angrily.


came here to see you not me” Daniel responded standing

up from the cushion.

“How dare

you say that to me. what have come over you?” Mrs Emily


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“Nothing. Nothing mum. Why don’t you understand that


don’t want to do anything with that so called Cynthia

of yours?” Daniel asked.

“Shut up. Do you know what it means to be married

to the daughter of your father’s best friend?” Mrs. Emily



don’t care what it means mum. Love is not buying and


like business. Love is feeling. Mine feelings. doesn’t


mean anything to you mum?” Daniel asked back.


honey, it does mean something to me, and what it means


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me is, I must make something out of your life” Mrs Emily


“You mean your life mum. It has always been you and


you want” Daniel replied walking to the dining. He


an empty sit and sat down.

“Do you know what I want?” Mrs. Emily asked


to him at the dinning room.

“Listen let me tell you. I wanted your father, my


to be alive all through this years. I want all the building


have built for to be cemented by a good marriage


you who I have done everything for and a girl from good


decent home like Cynthia. That is all that I want. that is


I called achievement” Mrs. Emily said.


the rest of my life with Ella, is what I called achievement” Daniel replied.

Mrs. Emily

froze.. she went and sat beside Daniel.


you want to ruin yourself? You want to ruin all I have


for by marrying that rat thing that doesn’t even know


parents” Mrs. Emily said. Daniel was shocked to


that from his mum. she hardly know Ella, how come


now know more about her background.


did you know about that?” Daniel asked surprisedly.


know me. I got her thoroughly investigated. Her father


when she was barely 18 years old. He died as a result


curse” Mrs. Emily asnwered.

“From?” Daniel asked.

“The village shrine. The man she lives with it’s just


uncle. And you want to compare her with Cynthia? you


to compare her with a girl who has had the very best of



girl of class, a girl with a solid family, degree and rich?” Mrs. Emily asked.


those things means nothing to me mum. absolutely nothing” Daniel replied

standing up.

“A woman who I will love for who she is, a woman


nobility of character and innocence is the one I

deserve” He shouted taking back his sit.


woman, I will truly love” Daniel added calmly and

Mrs. Emily smiled.

“You know darling, that is why I believe that, Cynthia


you will make a perfect match” Mrs. Emily said with

a smile.

“Mum. there can not be a perfect match than Ella” Daniel


Mrs. Emily got annoyed and stood up from her sit.


listen to me young man. I don’t want to ever, ever,


that name mentioned in this house again. Get it. You


me. Nonsense” Mrs. Emily shouted angrily and left

for her room.




Ella was seen sitting at the sitting room and crying her


out. it’s been days now and she has been avoiding Daniel.

in as much

as she tried to forget him, she still end up falling more


more in love with him. The door opened and Ogechi

step in.

“You missed lectures today Ella” Ogechi said but no


from Ella. Ogechi went and sat beside her.


long will you continue like this? Just look at you. my


you need to let things go” Ogechi told Ella.


I have tried. I have really tried. sometimes I wish this


a problem” Ella responded sadly.


you’re wishing for the wrong thing” Ogechi said. Ella

stare at her confused.

“It’s true” she added nodding her head.


you cannot understand me” Ella said.


don’t understand. You don’t understand Ella. Just look


you. For how long are you going to continue like this?


said you don’t want to see him and yet you’re not at

peace with

yourself” Ogechi shouted at Ella.


have tried to” Ella responded.


your heart. My dear follow your heart. That is what I


will do if I were you” Ogechi told Ella. Ella felt cold.


doesn’t know what next to utter rather than to reason

her broken world.


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