10 Days With Bella – Episode 2


( Your so evil )

_____________________10days with Bella.

Bella sat at the restaurant looking into the

arrogant bastards eyes how she wish she could

plug out his eyes and feed them to the vultures.

It’s been five days since she crushed his car,and

one way or the other she bumped into him in a

hotel were her friend work that she needed some

money , he had threatened her and told her she

will pay for crossing her boundary, Bella was

really scared because mere looking at the

handsome monster inside of him lay a beast ,

she didn’t know how he got her number and

address, he had told her to meet him here as

early as possible, when she refused she was

forced into the car by one of his guards name

Josh.and now here she is looking at him angrily,

what does he want from her, she wonders.

After Knight bumped into her at the hotel he had

threatened to deal with her for the damage she

cursed his car, after Bella quickly left he met

with the lady who’s Name is Rosa and asked her

why Bella was in the hotel, she had told him

Bella needed Money, he asked of her name and

Rosa told him Bella Kinston, after that Knight left

the hotel pulled out his phone and called max,

his private investigator, telling him he needed all

information about the name Bella Kinston.

Max got all the whole information and arrived at

his office early the next day .

“So tell me, what did you find ? Knight asked .

“Here are the information’s, I’d like to read it if

permitted” max said and Knight nodded for him

to go on.

“Bella Kinston is a 24 year old girl born October

13, who lives in Boston before relocating to this

place a year ago,she has a younger brother

whom is 16 born February 12,still in the final year

of highschool and they both stay with the

grandmother Susan, her mother is sick at the

moment,and her brother is having some financial

school problem, Bella at the moment needs

money for the treatment to save her

grandmother’s life “max said as Knight sat with

his hand pressing his lips.

“Any history about her parents? He asked .

“No sir, not really, this is all I found” he said .

“Any history of boyfriend’s and where she goes

alot ? He asked.

“No sir, to what I see about this Bella girl , she’s

not really a popular freak like the others , she

mostly try to find things to do” max replied,

Knight nodded .

“Do you know the address of her house or phone

number? He asked .

“Yes boss, both ” max said and hand him the

address and number.

“Thanks so much max, your bank is already

credited” Knight said max smiled and left the

information document with him .

Knight smiled as he looked into the information

and her name was bodly written at the top, it’s

time to get what he wants with what he has .

So now he had succeeded getting her , Bella

continued looking at him angrily, the waiter come

with their orders but she wasn’t Interested in the

food, she just wanted to get out of here .

“Why ain’t you eating Bella ? He asked .

“Because I don’t want to be here with you ” she

replied scornfully.

Knight watched her closely and smirked.

“Well you have no choice but to sweetheart” he

replied .

Bella looked at him angrily.

“What do you want? She asked .

“You ” he replied, Bella gasped.

“You must be damn crazy to say such a thing”

she spat.

“I mean it, I want you ” he said .

“Am sorry but that’s not happening, am leaving”

she said got up to go but knight stopped her.

“I know you have a problem and I will love to

help out, how about you seat and we discuss it

sweetheart” he said , Bella gently sat down .

“What are you talking about Mr? She asked.

“I need you to agree with me with what am about

to tell you ” he said .

“Well go on cause I really want to be out of here

” she said Knight smirked and brought his hand

forward on the table and enter twin his hands.

“I need you to pleasure me for 10 days ” he said


Bella didn’t understand what the BASTARD was

referring to.

“What do you mean? She asked .

“Exactly what I mean love , 10 days of pleasure

and you will become damn rich ” Knight said .

Bella try to put his words together cause she

was lost , what was he ranting about ?

“Mr Houston or what ever you say your name is ,

can you just make it clear ” she said .

Knight couldn’t believe she wants to hear the

dirty word.

“Alright then , I want to you to have sex with me

for 10 days ”

The moment he said it Bella’s purse dropped she

stared at him with wide eyes .

“NEVER” she shouted .

“Stop shouting, am not done , if you agree to do

it, I will pay you 3 million dollars at the last day ,

and remember it could turn you into a rich

woman and your grandmother’s treatment and

Brothers graduation fee wont be a problem” he

said staring at her she nearly wanted to cry .

That big money, she can’t sell Herself she won’t ,

no matter how tempting the money was ,what if

his tricking her , she can’t do it .

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“I won’t do such a disgusting thing , I will not I

don’t need your bloody money you two face

bastard” Bella yelled got up to leave but knight

grabbed her hand .

He wonders why a lady could say no to such big

amount of money just like that , but no matter

what he must have her either by hook or by


“Remember you cursed my car damage, and I

would had put you into a long stay in the prison

world, and remember when I say I will do

something I will do it, your house will be gone

and I will blacklist your name and family all

around the countries, you won’t be given any job

to do,i will make sure your family suffer, your

grandmother will die and after that you and your

brother will be homeless, then you will beg on the

street , my men will be keeping an eye on your

whereabout and trust me Bella no single soul will

be at your mercy , so you better seat your fuckin

ass down and let’s talk business” he said

everything softly so no one will hear , by now

Bella was already in tears.

His voice is so dangerous, and she knew he will

do everything he had said , fear grip her heart

thinking of how they will be left with nothing if

he does everything he has said , her life will

become useless, with shaking legs she gently sat

down .

Knight knew he crossed a line, he really scared

her, like hell he was never going to hurt her like

that , he just wants her and that’s how to get

her .

“Good, so here is the contract” he said pulling a

paper for her to look in , with shaking hands she

picked it and started reading it .

“You will have to follow all the rules there and

after 10days you will be given the money, so sign

it” he said handing her a pen.

“Why should I live with you , can’t I be coming

over ? She asked .

“No love, your going to be living with me for 10

days , so I can have you anytime I want,after

that your free, but of course you have to hurry

and sign it, the hours you work is the hours your

grandmother’s life tick , and am sure you

wouldn’t want to loss her ” he said .

Bella swallowed the lump in her throat and with

shaking hands took the pen, she’s doing this

because of her mother and brother, knight gave

her no option but to mend to his terms, she

sighed it with shaking hands and cleaned her

tears .

Knight took it and looked at it, finally his gotten

her he smirked, Bella gave him a bad look.

“Your so evil ” she whispered.

“That’s my other name ” he replied ” now take of

your pant ” he ordered.

Bella’s eyes widen .

“No way , I can’t do that , we are in public” Bella

said looking around.

“Don’t try me Bella , you have signed it do what I

ask you to do ” he said with a killer voice .

“This is not fair ” Bella try to hold her tears as

she gently put her hand under her skirt and

began pulling her pant, she felt disgusted with


“It is, it’s your job , pace it over to me ” he said

his eyes on her .

“That’s gross” she remarked.

“Rule number 6 no complaining, pace it over now

” he demanded.

Bella looked around and no one was looking she

placed her pant on the table and gently paced it

to him, he took it and smiled.

“Oh it’s black , nice one ” he said , Bella felt so

embarrassed as she closed her eyes tears about

to jump out , she watched as Knight put her pant

into his suit pocket.

“I thought your giving it back ” she cried.

“No darling am not, now I want you to pleasure

yourself” he said .

“What ? She couldn’t believe her ear.

“Do as I say , no complaining” Knight barked and

Bella quickly put her finger in her core.

“Are you doing it? He asked looking at her .

“Yes” she whispered.

“I want to hear you moan when you pleasure

yourself, do it ” he said Bella began pleasuring

herself her eyes closed as she used her finger on

herself, Knight watched her face., She was

moaning and he was getting turned on, how he

would love to be inside her that moment

pleasuring her himself, but he will do that

tomorrow, not here .

“That’s enough” he said and Bella stopped and

looked down at the table with embarrassment.

“You will move to my house tomorrow, your day1

starts tomorrow, let’s go ” he said getting up, but

Bella couldn’t move .

“Why aren’t you standing? He asked .

“I don’t feel comfortable when am wearing

nothing under ” she said Knight smirked.

“You will have to get used to it love, because

you wouldn’t be wearing any panties once you

move in with me that’s rule number 5, so don’t

forget ” he pulled her up and and they left the

restaurant, he asked josh to drive her home.

Bella hand never felt so embarrassed like she

had today .

Her life is messed up.

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