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The Story Master – My Own Karma – Episode 2

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Episode 2.
Debbie returned happily dancing for Prisca who just stared at her wondering what’s the cause of it.
“Babe can you twerk? See twerking here mhen, Debbie said dancing.
“Abeg abeg wait fess, wetin happen na? Prisca said pushing her as she wanted twerking for her.
“Girl I met with the lecturer, Debbie sat down beside her.
“Okay what about it? Prisca asked.
“He shocked me o, if you see me eh, I looked like a rejected duck fowl when I went to his office. I couldn’t even knock on the door sef, then he came out looking me. Chai babe I almost pee for pant oo! My body was shaking and I turn stammerer by force, Debbie said demonstrating.
“So all this your mouth end for house o? You been go see the one wey pass you hand ba? Thank God, Prisca said folding her legs on bed.
“Pass me hand for where? Lecturer wey just fall for me one time, you think say e dey easy to be fine girl? Debbie said and Prisca looked at her surprised.
“He fell for you? I mean as in how? She asked.
“Uhmm he started with paying for the book when I told him I was cashless at the moment. Then he said a beautiful girl like me shouldn’t be scared of him and he got my number. After the test he called me outside and asked if I’ll be busy which I said no. He took me out and gave me a very wonderful meal, chai babe! Sorry I been no fit package some for take away for you, but he gave me this cash just for transport o, Debbie said bringing the money from her bag and waved it at Prisca.
“Very interesting story, you know very well what all this gifts, taking out and money mean ba? Prisca asked.
“Ahhh I be small pikin? He too get na so make e spend, Debbie said.
“But you no say price dey? No pretend like say you no sabi wetin I mean, Prisca seriously said.
“Shuuuu so wetin come happen now? Las las I don see good opportunity to enjoy small before I graduate, after all we barely 1 year to enjoy this privilege o, Debbie said winking at her.
“Debbie I don’t like this, that man is married and you know that, Prisca said.
“How is that my business? Debbie asked.
“Because its wrong! You won’t like it if another woman do same to your husband, Prisca said and Debbie scoffed.
“Girl, my husband wont be irresponsible like him and trust me when I say I will look after my guy well. I have everything na you sef sabi, wetin go make my husband leave me go meet another woman? He go even get that strength sef? Debbie asked.
“I know you can argue and God been plant the tree of talk for your mouth. But you cant change the fact that what you are doing is wrong, if he was not married you know I wont say a word about this, Prisca said.
“Preach preacher I have heard. But please I hope your eyes is not in this money o, Debbie said hitting Prisca and her phone began to ring.
“My darling is calling baby, Debbie said smiling at Prisca……………………
Weeks has passed and the escapades with the lecturer continued. It was something everyone knew about and Life was going smooth for Debbie.
One cool evening the ladies sat outside talking, when a nice jeep stopped and a woman came out heavily pregnant.
Prisca in her humble nature stood up to greet her but the gesture of the woman wasn’t good at all, “which of you is by name Deborah? The woman asked ignoring Prisca greeting.
“Any problem? Debbie replied.
“Leave my husband alone you little brat, stay clear from my husband I am warning you, the woman shouted pointing hands at Debbie who burst out laughing clapping her hands.
“Did you see your husband on my back or was I running after your husband? If your husband has found a better person in me and chose me instead is that my fault? Why didn’t you take care of your husband well so he wont look outside huh? Debbie shouted back.
“Just shut up Debbie! Prisca shouted on her.
“Me shut up? For what na? What right does she have to come here to insult me? Or did I snatch her husband from her? Debbie shouted back.
“I am warning you to stay clear from my husband else you won’t like It. Whatever you are having with my husband is destroying my home, he doesn’t care about his children, he has totally forget that he has a pregnant wife to take care of, he comes home late at night then you engage him in chatting all night. What kind of wickedness is this! The woman shouted.
“Madam I have nothing to do with all of this and I am not struggling him with you. Hold your husband strong and tell him to stop running after me, if you think I will push him away when he comes you are lying o, Debbie said.
“Ma please don’t just answer her, I’ll talk sense to her. I am very sorry for this, Prisca came in.
“I don’t blame her at all, but i am very happy she is a lady and very soon she will get married so she’ll she what I’m facing, the woman said.
“If na curse be that I return it back to you, Debbie said.
“Ma please just take care of your children, don’t stress yourself too much especially in your condition, Prisca said.
“What exactly do you want me to do? Do you expect me to be happy about this? Its not like i don’t know what to do with this girl but I’ll like it if she takes my warning very seriously, the woman said, got into her jeep and drove off.
Debbie angrily got inside while Prisca followed her behind, “what’s the meaning of that out there? Do you have shame at all? Prisca asked.
“Shame? Girl this hustle is real and every girl wants to be successful. You see that rubbish that woman do so, I fit marry that man now put her in hell! Debbie shouted.
“Debbie who did this to you? Is this how the love of money had blinded you and who said marrying that man will make you successful? Prisca asked shocked.
“Hmm hear talk, so you want to tell me you’ve not been enjoying the meals and everything the presence of that ma has done in our lives? Who you wan deceive? just swallow that talk, No vex me o, Debbie angrily said and left the house…….

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