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The Story Master – My Own Karma – Episode 12

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Episode 12.
Prisca went back to the hospital, entering inside she saw Gideon going out and she heaved, “so we still meet again? I’ve been wondering why our path keep crossing, Gideon said smiling looking at her.
“You know what, I had a very busy day and I have to go in there okay, Prisca said.
“By the way who’s here? Your mom, dad, sis……… “Friend, Prisca replied.
“Oh yea friend, so can we go see her together? He asked.
“No, we don’t know you and I don’t think your presence will be welcomed, Prisca said.
“Common at least a hi from me to her will be okay, Gideon insisted.
“Gosh suit yourself, Prisca said and went in while he followed behind her.
They got into the room and met Debbie eating, Good afternoon ma, Prisca greeted Sandra.
“Welcome my dear, I was beginning to wonder why you haven’t visited yet, Sandra replied.
“No ma I went to school to get some our things done. How are you Debbie? Prisca asked.
“I’m fine, Debbie replied stealing gazes at Gideon..
“You came with your boyfriend? Sandra asked.
“Oh no, he’s not, Prisca quickly replied.
“A pleasant afternoon to you ma, Gideon greeted.
“Afternoon, don’t mind me o I was only joking. I’ll leave you to discuss na, Debbie I’ll be back, Sandra said and left the room.
“I haven’t seen you with this person before, won’t you introduce your friend to me? Debbie asked.
“Don’t worry there’s no need for introduction. I’m just a guy who is yearning for her attention but she’s not giving me that, Gideon came in.
“Oh really that’s bad, Debbie said.
“OK since you’ve seen her and I’m sure you’ve said your hi, can you leave now? Prisca asked.
“Are you sending him away? He came to say hi to me not you okay, Debbie came in and Prisca phone began to ring.
“Erm I’ll pick this call outside please, Prisca said leaving the room.
“Hi if you don’t mind what happened to you? Gideon asked.
“ERM it was an accident, I don’t look bad right? Debbie asked.
“Not at all, you’re still beautiful, he replied.
“Thank you, so who are you to Prisca? Debbie asked.
“Well I saw her here in this hospital, my sister is a nurse here and I came to see her which I saw Prisca going out of here. I’ve tried to talk to her but she’s avoiding me, Gideon said.
“You don’t need to force yourself on anybody, if she doesn’t want to give you the attention why not move to another who is ready to catch your attention, Debbie said and he smiled.
“That was funny, he said.
“But its the truth, you can’t keep wasting your time on someone who doesn’t care or who is playing hard to get. Move to who is ready and let life go on, Debbie said and he nodded.
“You have a point, he said.
“Yea I always talk with points, she said smiling.
“I’m Gideon and you’re? He asked giving his hand for a handshake.
“Deborah but I’m mostly called Debbie, which will you love to call me? She asked.
“Let me see ermmm Debbie cute, he said and she laughed.
“That was sweet thanks, she said and Prisca walked in.
“Okay Debbie I have to take my leave now, please take good care of yourself and get well soon okay, Gideon said.
“Sure I will, thanks for coming, she said.
“The pleasure is mine, bye, he said and left the room while Prisca looked surprised..
“What? Debbie asked seeing the look on her face.
“Nothing but the way you two acted its like you have known him somewhere before, Prisca said.
“I have no time for forming or claiming hard to get, Debbie replied and Prisca sighed.
“Anyway I did some of your few stuff in school today, Prisca said.
“Thanks, Debbie replied.
“Has any of your course mates visited you yet? Prisca asked.
“What for? And I hope you didn’t invite any of them here because i know you as minister of unnecessary invitation, Debby said.
“But your pictures is already on your department group chat, someone spread the news that the lecturer wife did this to you, Prisca said and her eyes bulged out.
“Someone did that! Oh my God but who? Debbie shouted.
“How I’m I suppose to know? I thought you were online or has no body called you since the incident? Prisca asked.
I angrily deactivated the line everyone knows me with since that idiot broke up with me and I didn’t anyone to call me either. But I haven’t logged in to see it, oh my God I thought no one knew about it, Debbie said.
“Looks like they do already, so what will you do? Prisca asked.
“What did you say to whosoever said that to you? Debbie asked back.
“I simply told her that was a hasty speculation when it is not yet certain it was the lecturer wife who did this, but you don’t worry too much because they have no prove to their claim, Prisca said.
“Ahh at least this happened when I just have few months left to be in that school, I just feel like disappearing now, Debbie said………………..
Matthew arrived home with a lot of bags he offloaded from the car, he got them in with the help of the gateman, “tomorrow I’ll get my children room done and give it a different look as they will be coming back, Matthew happily said.
“The children will love it, the gateman replied.
“I have to welcome them properly though they haven’t told me when they are coming back, but I have to be ready to receive them anytime soon. Please tomorrow morning you’ll come help me out here, Matthew said.
“No problem sir, he replied.
“OK you can take your rest, thanks for today, Matthew said and he nodded and left……………….
“When are you going back to your husband? Princess asked after the kids were asleep.
“I am thinking of tomorrow, Veronica replied.
“Tomorrow what? You have just given birth and its normal if you should stay with me for your omugho, Veronica said.
“Mommy you know from the beginning I don’t always do that thing, yes i may lose my husband but i don’t want my children to lose the relationship with their father.
This few months have been tough with them when that girl came in the picture, but I’m still surprised with the matured way my children took this case, to tell you mommy i am challenged. Joy is just 6 and Marvel 4 but their behavior towards this matter when it was just displayed before their eyes is what still surprises me, I have to take them to their father, Veronica said.
“You know I can’t change your decision whenever you say something, Theresa said.
“But you’ll be visiting na, the distance isn’t that far, Veronica said.
“Oh is it? But you were going through all of that I your home you didn’t let me know if not Princess informed me about it, Theresa said.
“I thought you told me its my marriage not yours and its not in your place to make it work out but me, Veronica said.
“But I have the right to know what was going on Veronica don’t tell me that, Theresa said.
“Yes ma, Veronica said smiling while they looked at Princess who was just quiet.
“What’s the problem? Veronica asked.
“I’m just happy for you, despite the challenges in your marriage you always find a way to make yourself happy and things keep falling in place. Your husband was gone because of a male child and you gave birth to one which he’s back crawling on his knees to you, I’m just wondering when my joy will be complete so I’ll have a child too like you and my marriage will be back, Princess said with tears gathering in her eyes.
“Hey stop that, is there anything you’re not telling me? Veronica asked.
“My husband family is planning of bringing another woman in, imagine if she comes in and gives birth i won’t take it Veronica I’ll just die, Princess said and broke out crying.
“No you will not don’t say that, God won’t allow it, Veronica said hugging her……………….

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