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The Story Master – My Own Karma – Episode 10

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Episode 10.
“Mommy I don’t like this kind of talk o, so if I snatched another woman husband is it your business? Is that not how you snatched one woman husband who entered the farm and pursued us with machete, so who I resemble now? Abeg don’t talk to me like that, Debbie shouted back.
“Haba Debbie what’s the meaning of this? Prisca came in..
“Leave her, thats how she talks. I was lucky the machete she carried didn’t touch me, but you nkor? and besides I didn’t snatch him rather he was the one disturbing me which everyone knew about it stupid girl, her mother said.
“Eh I agree, tell me those times I didn’t call to ask you for money you didn’t enjoy it, now you’re talking as if I did bad, Debbie said.
“Did I say you did bad? Shey its me that is sleeping on the bed with a bandaged face, please when you wake up from here go and snatch more, mumu since I am not trying my best for you, her mother dropped while Debbie looked at her in anger.
“Prisca this is all your fault, why did you bring her here in the first place? I hope you are enjoying the show now? Debbie asked.
“Enjoying what? Rather I’m disappointed, Prisca said, took her bag and left the room………………..
Night came and the gateman decided to see Matthew knowing that he hasn’t left the house since morning.
Getting into the sitting room he found him lying face down with bottles of alcohol scattered around.
“Sir, sir are you okay? He asked turning his face up but Matthew was deeply asleep in drunkenness.
He stood up shaking his head and left to get something to clean him up……………..
Prisca returned to the hospital and met Debbie mom sleeping, Debbie acted like she didn’t see her and was expecting Prisca to talk to her first.
Prisca sat down looking at her while Debbie concentrated more on her phone.
“Taken your drugs yet? Prisca finally broke the silence but Debbie didn’t respond..
“What’s the meaning of this! I am talking to you! Prisca shouted at her.
“Prisca what’s the cause of the shout now? Is it by force to answer you? Debbie shouted back and her mom woke up..
“What’s going on? Her mom asked why Prisca was trying hard to control her temper.
“Ma I don’t understand, she doesn’t want to talk to me, ok I tried talking to her but she ignored me instead, Prisca replied.
“Thou good and perfect daughter, paint me black to her okay like I heard if you were talking to me, Debbie came in..
“What’s the cause of this quarrel sef? i don’t understand, I thought you two were good earlier today? Her mom asked.
“Don’t worry ma, I’ll just take my leave, Prisca said.
“Ah Prisca it hasn’t come to that na, you should be used to this mad woman by now. In fact I admire the way you’ve tolerated her for this years and you can’t back out now na, I’m just afraid this wound on her head should not make her more mad, her mom said.
“Can you stop insulting me now, enough of this! Debbie shouted on her mother.
“One more word from you I’ll close my eyes and break the remaining side of the head for you! Her mom shouted back attempting to hit her.
“Ma just leave her alone, I think its best if I leave, bye, Prisca said.
“Bye my dear, Her mom said and Prisca left.
Walking on the road to take a cab a car parked by and a guy came out from it.
“Hi, he said to Prisca.
“Hi, sorry do I know you? She asked.
“No no but I’ll love you to, anyway my name is Gideon, he said.
“Okay, I have to go now, Prisca said and wanted leaving.
“Wait wait wait, I’m so sorry for this but can I at least know your name? He asked.
“Do you go about asking people of their names at night? Prisca asked.
“Nope not at all, but looks like i just did, He replied.
“Sorry I don’t give my name out to strangers, she said.
“Is that so? What can I do to get out of the stranger category then? He asked.
“Simple, just get into your car and let me go, she replied.
“Yea that was indeed simple but I don’t think its right. What about i give you a ride? He asked.
“Nah thank you, she replied.
“Okay are you this hostile or is it because I’m a stranger? He asked.
“Please can you let me go now it’s getting late and a lot of cabs has passed, Prisca said.
“I’m sorry, he said and she nodded and walked away.
“I’ll see you again someday right? He shouted at her while she only shook her head.
“I’m not that easy to get, Prisca whispered……
The next day Veronica was anxiously waiting for the doctor to take her to her son.
The door opened but Theresa walked in with her kids instead.
She hugged her kids and asked how their sleep was “it was good. But mommy you didn’t sleep why? Marvel asked.
“Didn’t I? I wanted to see your brother that’s all but it looks like the doctor is delaying, Veronica said.
“You worry too much, this is just past 7a.m, Theresa said.
“Where’s princess? Veronica asked.
“We don’t stay together na but she’ll be here soon i know, Theresa replied.
Minutes later Princess entered with the doctor which Veronica quickly stood up, the doctor smiled at that action.
“Can you take it easy ma’am, He said.
“Doctor you won’t understand how I’m feeling now, I just feel I should be holding him already, she said.
“I was with your son all this while and he’s on the way, the doctor said.
“On the way? Veronica asked and wanted going to the door but a nurse walked in holding her son.
She got it from her with tears in her eyes, “truly its a boy, its a boy mom, she said and her mom touched her.
“We can see its a boy, its okay, Theresa said cleaning her tears.
“Doctor is he good? I mean no……… “He is very okay ma’am and you have nothing to worry about, the doctor interrupted her.
“So can we go home today? Princess asked.
“Yea sure, she’s fine and her baby is bouncing, they are free to go if they want to, the doctor replied.
“Thank you so much doctor God will surely reward you, Veronica said.
“Amen I’m just doing my job. Congrats once again, the doctor said.
“Thank you, any bills pending? She asked.
“ermm the nurse will check it out, the doctor replied and left while Theresa went to the nurse talking to her as they left the room together.
“Mommy we are going to see daddy today right? Joy asked.
“Today? I thought we are going back to grandma place to stay for a while, Princess said.
“When are we going to see daddy then? Marvel asked.
“Soon dear but we have to stay for a while at Mom place okay, you will see your daddy, Veronica said and they sadly nodded………………
That afternoon Matthew staggered out of the house with a grave headache and the gateman ran to him, “are you okay sir? He asked.
“Take me to my wife, Matthew said.
“What? The gateman asked.
“No, take me to Theresa place, I don’t want to make a scene there, I just want to talk to her, Matthew said.
“Are we going to see her at home? The gateman asked.
“I don’t know but we have to try, hurry up let’s go, Matthew said entering the car.
Reaching at Theresa place they drove into the compound and saw that no one was in.
“I’ll wait for her then, Matthew said finding a place to sit outside.
Few minutes later a car drove in and everyone was shocked to see who it was outside…………….

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