HEALTH: Curing The Growth Of Cancer With Lemon

Have you ever think that Lemon can rapidly reduce the growth of cancer in the body, yes, it is possible and working

“Pieces of lemon in a glass of hot water can save you for the rest of your life,” said Professor Chen Horin, director general of the Beijing Military Hospital.


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Hot lemons can kill cancer cells!

  • Cut the lemon into three pieces and place it in a cup, then pour hot water on it, it will become (alkaline water), drink it every day will certainly benefit everyone.
  • Hot lemons can once again release an anti-cancer drug.
  • Hot lemon juice has an effect on cancerous tumors and has shown treatment for all types of cancer.
  • Treatment with this extract will only destroy the malignant cells and will not affect healthy cells.
  • Secondly: Acids and mono-carboxylic acid in lemon juice, can regulate hypertension and protect narrow arteries, adjust blood circulation and reduce blood clotting.


Professor Chen Horin points out that anyone who has received this letter is at least guaranteed to save someone’s life. I did my part, I hope you’ll help me spread it too.

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