A Guy I Employed On Monday Stole From My Shop On Tuesday

The Below is a real life story sourced from Nairaland on January 15, read the article and grab some lessons.
Please I’m sharing this story to learn from people’s views and also warn people to be extremely careful in helping others.

The story….

I own a laundry shop and usually have atleast two staff whose duties are mainly washing and ironing. We went on a small break during the Christmas-NewYear celebration and resumed early January, but my two staff didn’t turn up, so I started looking for new workers.

A young guy walked into my shop last Saturday and declared his interest in handling the ironing job, according to him he had a previous work experience. After talking with him, I asked him to bring a guarantor, CV, application letter and passport while resuming work on Monday…I must confess that the workload is too much for only me and it prompted me to be a bit desperate.

By Sunday evening he sent me an SMS begging me to allow him bring the items I requested on Wednesday cause that’s when the guarantor will also be available, and he pleaded that I should allow him resume work on Monday while waiting for Wednesday. Out of pity and because I was a bit desperate, I accepted his proposal.

He resumed work on Monday, and on Tuesday(yesterday) I had a visitor at the shop, a friend(lady) that was searching for an apartment whom I wanted to help secure one in my estate. The lady came to my shop and dropped her handbag which I didn’t know contained #17500. We stepped out for like 20minutes to inspect the apartment, by the time we came back the guy has vanished. He had gone through the lady’s bag immediately we stepped out and took the whole money including my office phone.

As soon as the lady noticed that her money is gone, she started shouting and creating scene, asking me to go find the boy or pay her the money..her drama was becoming too much so I had to source for #17500 immediately with the help of my landlady and gave her…

That was how my little favour turned out to be a nightmare.

Heaven knows I’m going to scrutinize any potential staff before employing him/her. This is why it’s difficult to help people nowadays…I have learnt my lesson.

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