How To Start Blogging On WordPress

How To Start Blogging On WordPress
How To Start Blogging On WordPress

How To Start Blogging On WordPress

Have something in mind that you want to publish and make it reachable to the world? Then Blogs can better serve your Purpose.

A blog or sometimes called weblog is an easily editable webpage which represents a list of posts where you can represent your ideas and thoughts and gather a number of audiences to read you every day.

Some blogs focus on personal journals in which you may present your thoughts about your daily lifestyle and some focus on the current affairs and many interesting techniques to be highlighted.

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It’s upon the blogger that what type of impact he wants on the blog visitors. Many successful entrepreneurs have taken the marketing tips from the blogs; many home business owners have also taken the help from blogging to achieve a kind of success. The blogging is very easy and cost-effective to generate the interest of visitors by bloggers. The one who maintains the blog is known as a “Blogger”.


How To Start Blogging On WordPress
How To Start Blogging On WordPress

A blog generally comprises of:

  • Content area where blogger writes a post.”
  • “An archive of older articles”
  • “At the bottom, comment option for people”
  • “A list of links to other related sites” or “blog rolls”
  • “One or more feeds like RSS, Atom or RDF files.”

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It’s very easy to create your own website even if you are not technical. There is no need of spending thousands on web developer when you can create easily by your own.

Three Simplest Steps For Making A New Website

1. Choose Your Website Platform: {How To Start Blogging On WordPress}

The content management system like ‘WORDPRESS’, ‘DRUPAL’ and ‘JOOMLA’ all three have made creating a website accessible to everyone. These platforms are quite user-friendly to create website and to maintain your online content.

For beginners, WordPress would go right as it is beginner-friendly, totally free, will also let you work on mobiles and tablets. It’s flexible enough to suit everyone from small businesses to creative bloggers.

2. Find a Domain Name and Host: {How To Start Blogging On WordPress}

A Domain Name is a web address name like A service that connects your site to the Internet is known as HOST.

The Word Press is a free platform but a domain name and hosting will cost you around $3 – $5 per month. The cost is reasonable. While choosing your Domain Name you have to ensure that the name should be catchy, branded and memorable enough to fascinate the visitors.
For any web development program would be the first preference to register your hosting and domain name.

3. Set-Up and Tweak Your Website:{How To Start Blogging On WordPress}

Here are the Steps to follow outfor the same

  • log-in to your hosting account
  • Go to Control Panel
  • Look for the “Website” or “WordPress” symbol.
  • Select the domain where the website has to be installed.
  • Click the “Install Now” button for accessing your new Word Press website.
  • Once you are done with your Installation then you can set a Theme to give an attractive and clean look to your website. Once you are done with theme, you are ready to post content.

Be ready to let your ideas reach each and every deaf ear! Grow yourself by creating your own blogging website but you have to keep patience for better results in the same!

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