How To Download Instagram Videos On An iPhone

How To Download Instagram Videos On Android
How To Download Instagram Videos On Android

As popular known, iPhone is a type of phone that is usually not good in downloading contents online compared to phones like Androids and other models.

This article is going to tell you the full steps and procedures in which you can take to easily download videos from an iPhone with the help of an application.

To download Instagram videos on your iPhone, you’ll once again need an app. Here we’ll wal through how to do so using IGSave. Other popular apps for your iPhone include Regrammer and InstaSave (mostly used, even on android).

  • Download your Instagram saving app

Go to the app store and download the program of your choice. As mentioned, here I’ll show you the step-by-step process for IGSave.

  • Log in to your Instagram account

Once you’ve downloaded and opened IGSave, it’s time to enter your Instagram username and password.


  • Find the Instagram video to download

After entering your Instagram login details, you can search Instagram from within the IG Save app. Do this to find the Instagram video you intend to save.

First, enter a keyword, such as cooking. Popular Instagram cooking accounts will then appear.


Select an account, then scroll through that creator’s posts. Then, click on the video you want to download.


  • Save the video post to your gallery

Once you tap on the desired post, IGSave will bring up several options. To download the video, click “save to gallery.”


After clicking this button, you’ll find the video in your phone’s camera roll.

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